Lawlessness 2: savage rape

- Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, neeeet, shit no, no, no.
- Dimka shouted, whose entrance hooligans caught, tied up, took off his pants, and spat on his anus, and plugged his mouth with dirty huyami. But just ten minutes ago, it was just fine. Dmitry late returning from a training session, and decided to go to a friend Sergei, I went inside, and four thugs attacked him, dragged him to the basement and tied. Then took off his pants, and began to spit on his ass. Dima continued to resist until the blow to the head pipe scrap of not cooled his ardor. Dima lost consciousness and came to him from the fact that in his ass that was moving at a breakneck pace. Unbearable pain filled his body, Dima wanted to scream, but his mouth was occupied by a dick, which was moving in it with no less furious pace than the other in the anus. Then dick in my mouth began to move even faster, from it emerged a lot of seed, and Dima had to swallow everything without reserve.
- Yes, this sucks Theodor Piderit just great. He said he only finished it.
A little later he had finished and that had a poor boy in the ass. He asked:
- Who is next?
Another bully took the place of it, and it all started again. He spat on the anus of the boy, and put his dick, but immediately pulled it out. He saw the blood on it, and liquid shit. He walked in front and said to the boy:
- Lick his bitch.
- Neeeeeeet some AAAA
- Suck fucking pidaras I said lick it.
After the failure of the bully approached the boy from behind and began to kick him under the heavy boot asshole. Then he went and pushed ispachkany Dima dick in her mouth. Dima felt a taste of their own poop ::.
After that Dima was thrown to the floor, and all four of his crap and pissing. They started beating him with their feet and cut the pipe, Dimka was still conscious. He shove mouthful of shit, and the boy was having trouble breathing. Stunned hulikany not satisfied and this, they put it on the anus iron rod sticking high in the wall.