Meeting at the bus

In this June, I went to the clinic by bus. The day was hot, and then there was a terrible crush. Suddenly I turned my head and noticed me pressed against the body. It was a woman of about forty, with black short hair, and I immediately thought of her: Primary school teacher from my former school - by the time I turned 18, and I finished the first year. The woman clung to me first, thigh, and then turned to the crowd and pressed all backwards. She glanced at me and then looked away, noticing that I was looking in her direction. All this business I really enjoyed it.
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At aunt was a tremendous chest, which almost fell out of the blouse, despite the bra, and this part of the body has always attracted my mind back in school days. And then she hugged me your booty and I stood up. I decided to find out and adjusted to put his hand on her ass and pulled her standing member. She shivered, but continued to stand in silence. Then I realized what she wanted - I will go out at the bus stop with her aunt and wear out your trunk 20 centimeters. Aunt probably thinking the same thing.
People around us was enough, but the flea market no one noticed. I took his hand off the ass, and gently poked it forward. He put his hand on her milking and began to massage slowly. The woman did not mind and did not receded. The breast was soft and so much that would not fit the palm, I felt that the nipple is a big and busy.
We are approaching the next stop. Woman hand stroked my cock back in jeans and asked standing in front of: "You go to the next?" I realized that I have to go.
We got out, and she motioned me to follow her at a distance. After three minutes gone in the alley and the house on the left. Stopping in front of the elevator, she languidly looked at me and bit her lip. We introduced ourselves.
- You remember me, boy? I'm in your school teacher work.
- You remember - I said, and wanted to get closer, but the elevator opened and people came out of it. We went, and as soon as she pressed the button, I walked over to her, and we started licking. While our tongues and lips entwined, I gladly squeezed her thick buffer, she grabbed my ass. I felt the hand button "Stop"And she otslonilas, put her hand on the penis and said:
- Kitty, you want to fuck me? I wear out my gun, did you get a huge, and chest by a pussy to lick my hurry, but I can not without a man.
I growled "Yes!" and she dropped to her blouse, unbuttoning her, but she said, so we went home. Came out of the elevator, she opened the door, and this time I hugged her tits, unbuttoned blouse has been only stayed bra.
We burst into the apartment renovated, slammed the door, and I eagerly began to lick her milking on the go tearing her bra. Aunt moaned and drew me into the room. I threw her on the bed and began to suck the breasts jumped out. The nipples were huge, dark pink large halo. I kneaded her breasts with both hands and then sucking one nipple, then the other. Then he began to pull their tongue, traced around the tip of the nipple, licking her thick milking. She took my head in his hands and groaned rather, eyes closed. "Mmmm, my dear, do you like my sisechki?"-"They have such a beautiful and delicious!"-"Ahhh, yeah ... caress ih..mmm..pyaty size, just for you ..."
I spent my tongue between the mountains, but she pressed me to him and asked to suck their mouth more. Meanwhile, the woman has removed her pants, she had thick thighs, and she was in some thong. She pulled off her jeans and with me, then pants. I sat on the couch in anticipation. "Wow, what a dick currently grown, but I did not show! You do not kid, you Giant!"-"Suck it to me your mouth, please .." It is without further ado grabbed his hand and sucked the head. I felt the full rush .. The aunt took him in the mouth, but it does not fit all, and she began to suck vigorously and working language. I published approving moans. She spent the language around the trunk, licking his lips and kissed the egg head.
Then she raised her tits and squeezed my dick between them ... The feeling was gorgeous! My trunk rubbed between two soft warm boobs, she caressed me with his hands and said:"My malysh..T¸tya caress you, and you - my charms polizhesh .." She began to rub the head of the nipple, then his lips, then back-feeding, I felt that now finished and told her. She began stroking my dick in her mouth and took the head. Here the sperm become fly, my aunt took her hand, I finished with delight in her mouth.
"Well, dear, you're in the sperm rich. I'm such a huge has never vydrachivala." I pushed his hand between her legs and pulled the thong. There was still wet, and the clitoris popped out and was huge! She spread her legs and pulled my head back. "I want your pussy slpadkuyu" - "Yes, the cat, to please me, you do know how to .." Kun I did many times before and knew how to. I began to lick her wet lips tongue, and she immediately moaned loudly and squeezed my thighs. I put the language in sch¸lku deeper and began to twirl them, and then pressed his nose to the clitoris and took it into his mouth. The aunt cried, pushes her hips and pressed my hands.
She asked me not to stop. I teased her clit, tugging at tongue and then sucked his lips. She screamed with pleasure. Suddenly she looked up, threw me on the couch and sat down by a pussy on my mouth. I took her thighs and began to work the tongue and lips. Tons pubis tickled me, I sucked her clit. The woman screamed and ran at me, without stopping moving the pelvis. She began to cum squeezed my hips. I very quickly moved his tongue until she tekla..eto was the strongest orgasm.
"Baby, you're going to do it his aunt every day" - She said, leaning back and breathing heavily. "I myself really like you to lick" - "And I like it" I wordlessly took the term in his hand, spread her legs put on his shoulders. Aunt sighed surprise. I went into the force it is not very wide pussy and began to fuck her hard. Aunt moaned and mooing like a cow, and I tore it at a furious pace in fifteen minutes, because very excited. Milking shaking, I bent down and began to suck on their lips. "Yeah, fuck my CIMS, boy ..." Groans and bellowing, and my pace did not let her finish. I finished it in her pussy as she trembled in orgasm is the second time in a row.
We sat on the bed and began licking tongues. "I always wanted to mad sex, but before and after the divorce could only dream .."- "I'll fuck you day and night, and lick your pussy" - "Ooh, baby, and do not forget the chest, because you're so like my milk." I began to touch them, and it stood between me backwards."I want to popku..Polizhi me there, and then put his penis, but carefully .."
I began to lick her anus tense, she moaned. When I moistened it, then slowly put the dick in full length. She sighed, and I started to drive a member of it, pressed to her breasts. I gradually increased the pace, and a minute later again drove at full speed, fucking her ass and she screamed from the buzz. Fifteen minutes later, I pulled out a member, because she could no longer, having finished twice. I put his flushed dick in her mouth and fucked her there for a minute, and then held him between its buffers. Finally poured semen, which she swallowed.
Then she wanted me to lick her thick buttocks, and then switched to the milking with enormous nipples sticking out excitedly. I've been sucking on them, and we wanted the same. That day I pampered her until two in the morning. but now I fuck her every other day, and I love it no less than her.