The temptations of adult life. Part I. Olga

I'm not a fan of any pornographic fantasy. So all that talk - the truth.
This story I start short cycle unfabled stories. It will go into them one sophisticated way of temptation, which is often used by experienced women. I heard somewhere that the French prostitutes long ago mastered this technique to attract customers. Most street girls celebrate small need, without leaving your desk. In the best case, a woman moves away while remaining in good visibility to the customers. When you have finished writing publicly, prostitute has all chances to get on the evening well heated client. By the way, a lot of so-called voyeuristic photos made in such situations.
I graduated from college in the early 90s. At this time, the restructuring has passed its final - "wilderness" stage. People who Rushed into commerce, who shuttles who bandits. I tried to do their work. Adequately to live, doing the programming, it was not easy in this situation. In short, I was plowed like a tractor. In this mode, five years have passed. By that time I already had a lot of experience, working in a prestigious office, a good position, subordinate to me by this time there were people. Being a married man, I was at that time barely enough of boring sex with his wife. It seemed to me that the personal life at this end. Working 12 hours a day, I seldom broke away from the computer.
In one of those moments I drew attention to his new subordinate. It was included in the team is forced, as sometimes happens in the mighty and crowded offices. She was my mother's daughter. In the sense that the neighboring department led her mother. I do not really resisted, as there was someone to work as a team, and the girl - not a hindrance.
It was the 96 th year, so she was then 23. She was short - meter sixty or a little higher. Natural blonde. I have not seen more of these right blondes. She had thick, strong and long hair. Most often it is to dissolve their shoulders, and sometimes shear beam at the back. She had a doll face without flaws. Snub nose gave her face some melchavost. How many times I told my friend experienced in life - this woman is inclined to completeness. Indeed, her body already had the classical form. So at the beginning of the era portrayed the female body Roman sculptors. At age 23, she had a body formed of an adult woman. Slim waist, wide hips and a high well-contoured chest. She was an unusually well-groomed, and proportional.
Over the year and a half before she divorced her husband. Her marriage had been too hasty and did not leave behind him nothing but mutual bewilderment and frustration.
Looking ahead, I will say that later, with the woman I have been a long and often very happy intimate relationship. It began as everything from the moment when she came to us to work. As they say (it then she is confirmed), she laid eyes on me. I noticed it at once. I have already said that the head was immersed in work. Also, flirting with a young slave (I was 28) was unlikely to promote our company. But most importantly, I worked in the department of the young men, who, unlike me, were not married.
They were almost the same age, Olga. For myself, I noted that our men, cynical team began a quiet and sometimes not very wildness. Guys came saliva about Olga. In the company of men for a beer after work discussed possible tactics of the conquest of Olga's borders.
Typical beer and talk about the work of just about anything, instantly gave way to a discussion of the charms of our new co-worker. I felt odd in these meetings. In fact, I almost felt like an old man.
It was spring. Sometimes, I imagined how I would have behaved if I were not married after beer joint campaigns. I thought that if I could be involved on an equal footing in this exciting competition with my young colleagues. But my choice was made a long time and change anything I do not like for the sake of dubious adventure.
Olga couple of times went to drink beer with us. Then all the beer talks turned into endless anecdotes, jokes and discussion surrounding our work colleagues. I noticed that Olga saw on an equal footing with everyone else. Usually after work in the evening we drank a couple of bottles in the stalls, which in those years abounded in the area "Five corners".
After that, all went home. Anybody their young necessarily be linked to Olga, to carry her home. Do not know if they have, the internal sequence has been established, as was seen off by her in turn. As a rule, the following beer without Olga lucky told how he "slightly" I have not tried, the secret that is securely hidden from prying eyes Olga's panties.
As it turned out, my boys are not prone to excessive fantasies, because everyone reluctantly admitted at the end of the story that does not get so easy, it is not that fully fuck her from Olga slightest location.
I suspected that Olga was a hobby outside of our company and, as a self-respecting woman, she is not going to communicate with co-workers. To all she treated fairly smoothly, almost the same. At the same time, as befits a slave, according to me, it did not permit the slightest familiarity.
Things have changed a bright sunny day on June 4th. Coincided several events. First of all, one of my guys, I called them "dudes", There was a birthday party.
The second event occurred on the same day just after lunch. It was announced that the building of our company bomb. Police arrived. All within ten minutes drive on the street. So at three o'clock in the working day is over.
To celebrate the birthday as planned with cake and tea did not work. Therefore, we decided to go to drink beer in honor of the birth and for Seryoga unkind of the attacker, who put on the head of our security department, and we shortened the working day.
I gathered a small company - four boys and Olga. We stopped at the benches in the alley near the Youth Theatre. While the front of the park near Spectators freely traded several beer stalls. We are not in a hurry this time. They drank the first, then ran for more, then another:
The people around us were many. A hundred meters from the alley where there was our bench drinking beer group of girls. Closer to him thick trimmed by one level bushes were located. Young women loudly discussing something, laughing.
I noted that of the total group withdrew the two girls and went to the bushes. After they turned to face each other and simultaneously crouched behind the bushes, just out of sight. "Pretty it is time to cast" - I thought to myself. A minute later, the two are also in sync, as if on cue stood up and adjusting clothes, went back to the overall company.
We drank beer at the bench, and sat on the bench only Olga. We stood around. Periodically, someone went to a nearby stalls and bought beer for the entire company.
An hour later, drunk beer beginning submit urgent signals in our bladder. There was not even a hint of a public toilet. We chose a place with the guys next to a blank wall, and retreated to the pairs, while ,. the other two were to entertain Olga.
Location near the wall was less than ideal ... for Urinating as by the path is constantly saunter people. This does not bother us much, because, firstly, these people do not work in the police, and secondly, we cast standing facing the wall, and seemed to themselves quite secure.
"A party" He continued. We have lost count of drunk beer. All the guys have already relieve themselves three times. Olga saw an equal footing with everyone else. "strangely"I thought - "when she will attempt to go to the toilet?". At this time, her bladder capacity caused in me, if not admiration, then certainly - respect.
By this time we were already pretty drunk. Began frivolous conversations that had never allowed in the presence of Olga.
First of all, we began to discuss a different color of hair in women. The question arose as to exactly define the natural hair color if there is always a chance that a woman's hair artfully painted. It was a veiled hit a blond Olga. She immediately realized this and instantly retorted attack, saying that to the only reliable way to know the true color of the hair of women need to see her pubis. "But since I'm a natural blonde"She said with a laugh, "I did his hair THERE see quite often".
The boys roared with joy - the answer to them is definitely liked. At this point came the next change "wall sprinklers". "Oh, good!" - Said one of the returnees, with an exhalation.
At this point, Olga, as if in jest, a whiny tone of voice uttered phrase "And I also want to have-at-y !, but battle-th-th-smiling!"Drawled, like a little girl. For a few moments in the air hung oppressive silence. In our drunken heads frantically scrolled options. If Olga need the toilet (according to the elapsed time and the amount of alcohol consumed, it was obvious that she should want, and for a long time), then why peace has not let us know about the necessity of a small sanitary pereryvchik not follow in splendid isolation in any bushes, with which abounded lying near the park?
All hope appeared at the same time: "Some of us will be invited to this special attractive drunk, to keep her company".
"Well now we understand who really has a chance to fuck this impregnable Olga!" - Foresight I decided. Pause start delayed. Suddenly, Olga got up from the bench. She was dressed in a business suit, as usual dressed at work. She was wearing a tight-fitting plaid skirt just below the knee, black stockings and a short jacket with a light coat hanger. On her feet she had a pair of high-heeled wide. She straightened. Her tummy under tight tight skirt bulged distinct hemisphere. "Wow"I thought - "like never noticed she had this apparent stomach: it so can the bladder bulge?". This was not less than two liters of fresh beer in it. Obviously, he could.
Suddenly, Olga decided.
"Walk me, please" - She said softly. Our eyes met. At the same time there was a breath of frustration my dudes. I do not know what to think. Probably for the first time, I just lost the will to perform any mental function.
Olga and I moved towards our wall. Behind my screams were heard cheering drunken and frustrated colleagues.
She walked slowly. I echoed her pace walk. At the same time, we had a playful conversation.
"I am still surrendered?" - I asked.
"As you see. I did, though correct in every respect a girl, but it has a finite amount of:" - She replied smiling.
"Well, here we are doing" - Silly, I said, when we come to "Wailing wall". At this time, the track five meters away from us hobbled old woman was in a hurry to meet her little man in overalls and a tool in the hands of a small suitcase. The flow of people here was not thick, but continuous.
She instantly, without stopping, assessed the situation: "No, I can not do that, it is absolutely impossible" - She said, and accelerated pace. Next on our way was a brick apartment building. Not wide, four floors. Olga confidently and quickly went in the direction of encouraging open door front. She seemed to no longer ignore me.
It looks like she dosidela on the bench to the point that hardly restrain his urge painful bladder. Her body was tense. Back when it remained straight as a string. Hands folded on her chest. It seemed to her tense posture can do something to help.
We burst into the house. Before us was a ladder to the top. Olga began to quickly climb the stairs - I followed her. On the second floor, we met an elderly man with a plastic bag. He was coming down. "And there above repair"- For some reason, he informed us aborigine.
Indeed, a staircase at home was in a state decoration. On the third floor we squeezed past a painting stepladder. Olga forcefully passed the fourth - the last living - floor and moved higher. She seemed to know for sure where he was going.
The staircase led us to a small area below the roof of the house. There was light - wide oblong little window let in the bright afternoon sun. To the right of the stairs was a door, which obviously led to the roof.
I said to myself that the concrete floor on the ground was absolutely clean, and it seemed to me, even. Indeed, recently there plastered ceiling and painted walls, and having finished, already scrape debris.
I was on the site at the same time with Olga. Then she turned to me and said in a whisper "You now go down, please"- She swallowed saliva. "And I have to go down?" - I asked, as if in jest. "Yes, please, I can not do: I'm too shy. Here, take this bag, please:" - I rattled it with conviction.
Her voice almost rang breath catches. I felt sorry for her. "poor fellow"- I thought - "I would have died a hundred times in her place. Here is the patience!". I picked up her bag and started down, the corner of his eyes, over his shoulder, watching Olga. I secretly hoped that she immediately starts to sit down, and I see at least a small piece of this exciting action.
At this time, Olga made a sudden dash to the door to the roof. She grabbed the handle and pulled a couple of times strongly. "Here is the foresight!"I admired - ": True lady risked shameful mess oneself, check every detail".
I am definitely interested and excited the woman. Almost gone down one flight, I was seven meters from the Olga. I turned for the last time. My head was at her feet.
At this time, Olga was standing in the middle of the site, facing me. Her legs were slightly apart. She saw my confusion and repeated plaintively "Oh please!". I realized that vulgar urination in male line of sight, Olga would not allow, and made a few more steps down the stairs.
I stopped as soon as it ceased to be. Now the line of sight was broken only by the edge of the site, which was Olga. Now she was even closer to me than my last stop. The meter above my head young woman about to celebrate small need. I held my breath. The blood pounded in his ears. In step with these blows to my throbbing hard cock limit.
... The house was very quiet, except for a barely audible hum of the big city for the oval window area. In an instant, all the sounds ceased. "I wonder if she realizes that I hear everything?" - I thought - "most likely it is not before".
At the site were heard three or four quick clicks echoing that made Olga's heels. Obviously, at this point Olga even wider arranging legs to sit comfortably and safely.
As soon as a woman has to mark time over my head, I heard a sharp rustle, which produced wool skirt, fast ride up on the tights. The sound was as follows: "PN-w-and-xx!"And the skirt was battened down. The next moment there was a soft rustling - Olga pulls off himself tights with shorts.
Then followed a clearly audible click in the silence - cracked bone in his leg women - Olga sat deep.
It took another half-second, and I heard a painfully familiar, but no less welcome sound. The jet blonde loud shot in the concrete floor. Joyful Noise gushing announced that facilitate the celebration began.
I was very close. Olga urinated, without making any audible extraneous sounds. It was not heard the slightest rustle of clothing, it seemed she was not breathing, and all rushed into the silver brackish stream between his legs.
It looks like she just managed to completely relax the muscles, securely locked before her women, a ureter. Urine noisy stream rushed to the floor. Olga urinated at least a minute.
The first half - second and thirty - jet head suddenly changed. It seemed young woman selflessly fighting for the vitality of his bladder, pouring out of him a dangerous fluid.
At the beginning of urination, the main was the noise of liquid is poured onto the concrete floor under a lot of pressure. Urine hissed and foamed. New and new portions of female urine already formed spontaneously fell into a puddle, and the sound became more "wet" - Raging.
When the first glasses were cut off from Olga (passed only seconds), it seems to have strained abdominal muscles, squeezing the bladder and giving additional jet head. Her ureter issued clear "ff-a-wk" and hiss added the whistling sound as if Olga had been mounted in the crotch whistle.
Whistling is amplified, then weakened, - tired, a woman stopped to squeeze the bladder. At the same time, it seems to have changed and the direction of the jet, as with less urination accompanied by a head of a much larger number of juicy dripping sounds, while, straining, and Olga began sviristet "cut" concrete floor strong directional jet.
It's been over full minute. Blonde has once again tightened and the flow of urine ringing "fssyknuv" suddenly he stopped. I distinctly heard a puddle fallen somewhat behind the company's overall drop. At the same time, Olga breathed with relief "Phew!".
"All?" - It flashed through my mind, but in a second flow resumed. The sound of his strikingly changed, it seemed, top sat another woman. For a long time the urine flowed from Holguin crotch quiet wide stream, with virtually no stress and emotions. At some point, a steady stream of replacement parts intermittent dripping.
It seemed tormented voltage bladder my employee exhausted oozing remains of urine. I think at this point the woman has enjoyed blissful seconds, sleeping finally hectic and painful tension in the perineum, accompanied the last hour of her life.
Suddenly, dribbling interrupted. Olga gave concrete floor two short calls vybryzgami and calmed down. Since the beginning of the wet fireworks minute passed. The holiday was over.
Probably a while she was still manipulating the perineal muscles, without being sure that her bladder is shown in a natural state satisfied. At the same time slot of a young woman last few drops fell into a puddle.
At the top of the two heard the familiar click - it loudly snapped a bone in his knee. Olga committed last passes specific to women pee - she skillfully crouching, shakes off the remnants of urine wet vulva and labia hair. Certainly in her purse were in store wipes in case of unexpected visits to the toilet, but the bag at that moment was in my hands.
The next moment, with Olga's site came a soft barely audible rustling - woman wore panties. I heard a short slap gum - Olga corrected just wear pants, so they were not hammered into the wet slit after urination folly.
Next unhurried and businesslike rustling sound alerted that Olga pulled the tights. Coming up with a noisy rustling, typical skirt was lowered to clean clothes. Olga took two hesitant steps - obviously she went round the puddle you just naprudil.
The next moment I heard a confident and joyful sound of Olga's heels on the stairs - she was heading down. I quickly turned around to meet her - she was not supposed to see me standing pillar. On the other hand, the explanation of how I'm guessing that it is precisely at this moment finished peeing (in fact less than a minute after Olga coped with the recent drops), I did not.
We agreed on the mid-span leading to Olga's playground. I was excited to the limit. Poor wondering what I'm doing, I put my hand on the place where a couple of minutes ago bulges crowded urine belly blonde. The hand slid down. I felt a tight narrow wool skirt neatly packed in her panties and pantyhose soft pubis.
"How are you?" - I asked a stupid question. "Very good!" - She said seriously, and firmly holding their little fingers of my hand, to remove it from your pubic area.
I knew that likens unhappy perverts - fetishists who hunt for dirty women's underwear, but he could not help himself.
"You wait for me downstairs. I need it too. I will not be long" - I said. "Good" - She said, and walked resolutely down the stairs to the exit.
On padded feet, I got up before the end of the span to the site. As I said, at the site before it was absolutely clean and dry. On the floor was a pair of divorces plaster remaining after repairs. Now everything has changed. Right in the middle of the site there was a puddle. Her puddle. Paul, at first glance, seemed even, had turned out to be a sizeable hole in the center, so Olga's urine is not evenly distributed and no glass anywhere in the corner, and the whole was left to stand on the site. At the same time the urine was so much that she took the whole area.
The pool had a pear-shaped. A narrow "pear ass"Apparently originated directly between the legs of women. It has emerged the final stream, here also got parallel jets with less pressure arising in "incorrect" Olga's directions down the perineum, labia, getting wet from the anus to the urine.
The bulk of the urine was in "pear head"That just fell on the center of the site. The edges were smooth pear, a corresponding recess in the floor edge. Looking closely, I saw around most of the myriad of small puddles splashing. It seems, as usual manipulating the position of the body ..., Olga skillfully sent its fountain, so that the urine stream is not beating down vertically - right between his legs, and at a considerable angle, so as not to splash shoes and the bottom of tights. Location of contact with the main stream of the concrete has been shifted forward by Olga's crotch. This fountain, under high pressure hitting the floor, producing a lot of splashing.
On the surface of the puddle still wide and triumphantly sailed, gradually decreasing, and the flying islands. Beer urine Olga got off to a froth.
I squatted over the puddle. "God, if they knew what I'm doing here! Serious because the guy slyvu" - I thought sadly.
The next moment I lowered three fingers in the deepest place pools. Fingers felt gentle heat prevailing in Olga. I brought wet fingers to his nose. The liquid was making a faint musky smell. I touched his fingers tongue. The taste reminded Holguin urine brackish water from the village well. In addition, I clearly felt a slight, barely noticeable, salty flavor. Kidney blonde carefully filtered shock dose of beer, pointing to the bladder, and then on the concrete floor almost distilled water.
I made no attempt to cast, although it was nothing. Member as a result of all these shocks was like a stone, and stood in the position impregnable "vertically upwards".
When I went down, his fingers had almost dried up. There I waited contentedly Olga. She happily began to twitter about something little I was interested in at the moment. We went back to the bench, to join the rest of the company.
Dudes by this time completed the next entry for a beer and were already quite drunk. It was time to end the party, what I and others announced. Men comic expressed outrage about the fact that "lucky you and everyone else also wants". Although a pair of beer in my head at that moment I clearly understood that the choice Olga has done.
Further development was virtually a foregone conclusion. Over the next two weeks, we have been inseparable with Olga. We drank beer together, walked, talked a lot.
In one of the next Sunday she invited me to her home, where I had the pleasure to make sure that Olga is actually a natural blonde, offered her the same way.
Our relationship lasted four years. In addition, each year the fourth of June, we certainly celebrated our "birthday" - Birthday of our relations. It has become almost a tradition - we drank a lot of beer in crowded quarters of the old city. After reaching the necessary condition we were hiding somewhere on the stairs, and Olga solemnly committed "festive urination" In my presence. Immediately after that, we made love. These moments I'll remember forever. For me, so far there is nothing more exciting than just wet cunt piss women.
As I said, we've been together for four years, after which she was about to get married, and we had to stop our relationship.
I often ask myself, what happened then fourth day of June 96th, in a park in front TYuZom? How did this young woman could so accurately, clearly, and at the same time, without a word to me to understand that I prefer other men?
On the one hand, all she did was just invited me "keep watch"While, as she celebrating small need. On the other hand, it skillfully made an unprecedented act of seduction without a word or even a hint of sex.