Game silence

The door was not locked. Twilight hallway seemed a continuation of the dim light of a quiet autumn evening. But the smell was different. Instead of a light damp and there was a smell of sadness comfort. And now for him mingled with the elusive perfume and expectations, I smell the smell of a woman, sex, sex, flirting smell, lust, debauchery. The scent of pleasure. You smiled - and again did not come up with what you're going to do. Typically, in this game you invent everything in advance, up to the step, word, gesture - and ... after the third step, a word or a gesture all went wrong. With me is it possible that some predict? But you still come up in advance, it was an element of the game, your game. Probably, and mine too.
You went into the bathroom and washed. The person has already started to burn. It's funny how a seventeen year old boy on a first date. But rinse with cold water is nice.
And here you are in the room. I stand in the middle, smiling at you. Easy to dress, drag belt, and this time completely blind front. You even surprised - if your partial to my chest, my love for the deep cut was quite understandable. But almost immediately you understand conspiracy. The chest is covered with a fairly tight, and while it is closed, yet was underlined, it attracts attention and stirs thoughts. You can not help it, and there is no need in this game is one of the beauties - its transience.
You come, and you turn me back as soon as you cover my breasts cups his palms. Under a light dress fabric feels more dense fabric bra underneath - elastic breast softness, and all together creates a wonderful impression you mnesh my breast, to forget and did not even pay attention as I begin to cling to your ass. At first slightly, as if questioning, then stronger, feeling your bump member, I begin to rub quite frank about it from side to side. You will be sorry to see my breasts, but the excitement is growing, one hand still squeezes the chest, and the second has to slide down in the stomach, then lower to the legs, pressing my ass to the penis harder, but then I do not need help. But it's so shy, that finally discarded and the hand is already between my legs, seersucker dresses and even more thin cloth pants do not interfere feel the shape of my labia, they swelled and occupy almost the whole hand, and they can crush almost as well as the chest. Only the desire is growing much faster, and the dress and panties almost immediately begin to interfere. Ah, these adult games! The head starts to spin a little, I want, I want! and this "want" You can meet at once, without position in the youth pauses and words.
You ride up the dress, getting tangled in it, I'll help - and, finally, do you put your hand into her panties, with two fingers at once you feel hot and wet crack, groping for small jaws and clamped it between his fingers. Now dress and mingled on the chest, you unzip the back of the dress - how lovely! almost to the priests! - And crawled under it. At other times, you would have for a long time stroking his chest through her bra, teasing himself and me, but now, now you're just dosaduesh that bras with difficulty then loosened with one hand. Fingers second you've stuck me in the vagina, and removed them out do not want to, I want to tease me, to moan, to howl, to the pleas.
However, you can take a short break. In this game, I should not be too exciting, but it's too much. Here, once again all turns out not as intended, but who would be next to me did not lose his head ... You gently pulls away from me, and calmly, with both hands unbutton her bra. Then you think, that now it would be possible to play and not having to remove it. Therefore, while you caress my breasts through the bra, pretty tight bottom kruzhavchikami with light from above, it creates a fun contrast. Then you pulls him down and, of course, the first thing you start to pull at the nipples. Then he covers the entire chest, palms, mnesh her excitement in you is growing again, at once, click. You again start to rub on my ass, put your hand in a pants - all this break I was holding her skirt battened down. And finally, realize what you do not have to hold back in this game, everything can be done quickly, and you have long been able to take possession of me. You let me down at the table, leans forward, I lay down on his hands and head. You ride up the dress, I sag and rub your feet together. This ass slug goes from side to side, you're excited and already want to just pounce on me. But stop, you know what I specifically teasing you, and laughed lightly slaps me on the ass. Then get down pants and little Spreading my legs. Oh, the view! Ass sticking up, swollen and wet labia between bit fat thighs, anus, rosette, and most importantly, a sense of affordability and expectations ... The smell of pleasure ...
You again tried not to hurry. Slowly he took off his pants. He unbuttoned his shirt. He came up and stroked my ass. Ran a finger over his lips sex, do you like this feeling supple and waiting for the flesh. Few stroked - and they responded, still swollen, and the entrance to the vagina slightly parted ... Yes ... this kind worthy of the pen of the artist, but that's what a fool when it will hold the pen? You already hold on to his penis, which, like a magnet drawn to this hot and dark hole. But that is not all. There is another "home-made". On the coffee table tea brewed under a napkin, cup holder in your glass and a cup for me ... Sitting on the chair you pour yourself a drink of sweet and takes a sip, admiring my view - the bottom is even more interesting.
Then come to me, you put the glass on the shelf for flowers, accidentally (?) Were close, and slowly immerse the penis through a crack between the wet lips. Stops listening to the feelings, take the glass and do a few more sips. The hot liquid in the stomach and hot flesh around wonderfully echoes member, your excitement grows even more member swells and becomes stone, responding pain. You sticks it to the end, to make another drink. Then you start to drive slowly back and forth, feeling hot and velvety touch. Each sip of tea adds desire and arousal, deliberate slowness of movement inflames you. But it turns out, and me too. My light moan - in violation of the rules of the game - is already throws you into the heat, and placing a glass, you take tight my hips. Another five seconds of silence - and here you are already beginning to slow but profound movements. Strokes are often breaking the silence, the room carried by your body slapping against my ass. How I love these sounds! With every stroke you try to screw me, "reach the glands"How I express myself, velvet touch mixed with vaginal pain overvoltage member, but what a delight! I have to increasingly rest on the table, to resist your shock, you see in the mirror cupboard, like me, rocking, slide back and forth on the table, and then you want to see as this swing my breasts.
You stop and lifting me once you get to the chest with one hand, and the second you start to take off the dress with my hands. I guess what you want, and rented it myself, and you, meanwhile, tugging at my breast. But this game is not so interesting, and once again you dress photographed begin frantically stick me on my count, one eye watching at the same time as a flourish flutter my breasts. But soon forget about it, feeling in inflamed penis shut everything else, and some another boost when the head rests on my uterus, because it comes out hot jet, burning you still inside, and you continue to beat and beat, with a snarl , breaking ..."vow of silence"...