The case of the aunt

Hello! I, Andrew, now I'm 22. And I want to tell you a story from real life that happened to me when I was 17 years old. It was at the beginning of August. This month falls birthday my mother and my aunt on my mother's side. And by tradition, we celebrate with family in the country. Yes, my family. I lived with her father Alex (40 years) and Olesya mother (36 years old). Also I came to the country with her husband's aunt Light Fedor (both of them to 33 years). There were also a grandmother with my grandfather, but they play no role.

After breakfast, I was with my father and mother went to the beach. On the beach, I saw a very beautiful woman of forty years. She was in a blue bathing suit separate, which is hard to hide big tits that bulged out of her bra cups. And when the swimsuit wet, it becomes almost transparent. I watched her for a few hours there. My cock, all those hours standing like a sentry. When she left, I told my mother that I have a headache, and would like to go home. She let go. Bullet I ran home and went to the room in which we lived. Several times checking if there is no one in the next room, I pulled off his pants and began to masturbate. Suddenly, the room comes my aunt ... As I said, she was then 33 years. She was a very beautiful woman with breasts the size of the second. He was wearing a T-shirt yellow and blue mini-skirt. I quickly pull on shorts, and try to come up with the room, but she stopped me.
- What are you doing this?

I lowered my head not knowing what to say ...
- Why are you keeping silent? I masturbate here? I still tell your parents ...
- Do not, Aunt Light, do not tell my parents. I will do whatever you ask, do not tell them.

I thought that I was dead ... And then she said:
- If you want, that I have not told anything, go ahead. I want to see you cum.

I'm confused, I did not know what to say. And she grabbed my shorts and pulled down. My dick stood like a stone. I slowly began to nadrachivat member and at the same time looked at the aunt. Five minutes later, my aunt said:
- Che, you can not come?

I shook my head.

It is without hesitation, I put one foot on the chair standing near, and pushed the thin line of panties. And the first time I saw a vagina ... began to masturbate more active, I finished profusely after a minute ...
- Oh, well done, pleased aunt - she said - do not worry I will not tell anyone. This will be our little secret ...

Since then, five years have passed. And my aunt, I have not seen more. She and her husband went to live in Austria. But this case I will never forget.

PS. Do not judge strictly, this is my first "work". As a basis, I took a real life event.

Of course, I changed the name, and a bit embellished events.