Unforgettable night


I read stories on this cool website and noticed a pattern: the more plausible story, the more I like it personally. Here and wanted to share their unforgettable story.

I am now 45 years old. Not to say that I'm a super model and I do not want to lie about their options. I - an ordinary man. I have family. Just like everyone else. But I like the theme and the theme of BI relations so-called soft swing.

In short, closer to the subject of the story.

My wife and I live in the suburbs. Usually rest together. But this time, about a year ago, we did not agree and leave she went to a vacation, after asking me to behave well.

That's what I was going to do, but one of the sites on Saturday night stumbled upon an express declaration: "Tra. ayu wife. Who us?" It reads as it is. I had no hope of success, t. To. They were in Moscow and Moscow region and I still had to get to Anton and Victoria (the name of). But they said the wait. I asked him what to buy. They answered that all there. You just have to come, but do not forget condoms, t. To. They are married, have children, and they value health.

I bought condoms and t. To. I am not a miser or cheapskate, bought champagne, chocolates, a small but beautiful bunch of flowers and some fruit. Since alcohol was not easy, t. To. In the suburbs legally sell it only to 21 00, but at a commercial kiosk resisted for long.

Anton met me at the entrance to the house somewhere around in the morning. Slightly over 30, taller than I, thin, pleasant. He said that they were in the apartment of parents that their children had left somewhere. More I asked to confirm that I was his longtime friend, t. To. The wife flatly refused to meet with a stranger. I shivered slightly, t. To. Agree the situation is unusual (to put it mildly).

We went into the apartment. Music played softly. The kitchen light was on. Monitor laptop-book shone silhouette of a familiar site. The apartment smelled of sex. Maybe I'm making this up, but then it seemed to me.

In my dumb question, Anton said that Vick in the bathroom. We went into the kitchen. There was brandy, lemon and some kind appetizer. We drank a little brandy. Anton told me a little about yourself to our legend has not collapsed instantly. From the bath came the noise of the water and I could not look away from the door.

Finally, the sound of water stopped and walked into the room she was. Vick was 30-35 years old, too. Wrapped in a big towel, with wet hair and a gentle, slightly embarrassed smile, she went to the kitchen. Good figure, the growth of somewhere 170. I realized that the guys have a bit screwy and already had sex before my arrival.

Vick sat on a chair between me and Anton. My suggestion to drink champagne she rejected, t. To. Said that already drank brandy. We poured her a brandy and drank all three. I chatted for a while under the table put a hand on her knee. She gently pulled the leg closer to me. In my pants all rose. We drank more cognac at ease talking. I felt Vicki hand on his knee and even more excited.

I proposed a toast to familiarity and brotherhood Anton supported my idea. Vick embarrassed for decency hotly sucked me. Then I did not have time to recover, as the Vic Anton said that he would like to smoke. Obediently he got up and left the kitchen. We started kissing passionately. Prietom my hands groped the bottom shaved pussy Vicki and her hot hand crumpling my wealth from the waist down.

We began to move into the room. Anton was smoking on the balcony. Vick quickly stripped me and went to bed. I had to even wear a condom. I furtively glanced at the balcony. I lay down next to Vika and immediately entered the room, Anton. He undressed somewhere for half a second and went to the other side of our girls. She picked up our boys and they play fiercely. More I could not stand. I lay down on Vick and penetrated her wet bosom of passion.

At first, my movements were slow and gentle, but I slowly began to increase the tempo. At some point, I felt the hand of Anton in his buttocks and realized that he pulls me by making deeper and include adjusting the tempo. I obeyed his movements, t. To. Who else but loving husband knows that his wife more like it. Then the guys stopped me and put it on his back, removing the rubber began to fondle their mouths my boy and everything within a radius of around 15-20cm. I did not mind.

Then we worked together over the Vika, treating her both front and rear. At some point, our girl moaned with pleasure, and froze. Growled with pleasure and Anton. Vick got up and headed for the bathroom. Anton also asked me to lie on my back and finished what we started together since the three of us. It turned out that Wick passed the baton to Anton. I was in seventh heaven.

Vick is back and we repeat our feat again. In the morning it was a bit awkward to watch children's eyes. Yes, and they are noticeably embarrassed. Probably weathered alcohol. We said goodbye and never seen again. Anton occasionally writes to me, but they live in a different region. He says that they have made this evening his old imagination.

And I'm waiting for letters and comments from you, dear readers, and I dream that someone will write to me again "Fuck my wife. Who us?"