Daemon. Part 1

Earth women could not withstand the force of his passion. But she was special. With it, he can get up all their tricks. Her family were superior beings, so it had the property of the body to repair itself. But the demon did not want to disclose their identity to her at once, he wanted to play with it a little longer. He fucked her for several days, but he had all the time to hold back. But today he decided to use magic and euthanize her at night. Good cuddle and Poimena her usual way, he could hardly wait until she falls asleep, fully satisfied sex.

And then came his turn to throw his strength. Turning it sideways, he bent her legs, pulled her to her buttocks and began to shove a member of her ass. The point though tight, but moved. And so, he abruptly walked to the end of a considerable length of his instrument. In the dream, she screamed. This spurred him more, he began to move so quickly and sharply, pulling her ass on his penis, he felt within her something snapped and the anus of a thin stream of blood flowed. At the peak of pleasure, he lost his human appearance: behind grown wings, claws and fangs were put forward, and the term has taken huge proportions. He abruptly pulled from it its intense demonic weapon and forcefully shoved again. He pecked her so fiercely that she had hung on him like a rubber doll, unconscious. Having made the last jump, he finished. Moving away from the victim, the demon once again took the form of man and waited drag her wounds.

After receiving satisfaction, he was not satisfied until the end. Although her ass was tight and narrow, and inside, the woman did not feel anything, and immediately passed out. The next time you have to try it in a different way, he decided. In the meantime, he put his finger in her ass and checked whether all healed there. Slowly caressing a finger her anus, he made her horny. "It is time to wake up, my sleeping beauty," he whispered softly in her ear. She turned her head and smiled gently. Not removing the fingers from the ass, he placed it on the top and imposed a member of her crotch. Loud gasp of pleasure, the woman began to move to the beat of his movements. His finger was not idle, he rubbed and examined her anus. Demon quietly materialized in his hand and a dildo abruptly shoved her in the ass. Loud cry, she convulsed ecstasy.

Demon silently whispered, "The next time I will not lull you!".