Love to the humiliation

With the girl we met for about two years, I loved her very much, ran after her like a dog. She was not only a beautiful face, and body, and the nature of her was that even a word scorpion horoscope. We had sex with her almost every day. Most of all I liked to lick her pussy and ass, I was very excited. One fine evening I was lying on the bed, naked she came into the room and leaned over to the nightstand there is something fumbling, I looked at her bare ass and beautiful could not resist. I jumped out of bed, knelt down, spread her buttocks and began to lick her anus, but I understand after three Lizka that her anus smells like something specific and strange taste, in general, it just came out of the closet poop, and took a clean panties intending to go for a swim. I pretended not to understand the type of personal and continued to lick her ass poop.
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I was surprised that she said nothing, and stood while I suck up to her anus, prosmeyalas and went to bathe. I was shocked in my mouth was the taste of her anus poop. One late evening we lay in bed, she lay on her back legs apart, and I was licking her pussy. And then she says: "I want pisya", I say: "go", she is: "I bastard vsavat and go to the toilet", I " Well then pisya", she is: "I can not lying"Then I lay down on his back, and she sat on my head and vtavila her pussy in my mouth. I did not believe until the last thought makes fun, but after a few sikundu my mouth hit the jet of urine, I could barely swallow uspival. She finished pisya rose, lyagla on the bed and began to laugh, and even said: " and now you can suck up pussy"I was shocked, but even so her pussy to lick. Then she stopped completely respect me once when I was licking her anus she farted right into my mouth con me your ass after using the toilet that I suck up her anus, and pisya in my mouth when the opportunity (in general my tongue became her toilet paper and the mouth of her toilet).
she left me after a while, and even in my side was not looking, I suffered very much, this kind of love.
The story is not fiction.