Graduate student Olga Viktorovna. Part 2

After ohuyitelnogo sex with Pasha, I kept thinking about my relationship with Anton, but still decided not to tell him nothing. I have started their treacherous plan of salvation from the Pasha deductions, and when I thought about it I have it all flowed when she thought how he would try to thank me. I'm certainly not a fool that would just help him, and then he would have boasted that fucked his teacher and went out of high school and then left me, even though we were not together. 2 He is survived by 2 Fail, and one of them was my thing, that he knew that in my hands his fate.

They say once again change to change. and that's how I tried not to fuck with Anton in my head always and every time you log into my slot was 22cm dick Pasha. I think both suck at it as if every dive he gets real pleasure as it suck eggs that are currently in this tasty, salty bliss. I moaned and had finished by this idea and Anton seemed that he is done. so I decided that is not married and can be integral with Pasha to fuck.


After another examination Pasha we were at his house and celebrated because it was the last thing is I have. so I almost saved him. and here we are naked, I bit his hand Drach his cock and we kiss passionately. how good he is in my hands. how vulnerable man when you take his dick in his hands, and increasing his masturbate slowly at first and then in the whole tempo and when you suck in general. and he bites Titka Sosai my nipples and I bastard pleasure. between all the moisture flowing legs and I look forward to when he will treat me. and then he comes down the language down and down and begins Cooney. Pasha is not just Cooney, and he carefully tries to penetrate the language as much as possible deeply and bites my lips.

And what I would like damn he had finished LUT fingers too vanities and fucks me, and when I was on the limit and is gaining so much speed that then at least a minute finish. and this for me a pleasant moment calls Anton, and he is a bit drunk says he wants to have sex on the phone and he just did not next to me then at least on the phone. I love it so much on the one hand makes the Pasha Cooney and I could barely hold on that would not moan like a bitch in the metro, on the other hand, my husband, and the impression that I now have two fucked.
- I take off your belt and let stand cock and it slowly and with every touch becomes more and more. Yeah, he is handsome, and how moist. I spit on it that would be easy to drochat and gaining momentum. yeah a yeah (Pasha my hammer, I can not more), and you then end by violently to my boobs and enter into me, yeah yeah, stronger faster, I beg you, do not pity me (Anton thinks I him on the case I at the limit, and pray Pasha that he had of me was out the whole fountain of ecstasy) and you rapidly end by me, yeah a yeah, (at this time Anton could not stand masturbating finished on the other side of the phone) and I'm turning it off was the yelling and finish right in Pasha's face. how it was all nice especially later when he came to me and severely tore. at the last moment, and when he had finished pulling in the stomach and then he slipped back, and kissed me passionately and we fell asleep. when I went away from him, he said that the wedding day is appointed, and he quarreled with me and said that he would leave the army rather than see how I'm getting married. and will not appear on the exam day and flew out of uni.

Tomorrow is already getting married in the evening talking with Anton, I went into the bathroom and shaved between his legs ready for the wedding. although all thoughts were about the other guy. easy sex and the desire to become a blowjob feelings for Pasha and I thought at that time only about him and suddenly the bell rang and it was the Pasha.
- Tomorrow I drafted into the army and I could not wish you happiness.

and with that, we jumped at each other and began to tear the clothes from himself. at that time it was important to Pasha, I was happy. he abruptly entered into me fucking so hard and passionately clung to his lips and passionately kissing her and bites her lips and sucked my tongue.
- Yes, still, silnee, Pash oh yeah, do not stop fuck your bitch as it should. yeah, oh, stop me, I konchayuyuyuyu, daaaaa-and we both finished and I collapsed like a whore on the bed and his hand continued to masturbate her clit, from where everything flowed and flowed Pashkin sperm. I tried a little, taking it from his hand and that the Pasha could not resist myself and started to suck his sperm on I did not mean that he would have all sat down and asked everyone not sglotat and share with me. but it was not comfortable and I saw that he was again ready to start sucking his masterpiece 22cm. I sucked and waited and when he had finished, I wanted to swallow his cum endlessly as if the whole 3 days did not drink water, and they brought me here and I drink and drink and not a thirst out. and at this moment when the Pasha on edge and ready to cum in the mouth enters the house, Anton.
- Honey, I know that to see the bride before the wedding, but bad luck .. -and then he saw this picture was speechless.
- Bitch, slut, whore, trash, yet Pasha cums in my mouth and I want to say something but instead his mouth dripping sperm.
- All over.

And walks away. I can not go after him, and let a member of Pasha, who all finished but now oud in my face. Finally finished, he started as a brush member of all the sperm from my face in my mouth put together and we enjoyed kissing his sperm slowly swallow. and I'm shoving three fingers into the vagina and masturbating when he had finished said,
- That's a wedding gift.

The next day he went to the army and I ...

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Continued: Graduate student Olga V.