My favorite doctor

I was still young then, or rather very young, I do not remember, but I was then hardly more than 18 years. This was my first visit to the urologist. Male doctor turned out to be a nice, neat man of about 40, with a photogenic face and beautiful blue eyes. After listening to my complaints, he gave instructions to the nurse and she wrote something in my card. Then he invited me to a private room for inspection. Frankly, left alone with a handsome man, but still in a very intimate setting, has been my long-cherished wish, and the situation has greatly excited me. But I did not know who he is, this man, a homosexual like me or not. So whether he likes slender male body as I love them, or a man's penis is only a part of his daily work.
Closing the door behind us at the castle, he sat on the edge of the couch and told me to pull the pants and panties. I'm willing to do it. My penis waited touch on his chest level. He reached out and cupped my body. Oh, how nice it was his touch, his hand was cool and strong. He then bowed penis, then grabbing his testicles gently pulled them down. No it was not only touching the doctor, it was tender, gentle action of a male lover, who knew how to deal with a member of his partner. I do not remember how long he pressed and massaged my balls, enjoying the waves pour over my body. I'm embarrassed to look at him, fearing that he will see the desire for sex on my face and understand my desire to surrender to him. I was afraid, and at the same time wish that all the cells of my body. Suddenly, his eyes downcast on my penis, I froze and embarrassment were spot on my face. All I was trying to hide in my eyes, gave my friend, hanging down between my legs. But no!
Now he does not hang without rested coquettishly on the testicles. As if waking from a dream, he threw all shyness, and so probably is not much to it inherent, and nalivshis blood rose under the gentle touch of a handsome doctor. Yes, my cock stood up! Large and seemed proud of his courage, he directed his trembling bluish-red head on my doctor. My cock openly stated how pleasant it touches this man that these beautiful strong hands forced him to throb and caused the shameless erection.
- Sorry, - I whispered, even more covered with patches of embarrassment. You have very nice hands.
He smiled.
- I am glad that you are pleasing my touch. - And then, suddenly, he firmly grasped my penis at the root with one hand, and the other pulled down my testicles. - It does not hurt?
- No, everything is okay. - I replied, still looking at the floor, and my penis did not think to settle down, he's stronger pulsing in his hand, and on the tip of the head of the urethral opening are the largest transparent drop.
- Your penis obviously like my touch, what do you say - he looked at me smiling.
- Please excuse me, I do not understand how this happened. I was very uncomfortable.
- Oh, stop. You have nothing to be ashamed of your body desires. It says it all for you, in addition, you can be proud of. I also confess to you, inspect your natural vision young, juicy body. And believe me I have seen a very ugly picture. Oh, if I had always clutched in the hands of young, elastic members of young beauties, I would be doubly loved his job. Turn on! - He threw his arms around my waist and spun me like its own thing, not waiting until I fulfill his request. - I knew it, your ass is also a treat!
- He laughed again and strongly, loudly, so surely heard the sister twice slapped me on the buttocks. I guess I could for propriety outraged, said that he did not dismiss his hands. But what good was it when my swollen, throbbing cock confirmed that I did not just like spanking and touching this man, my body has called him, called for me to master. These strong men's hands have to grab me, put on the bed, make me anything. Grab my head and fit my mouth on his penis, bury my nose in his ass and make him lick appetizing anus. In general, I felt as a young, lusty nymphet, like a bitch in heat, ready to give any comer males. But sdes was not just a dog, it was a noble sexy male tore in my lifetime not one ass and obviously knew a lot about fucking and Inserting his penis inside uprgugih yushosheskih backsides, and besides, he was clearly set out to introduce me his cock. My heart is pounding, pounding on the awareness of all this. I pochuvstvovl proximity of what so long dreamed of.
- Climb up onto the couch and get up on his knees and elbows, I massage your prostate you, will come to me every Tuesday and Thursday for a massage.
I fulfilled his instructions, lay face and elbows on the oilcloth couch cool, and a little ass sticking up. The position was very intimate and vzbuzhdayuschaya, and the realization that I desired a man sees me in that position, made my heart pounding with passion and desire. He put his hands on the rubber medical gloves and sat down behind me.
- Keep your knees together, and a little ass to the side please. That's because - he said - what a docile ass - and I felt that he was smiling again. Now relax and lie still, I will introduce you to a finger in the ass and massage the prostate, of the penis may drip juice, but everything is fine. Do not hesitate and relax.
I watched as he picked up a glass table with a jar of petroleum jelly and carefully rubbed his index finger of his right hand, then ran his finger in my anus. I was startled by the cool touch. Frankly, petrolatum hardly been so necessary as my anus stretched frequent playing with large rubber faloimitator, was ready to let himself in something much bigger and longer than the doctor finger. And he said it.
- Your anus surprisingly supple and soft - even without seeing his face, I realized that he was smiling again, but it was a smile of approval and in any case did not smile. Anal sex or stimulate themselves? - As he asked this question, his finger already deeply entered at that time in my rectum, touched my prostate and my body ached as if in a spasm. Relax please can experience an unusual feeling as if you really want to pee. Do not hesitate and do it, it will be just a prostate-juice, a little pokapatsya on oilcloth and everything. - His thumb began to vibrate in the depths of my ass, massaging my prostate, I screamed and began to pass the waves recurring cramps in my body. His touch is something called mixed between pain and pleasure. There and then, according to his words, I felt a strong desire to go to the toilet. But the embarrassment that I squeezed her bladder, thinking that I could contain myself. But I was only enough for a couple of minutes ... His finger, already warmed by friction within my priests wielded so fast and bestseremenno that wave doused me sudrogi become faster and faster, and the desire to write has become unbearable.
He continued to squeeze and put pressure on my prostate and beztseremenno so much that is not controlling myself, I groaned or from pain, or pleasure. Rejecting his modesty, I relaxed bladder, wanting to get rid of prostatnogo juice bursting out. But horror of horrors! Instead, a pair of expected me clear drops of juice on the oilcloth couch poured a little yellowish, almost clear as water flow of urine! I was covered with stains of shame now not only on the face, but it seemed my butt rotated to the doctor blushed. Described by an unknown man at a time when you stand before him with cancer, and he wielded his finger in the back of your anus ... I was terribly ashamed, but at the same time it is even more excited me. My cock is also strongly sticking out at an angle to the couch is not just released the urine, he shot her as if from a hose, and with each new pulsation flow markedly increased in a head of ... and thickness. I splashed all around the jet struck a couch somewhere on the level of my stomach, and my whole being reflected zabrazgala bottom, dripped onto the floor and the corner of my eye I saw spattered trousers and shoes of the doctor, as well as wet spots at the bottom of his robe.
I froze in anticipation of what will be his reaction. But surprisingly, I immediately noticed that the pace of his movements inside my priests did not slow down, on the contrary, he squeezed my prostate with such force that the flow of urine immediately replaced drippings prostatnogo juice.
- Do not worry, he said - and in his words I did not pochuvstovat irritation and discontent. It's okay, really it was my fault that I did not warn you that you popisit before the massage. But your ringing trickle even razvesilil me - now he was laughing in the voice, a pleasant male laughter. Frankly, I'm sorry for the revelation, but agree in the last twenty minutes we opened up to each other in the most intimate situations, especially you. - I realized that he again ulybulsya his sweet smile. - Well, I confess, I love to see how the young pee, juicy boys. As of their young, but already grown penises affected first pleasant Curly Hair pubic beats jet fresh boyish urine. How it sparkles in the sun and poured thousands of brilliant zolotinok. Oh, what a spectacle!
And how aesthetically pleasing they shake their delicate penises before gently putting his treasure back into the depth of panties! No, boys, girls pee much nicer, although admit women pissing me is also very exciting. I do not remember how I responded to this by his frankness, I initiated it, or rather shocked. But now I have understood clearly that came into the possession of unusual sexual inventor, just the fact of someone for so long dreamed of. No sooner had I think about how my doctor got up, walked to the door, opened it and said to his sister: "Marina, go please." I froze with surprise and fear, as the continued cost of cancer on the bed, holding up his smeared with Vaseline and decent treated finger ass doctor. My plan was not to show a picture of her sister, and quickly jumped. But to put anything of course did not have time, my sister already entered the room, I just grabbed my panties removed and covered them slightly wilted penis.
My sister came in, looked at me, standing without panties and burning with shame, then on the floor drenched my urine, and turned to the doctor.
- Marina, a small incident occurred, our patient did not resist and wet himself during the massage. But certainly my fault. Can we invite technicals let quickly rub off the couch and wash the floor. We need to continue the inspection.
- Well, just a moment. - My sister came out, opened the door into the hallway and I heard, as it appeals to someone. Apparently technicals was somewhere nearby, just three or four minutes came into the room an elderly woman of about sixty, and I just stood there, peretoptyvayas some dry socks in their own urine and covering his male appendage squeezing laundry. Technicals took a rag, hand rubbed the couch, then squeezed urine in one bucket, blotted rag in clean water and then wiped. Just as quickly she washed the floor. Do not know what she thought of me, to give her a job - to wipe the urine, but it looks to me as though did not pay attention, it is not even embarrassed by my polunagota. After completing the work, she left, closing the door.
The doctor sat back down on the couch ordered to go to him. I put his crumpled shorts and went, shaking his poluobvisshim and therefore similar to the valve member. The doctor sat looking at me, or rather, he looked directly at my penis, eyes, and do not even try to hide it.
- Slide the head with your fingers and extend the urethral opening, - told the doctor.
I clumsily began to press on the head, but a bit faded, she slipped in my fingers and a small "mouth" of my penis would not be disclosed. So you do not succeed, - the doctor smiled again - let me help you, this is not the first term, which I provided first aid urology. - With these words, he was a surprise to me, grabbed my penis with his right hand near the root, and left waist pulled me closer to him, so that the head of my cock almost touching his chest. His fist began to move, and my sleepy phallus started, came to life and began to fill with blood again. An unknown man in general, then I masturbate member, pressed me to her. To see a man in the street thought ?! However, everything was just so, and now I could not and did not want to hide his homosexual passion. Yes, I'm gay, this raunchy homosexual and my only wish now was given to the man to drop his lips to his, to feel like a pricked his sexual yesterday bristles, feel the cracks in his lips, let him shove his tongue in my mouth, lick it like a sweet waffles. I decided today to arrange a celebration of sex and love. While my penis again revived in a pleasant hand doctor again pulsed, I embraced this beautiful man with his right hand behind his neck. From the side it might seem that I did it because I was afraid of falling, but it was not so. And he, my dear, my tender, realized this. Rather, he always knew that I wanted it, but my embarrassment stopped me and he made me drop it and fall into his arms. And now he's got what wanted ...
No, I wanted to not only he, but I am! So much so passionately! I sat him on his knee, his strong male legs were perfectly folded and freely placed my ass on one of his hip. I put my arm around his shoulders, as do their young girls to young guys in the movies. Something gentle confidence there is in the position ... My face was next to his. We were silent, and looked each other in the eye. He seemed hypnotized me and I was ready to sink into these deep, bottomless lakes. And I kissed him ... I pressed his lips to her as much as to make me a passion. He told me, his mouth fell open and he began to lick my mouth svomi lips, as if trying to take a bite of my lips. Sometimes I felt his tongue falls into my mouth and I tried to embrace it, sucked it like a lollipop, a couple of times I did it, but the language is once again eluded me deep into his mouth, only wetted my saliva. He laughed, knowing my desire, and sticking his tongue out as far as possible, moved his them from side to side, as if teasing me. I tried to catch him, but he stepped back and closed my lips tasting the air only. Once again, a smile, he vysnul language somehow never far away, soft and gentle, he beckoned enjoy yourself. This time he allowed a taste of its juicy flesh. I sucked his tongue, rolling his eyes in bliss. his language was like a man's penis, and my lips - like tender lips sex girl covering member of her lover in moments of love, somewhere among fragrant haystacks in the warm summer night. We kissed forgetting about the time he ceased to masturbate my penis and now his strong hands pressed me to her. Oh, how good it was those moments, however, they ran like clockwork, but even this was not enough time for us. I enjoyed them forget about everything, only his lips, his mouth, kissing my neck, agitated and excited me.
He lay on his back, and I sat next to her side, his right hand, he hugged me and left rasstegul his robe and shirt underneath. His chest was too manly beautiful. The wide and elastic, she called to him. So I wanted to lie down on it and just not thinking about anything, relax, listening to the beating heart of my gentle man. I put my hand on his chest, and he looked at me tenderly. I started stroking it, oh how good it was to us, whenever my hand passed over his breasts, he winced, smiled, and his right hand, was now lying on my ass, gently patting me.
- It's not fair - he smiled again, this time with a flirty igrinkoy eyes - I have quite acquainted with your "elephant" (oh my dear inventor, he called my pussy "elephant") and you have not yet. ..poznakomilsya with my ... (he probably thought about what to call his precious body).
- Boyfriend - his playfulness to the beat I said, and smiled coyly.
- "Friend"? - The answer to me was his laugh, and approving, smack in my lustful ass. - Yes, with my "boyfriend", with my persistent, resilient soldier.
- So introduce me to him - my heart pounding in anticipation, I spoke in a languid voice, languishing with passion. - Show me your sweet krasnogolovochnogo war, introduce me to him.
He held out his left hand to his crotch, rasstegul belt and I heard murmurs of his zipper fly. Once the trousers were undone, up vzybilas fabric of his white trunks. Even this tightly-stretched fabric barely holding back a rush of something big and powerful. However, I am of course aware of the fact that the so eager to break through the shackles of his heats. I waited, my heart pounding with desire. Now, only this white cloth separated me from the magnificent spectacle.
- Imagine my close, dear friend - Mr. Big Juicy member! - I clung to him, devouring eyes, this large white mound heats on his crotch. - Ale Up !!!
And he pulled the gum melts down, releasing his prisoner ...
I was lying on his chest, looking at this. Now I could not speak, my heart was pounding and my prostate, it seems all squeezed into a ball, releasing the juice leftovers in my dick.
Between his legs trembling proudly huge cock. Like the Tower of Babel, he towered over our bodies. The window behind us, the sun shines, and clearly legible on the wall thick black stripe shade of the penis. Shadow swaying invitingly. Member beckoned me to her. I wanted to give him cling to his cheek, inhaled his scent, embrace (if I can just) him with his hand and feel how hot blood running in his veins. The penis was huge and beautiful, 22-23 cm in length and of suitable thickness, it really looked like a beautiful, powerful tower. The top of this pulsating "tower" was decorated with a large, pinkish head, it was also perfect. It affects the smoothness and perfection of its lines, which closed up at its summit, where it was a black hole urethral orifice through which he gave me his fresh, fragrant sperm. I so much wanted to try it, which did not even think about how this man's pride will penetrate my ass. Even the constant games with faloimitator, bananas and cucumbers are not large stretched my anus enough for this giant would enter into me. But it is even more turns me on, and I gratefully grabbed his nipple with his lips and kissed it.
- Let's introduce our pals close - he whispered to me a gentle voice, and in it I heard the passion that I have, that I called him.
- How can I close, dear, - I said, and his hand began to stroke his face. He turned on his side to face me, and I felt a cool hard flesh rested on my cock.
He reached down his hand, and took out his penis and pressed his head against mine. Heads crumpled, pleasure flowed through my body, I moved her hips on his cock Rooms, and my head has come off and buried between his large testicles. At the same time, I felt that his member, bent on what was so long, gently sank into my belly above the pubis. We looked at each other, smiled at each other, and at the same time, holding his treasure, rolled foreskin completely naked head. My rather large "cap" was a half times less than the "tip". We began to crawl heads to one-of-a friend, it was so good, so nice and at the same time as fun to watch as the tip of my recording, like a little son, caressing buried much to his dad. We played members odnoveremenno kissing and forgetting everything. Suddenly he stopped and looked into my eyes and asked quietly seriously:
- You had a man before me?
I was silent. He put his broad pleasant hand on my face and ran his thumb over my lips. - My dear, good boy, so do not.
- I really want - as I said quietly, - I waited, dreamed about it, getting ready.
- Good, good, - his thumb continued to stroke my lips - you're preparing his ass for me, preparing his tender tasty ass. Played with him, he stretched him at night, putting his ass on a thick rubber members. Your anus opened his own elastic sphincter, after the rubber members left him. Razevat and requested more. And you re-press it inward, he entered deep into your direct kishochki, as if in a cozy warm house.
He spoke so nice and so sexy that I was filled with more passion and now could only moan and his hands stroking naked torso. He guessed all my desires, all my desire, and lust. Oh, how much each time lying in a homelike dark under a blanket in a bed, I dreamed of a man. Set various rubber friends helped me a little to console himself, but how it can be compared with the present, alive and beautiful penis. And faloimitatory quenched my desire only briefly. Introducing the evening, before going to bed, rubber dick in his anus, in the morning, I regret to have removed from his ass and had to again languish passion waiting to return home. But the real sweet dick fucked me ever. And now the moment was so close.
My boyfriend got up and told me to take the same position as during the massage. He spoke authoritatively and gently, like a doctor was supposed to talk with the patient. I obeyed and got cancer on his knees, lifted up his lustful high, but still a virgin ass, and went to her cheek on the couch, turning Glowe on its side, so you can see the action of my sexual male. He took off his pants, shorts and robe and stood half-naked, in the same unbuttoned shirt, with protruding and apparently willing to try someone's hole member. Then he took from the table a jar of vaseline, got out a large lump of grease and put it on the bare head. His left hand is completely rolled foreskin from the head, so that she is completely naked and I again noticed how large and appetizing this part of his penis. At the same time, he became the right hand to smear Vaseline around the body member, first shone his head, and then all of a member to the pubic area. He obviously intends to completely bury the cudgel in my ass and leave only the outside of the egg. By doing this procedure, he came up to me, leaned over and patted his hand on my back and ass like a rider on the rump of the horse. However, this stallion is now really saddles his mare. He went behind his back so that now I could not see his actions, but only felt it. I felt as he gets behind me, he put his feet on the couch on either side of my pelvis, so that the member was at the entrance of my anus. And suddenly I felt a quiet surrounding, only heard a vague hum from somewhere in the corridor, where hundreds of people walked from office to office, or waiting for their turn and rhythmically ticking clock on the wall. Cekundnaya arrow Deegan jerks forward, counting the seconds before it realized it desired me a great event, and I finally become a real passive pederast and I will be your man.
- Are you ready? - He asked quietly.
- Yes, - and quietly, almost in a whisper, I said, and waited his love.
I felt like a fat grease the head of his cock buried between my buttocks. I vzdrogul ass and led the way.
- Quietly, my good, my good - he said to his host like a frightened dog. - Now everything will be fine at first until I go you can feel a little anxious, but then you will be so good, so nice. Relax your ass, come on my good. Let me in.
He spoke so softly that I'm all limp, so he took me by the waist with both hands, as though lifted my hips to meet his dildo. Then he removed his right hand on my waist and I realized that he wanted to help the member enter me. The head touched the anus. My ass like a bride ... shyly kissed ringlet anus of his favorite groom. He pressed even harder and anus opened as a rosebud, letting his guest. Well, how good ah, I like, I enjoy. This handsome man, rather than a cold rubber faloimitator has my ass. I lay quietly beside himself with excitement and pleasure, and felt it deeper into me. He moved slowly, filling me with his intimate flesh. I am a homosexual, queer, now real and the final! And I'm so happy about it! My love for men is now burned unquenchable fire, and I almost cried with happiness. I'm a fag, fagot, most depraved and lustful fag, and my ass finally earned so as to behave ass gay. He gripped my waist, so I almost hung on his strong hands. This allowed me to relax and member, despite its large size almost walked into me. Twenty-odd centimeters adorable male bodies intruded into my ass. I felt like my involuntarily reduced wall of the rectum, as if trying to push this intruder. My back then did not know of these males, and may this large specimen it was a novelty.
But it does not itch and is not diminished my ass, dick still won. Now I felt the tender testicles of my dear touched my buttocks, and head of the penis, I felt in the back of my body. But I did get in were not even half the battle, and now I should have a good fuck, and I realized that now the doctor is going to a good stretch my hole. He leaned over and kissed me on the back below the neck, from my chest broke a groan of pleasure. My male even stronger grabbed my waist and went to work. Member began to move in my ass, at first slowly, then faster and faster. I felt like it was inside, as it were seen as a member fills the rectum. Dr. accelerated pace. Now his penis fully hosted in my pope. And he took his ass! By Vaseline liberally plastered his cock and my ass, ass added their natural lubrication, and now a member of walked into it like the wind in a wide pipe. I tried as best I could restrain myself and just groaned when a member has once again pierced deep into my anus. My lover is also a bit of moaning, and in this relatively quiet, only his testicles rhythmically slapping my ass. Clap, clap, clap - could be heard in the room.
Three slap - a member of the three dives to the depths of my horny ass. Three, six, ten ... more, more! Member of the favorite swollen inside of me. As good as well! PLUNK, PLUNK - more and more. How many of these spanking? Surely more than two hundred. While it is burning, and the perpetrator of this did not even think to stop. He tore a long time to me, and then in a fit of passion, put his hands on my waist and grabbed my hands to the face, leaned toward me and whispered:
- How do you like my dick, my lustful slut. Answer his master if he tore you okay?
I realized that he was ready to cum.
- Yes, my dear sir, you are so good, so strong, your big, hard cock like a fairy tale. He is so well fucked my lustful ass. My appetizing pink hole wants more, she wants you gave it its delicious, male fluid. - I did not have to invent, I said exactly what I felt and my pleasure and rude to tell him he grabbed my lips earlobe and his penis went in my ass like a piston. I let go of the tooth pillow, which is compressed, in order not to scream and a loud moan escaped from my mouth. At the same time, I felt that his cock pulsed is particularly strong, it is strong, dimensional jerks poured into my rectum a white viscous fluid. He came straight into my ass. The doctor screamed, filling me with sperm. Ejaculation was so abundant that it seemed I made a bulk enema. But that was not all! Apparently our moans were not properly understood by the nurse, and she open the door that did not shut the doctor after leaving the cleaner, hopped into the room. The poor woman was dumbfounded by what he saw pictures blush of shame covered her face. Maybe she knew that her boss like neat ass young men, but find him at a time when it ends in the anus next young handsome was for her too. I also was speechless and did not know what to do. We looked at each other and only the doctor, it seems, was calm, I am now sure that the door has been left especially in the event of such a surprise.
- Marina, - as if he shouted indignantly, - Come out!
A woman came to her senses, as it were, and keeping hands away from your mouth, which she instinctively covered her when screamed, ran into the office.
- I'm sorry, it will not tell anyone - he has said to me - she was not talkative woman.
With that, he kissed me on the neck and I felt his cock leaving my ass. My penis as everything was still standing like The Steadfast Tin Soldier. He noticed this, smiled, hugging me, lay on his back, put me back on my belly. I was completely captivated by my beloved so meekly lay in surrendering his strong hands. He put his left hand on my belly and grabbed my cock right. I understand that he wants to do and relaxed, feeling the back of his muscular male body. His right hand moved, and my cock is already nalivshiysya sperm at the time, ready to release its fountain. I lay and watched his fist moves up and down. He mastrubirovat me sweeping movements, and my reddish, shiny head that disappears into his fist, then jumped out at him, well, like a small mouth, revealing their urethral opening. Finally, the waves predorgazmennogo cramps went through my body, abdomen flowed warm bliss, and out of my cock spurted a trickle of white liquid. Fountain erupted again and again, semen down his hand on my stomach, dripped down the testicles. I moaned softly, her eyes closed in bliss.
- My dear, my good, my sweet man, - in the languor I whispered to him - as well as I love you, love, love!
He stroked my stomach, smearing more warm sperm on my body.
- I also love you, my sweet, my handsome. Promise me that our love and our meeting will not end with the end of the treatment course.
- What are you saying - I grabbed his arm by the wrist, - I want to be with you again and again.
He patted me on the stomach. Then he stood up with me. I was completely naked, ass itched from love. I reached for the clothes, but he stopped me.
- The final touch - he again smiled his playful smile - asked to give his ass that gave her my cock. - He took the glass medical pot round shape, and sat down on the couch, holding a pot in front of him. I smiled, walked up to him, turned his back, and a little flirty sat down, putting the ass. He set the jar under my anus, I felt the cold glass it touched my crotch. I pull their socks up, my ass farted softly, letting out a breath that has been pumped his big "pump", and from the expanded bud anus flowed warm, white liquid. I poured everything I could, trying to give more, I tensed again, but only farted again, oznamenuya end of the process. He took a bottle, raised it, as if saluting me, and poured its contents into his mouth.
Ah, what a handsome-inventor got to me! Holding the semen in the mouth, he beckoned me, and when I sat down to his knees, brought his lips to mine. I eagerly opened his mouth, and fell down before his face, we have merged in a kiss of love. His sperm had visited in his testicles, and in my ass, and his mouth finally migrated to my mouth. It was still warm, as if it pisya just vomited it. We were kissing and moving his tongue in my mouth each other, it tart sperm flowed out of his mouth in the mouth, dripping from our chins smeared. Finally, after his male fluid was again in my mouth, I swallowed it with relish and licked his lips, opened his mouth, showing my favorite ... the whole is now his gift in my stomach. Oh, how tasty it was this tart, whitish liquid. Whenever sucking a man, I look forward to when his beautiful penis tremble and my mouth hit the flow of tasty sperm. Oral sex in itself is a reward for me, because when you hold in your mouth warm big dick, so nice to feel that his moaning host is now completely in your power. Even when my partners with the power of moving a member in my mouth, slapping testicles on my chin, and calling it "fucking in the mouth", still master of the situation here I am. But ejaculation always is for me the most delicious part.
We got up and began to dress, I wiped the sperm of the napkin from my stomach and lips, of course I would have left them, but too obvious smell spread from my body. We got dressed and I went quickly into the room, noticing his sister, who, seeing me again flushed with shame. Trying not to look at her, I went through the office and out into the corridor. The doctor caught up with me at the door, took her hand and whispered: "See, my dear." I smiled and disappeared among polikniki visitors.
That was my first sex with my first man. He is now my lover. Proshed treatment, continued our meetings at his home. Sexually, he was always neat, tough love copulation and prefers to play the role of a man, with a strong and coarse master. More often his cock burst (and will rip) my widely stretched anus. Only a couple of times he let me enter his ass, it is obvious that it is not so abundantly "rastrahana" like mine, but it is more pleasant when his anus milked my cock deep into his priests. It is with him, but rather with him and his closest friend - a person is also very beautiful, slim and muscular man of about forty, I learned group sex. Ah, it's nice to do a blowjob to one man, feeling another member fuck your ass. I tried and a double blow, pytas send them put together penises in her mouth. And although I did not manage to bury them at the same time, it is very big, these big men "stick", but even how to lick their shiny dickhead - a real reward for me. Of course, I have other men, all of them are my friends and I am confident in their health, so that every time, without fear, give my ass and mouth to their members.
My sex life is beautiful and full of gay handsome young man, but the first time there will always be for me the most pleasant and sweet.
Gently kiss ass and sponges of all male beauties. I hope to try as much as possible of your sweet body.
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