A trip to the sea

Hello my name is Viola. I want to tell you about how my father and I went to the sea.
Father and mother had to go to the sea and take a trip, but it turned out that my mother could not, it was not allowed to work and at sea instead of mom I went. I was 17 years old and I finished 10th grade.
Everything happened so suddenly that I did not even really had time to get together. But the father said to reassure me that it will buy. I have a class folder besides that he is a very good-looking but he had always supported himself in good shape. We rarely recently spoke with him. He is constantly at work, or I'm on the street. And here we have two weeks to be together. On the one hand I was happy and on the other it seemed to me that the freedom I do not see, knowing how he cares about me.
After arriving in Anapa and sitting in a sanatorium, but the way we arranged the woman who designed the thought that I was my father's wife. It is not strange to persuade her father did not. , It is necessary I am so pleased to notice I was a girl sufficiently advanced and looked older than his years. I already wear a bra size and growth of the second I was 173 cm., And I'm not a bad. So it is not surprising that she thought that I was a young wife. Nnam given a room in which stood though two beds but they were pushed together. Father told them that we then moved apart. I decided to make a joke and see his reaction said.
-I'm now your wife, why push the bed.
-As you want.
I was so excited this situation that I'm going to sleep with a man, even though it was my father. Throwing things I immediately pulled his father in the shop for a swimsuit and still be cute or what rags, while his father was so good. As we walked, we came across a woman in a swimsuit. I tried looking for them to choose what is currently. But then we got to meet with a girl on the beach in a bikini. And not just in a bikini on it almost did not have the tissue but only strings. Father took her such a look that I decided to ask.
-I also want a swimsuit. You buy me resolve this.
-Tete a bit early to wear.
-Well, Daddy did not spoil my holiday.
-Are you sure.
-Only if you're always close to someone I do not stick to you in this swimsuit. And we will buy a normal swimsuit, too. And my mother did not tell me.
-I agree.
Having bought me beacons shorts and swimsuit course, it should be noted I am even afraid of his frankness. Since only were covered sponge, and the upper part of the swimsuit cover only nipples. It should be noted swimsuit was even more frank than that of the girl we saw. But I really wanted to father stared at me like her. Praed from the store, I immediately ran to the bathroom to die and lead your girl in order and shave off all the hairs. When I got dressed and went to show his father he was a minute or two looking at me without stopping.
-You're already so big. You've become a beautiful girl, and this swimsuit is also so sexy.
-You like Dad.
-What swimsuit or you. Because a swimsuit is almost not visible. So you go for a swim.
-Of course.
-You go in this.
-Yes, but he, too, will take.
I noticed that my father stood up and he quickly turned away. Mena liked it so much that my father got me. And today I'm going to sleep with her father in the same bed. Wearing a T-shirt with shorts, we went to the beach. It was found naked on the beach is more difficult than I thought. I was ashamed. But my father looked at me and smiled and said.
-You do want a swimsuit. So you go for a swim.
-Of course
And get rid of the clothes. All of the male half of the beach staring at me. I just kayfovat from such attention to me. My father looked at me, although I think he's just shy openly staring at me. But it was not all, out of the water was more difficult. The fabric gets wet, or rather these scraps, and taking into account the color white was all visible. And sticking out from the cool water nipples and lips. I was just naked. My father always looked at me but did not say anything. I decided it slightly podzadorilo and asked me to smear sunblock. He did it slowly and paid special attention to my ass. It was so nice. I was so ready to lie eternally enjoying his hands.
After the beach we went once for dinner. It turned out that the table that we have identified, sat a young couple it was their honeymoon. She was not much older than me. Her husband was 27 years old. We met with them and how it immediately struck up a conversation. As long as we brought food, we had to figure out where they are and tell you about it from us. But it was clear that the guy does not know what concerns me. And when he hesitated as if I said that we are lovers. Father had wanted to protest but I looked at him and pulled a face is that they say that there is. She added,
-Come on do not be shy.
The father said nothing and smiled accepted rules of the game.
Returning to my room, I first ran to take a shower. And as usual to relieve tension, and caressed me, I was so excited the hundred took place in the afternoon. True, I did it with caution because the latch was broken. Leaving, I plopped down on the bed and turned on the telly. His father also went to take a shower. I have noticed that it is not a long time and go ask noticed that the door was ajar. I so wanted to have a look, and I stuck my head. At first I was scared, and even pulled down. Father stood naked in the shower and masturbate. I was about to leave but curiosity was beyond my strength, and I looked again. My father also was standing sideways to me and jerked off. Just now I saw his cock was so big with a big head like a mushroom. Suddenly father issued a barely audible groan and began to take off from a member of the sperm. I pulled my head and went back to bed. My cheeks and ears burned just as it became wet between the legs. The first time I saw a member of the adult male, not to mention the fact that it was a member of my father. Few went away, I had decided to climb into bed but I thought and what I sleep. I usually sleep naked at home. I decided to stop at the T-shirt and shorts. And undressed climbed under the covers. Then he shifted from the inconvenience still decided to get rid of her panties. I took them off and put it on the chair beside the bed. Father came back from the shower and turned off the light and lay down next to the TV. We are so tired of the way that I did not even notice how she fell asleep. I dreamed all night the father and his penis, I dreamed I take it in my mouth. I was so excited. I dreamed as a father with his strong arms holding me. When I woke up it was already light, and the bathroom could be heard as the water flows. Father already washed. But then I was like an electric shock. I lay without a blanket and shirt and got off my charms are seen as a showcase. Of course my father saw me. And to be honest I was so excited. I decided to put it more sleep and see the reaction of his father. He went into his shorts and stood looking at me. And then his penis began to rise. My heart is beating like crazy, cheeks burning. Apparently the father noticed this and asked.
-You do not sleep.
I Okra eyes and adjusted the shirt.
-No longer. Good morning.
-You seduce me or something.
-Do you like me. -Of Course like you.
Father closed his towel rearing pants. I sat on the bed.
-Dad I'm sorry but I do not specifically, it happened. But yesterday I saw you in the bathroom you well:.
-First spy is not good. And secondly, what to do but my mom is not gone.
-Dad, I have grown up and understand.
-Yes, I have noticed that you have grown.
-If there is no worry, I did not tell my mother. I love you
-Do not make things up. Wash and went to breakfast.
I was a little hurt that he said to me as a little girl. I defiantly took off shirt and down from the bed went to the shower. My father already mouth opened.
After a shower and breakfast we have with our neighbors in the table agreed to go together to sunbathe. You should have seen their faces when I undressed. Men went swimming and we were left to warm up with Tatiana. And as soon as they were gone, I decided to thin out her zealous state.
-Tatiana Shatirov you not my kind.
-No you.
-I like to communicate with you you will not be jealous of me right. It's me for him, he's no longer young it needs to prepare. By the way you have a cool figure you'll go buy the same.
-No you that I am not for anything will wear.
-That's what I thought I had the second time today dressed today. We bought it here.
-I do not know and even be against Andrei.
-And that we know today.
When the men came back, I immediately began to attack.
-Andrew you like my bathing suit, here Tatiana tells you not agree that it is a plot.
-Yes No I do not mind.
-Be honest.
-Yes, honestly, honestly.
-Then we went to buy her the same, do not get bored, we will soon.
And he took her hand, gave her no chance to retreat. We bought her a swimsuit light pink. And when we seemed to men, they already lost the power of speech. And the eyes of all men and boys on the beach were turned in our direction.
Before dinner, the men bought three liters of wine we drank almost everything. After lunch, return to the room backed wine again, I decided to spy on his father. And looking into my face, nose to nose with his father met.
-I knew you'd be spying. Aren `t you ashamed.
-Do not you feel ashamed at the beach staring at me.
He already was taken aback by my words.
- Dad, I do not see when you do not live male member. Dad I'm sorry but you all think that I'm your mistress and I do not even know it looks like a man's penis. And Tatiana asked me today what is your. Show me please.
Father something began to speak incoherently but I could not stop, I was so excited. And he came to his father knelt down and pulled the towel. For the first time in my life I saw a man's penis is so close. I took his hand and bared head. I looked up. The father stood with his eyes closed. I began to drive his hand over the barrel as did his father yesterday. But I wanted to take him into her mouth as I saw it in porn films and represented in a dream. But he was so big. And honestly did not know what to do licked the head.
-No Viola does not have this can not be done.
-Daddy please I will die if you banish me.
And opening his mouth took as I could in my mouth and grabbed his buttocks. As in one father put his hand on my head and began to move her hips. It was hard because it was too big and moved each time further. I clumsily tried to imitate the actresses from the film. Suddenly my mouth began to shoot the sperm. And I realized that my father had finished all my itself shook from orgasm. I released the cock and cum began to fall on my face it was so much that it is dripping from my chin. She was such an unusual taste but I liked it. When I looked at his father, he looked at me.
-I'm sorry.
-Daddy dear so well I have not been. I want the present to be your mistress. Make me a woman. If you refuse, I'll be right out to the beach and ask it to make the first comer.
-You're my daughter.
-Well, I want this to be you.
Father or whatever words lifted me Cullen took off my shirt and wiped his face with sperm.
-You're beautiful. Are you sure.
He took me in his arms and carried her to the bed.
Father stroked my chest held her while he kissed me on the neck sinking lower and pushing his legs to my chest began to kiss my pussy. How many times have I imagined. But it would be my father, I was afraid to even imagine. Just thinking about it shook me orgasm. I was shaking maybe a minute or two and then I like to turn off, I was lying with her legs spread putting on display their charms. The father lay down beside him and stroked his strong hand my eyes fully open his body asked.
-Did you like my dear.
-I love you very much, you're the best.
I turned to his father and kissed him on the lips. And looking straight into his eyes said.
-I wanna be your lover, you will not regret it, do whatever you want I'm yours.
And his father did not say a word placed a pillow under my ass and put your big cock in my virgin entrance and pressed. I was ready for the pain but did not think it would be so painful. And apart to limit my hole he never stopped until I realized that fully nasazhana. I tried not to let on that I was hurt but the tears flowed by themselves. Father stopped for a while before I could realize that I'm a woman. He calmed me kissing and slowly began to make reciprocating movement. I felt lighter With his every move. Excitation was back. I shouted something to his father that I love him, and now I have it. Orgasms rained down on me one after the other. I do not remember if my father had finished. He wiped away and covered me with a blanket. And I fell asleep.

To be continued.