Fool and a liar

I'll tell you how lost innocence. The story is long, but I tried to convey all the emotions.
I was 17 years old. I passed with 10 th to the 11 th grade, and in the summer on vacation resting. We had an apartment on the array where the guy lived. My parents lived with him, and he was a playboy quadrupeds. This one took place almost all the partying, which were almost every day. Among us, 17 20 year old man stood 34 let_Oleg. Peel and smoked it shamelessly and was the soul of the company. in brazen measure umnyy- he impressed everyone.
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When there was a question where to celebrate another dnyuhu- no questions was- Sasha. Going, I'm not particularly worried at the expense of another approaching naryada- booze dancing. Short denim skirt, T-shirt, underwear.
But having come to the apartment, I saw 2 x unfamiliar girls. They were cool cocktail dresses. Next to them was Oleg and entertained them, they laughed merrily. I went on kuhnyu- my help was not needed. Men were drinking on the sly. Came girl Sasha. Her name was Oksana, she was 19. We kissed hello. She smelled good perfume. I instinctively looked around her. Beautiful black dress, hairstyle, manicure, make-up. .
Chest 3 of its size jumped out of the neckline. Funny, she went to Sasha. . Here I ponyala- necessary to dress and make up. . I lived nedaleko- time allowed. Houses stood in front of a mirror. Tall, slender, long-legged. Daubed myself still like more. . . Dressed cocktail dress below the knees, my feet on the heels stroyshye stands out, splashed cup breast size 2. Long luxurious hair was pulled into a ponytail, that were visible beads. He galloped back-holiday began. But pretty soon all turned into a banal booze. The girls drank an equal footing with boys. He saw me. I used to drink but then vodku- videla- that girls drink it like water. Familiar poured and poured. More than half are already gone, and we all drank. Many were asleep. I was drunk and suddenly swam strongly Pts. I tried to get up and nesmogla. . Something like a rose, but stopped soap Andrew, who offered more toast. sipping a sip, I retired. Crawling on the wall ponyala- I have to go to bed. Stumbling, I fell. Tried podnyatsya- failed. Force of will and fear took himself in hand, stood up and voshlv room. Oksana on the bed woke Sasha sitting on it. Sasha was dead drunk. I was unsettled and leaned against the door jamb. She sat on it and shakes it. . Her breasts seemed to be a little more and fall out. Passing, kakoy- guy slapped me on the ass.

I went into the kitchen. In the center stood Oleg in shorts. It was thick, but sipmatichny. His whole body was very hairy and terribly excited me. He previously paw me a couple of times. . time we had kissed by an adult. But it is not enough to pay attention to me. the kitchen was the center of attention Olya- big, big girl with big breasts. I went back to Oksana:
- Ksenia, take me home.
- and what for so I get drunk - she asked. - I dressed up and get drunk. Let's ask Oleg to take you. Why me?
- What Oleg - I pleaded. Oksana, I stand mogu- not take me !!
- to Oleg - she was adamant. Here you now svalish all fall down, who will fall asleep. and Oleg does not sleep. He does not get drunk like this pridurok- she nodded ea Sasha. and who is this behemoth will suck? The next morning I clean everything! if not Oleg- anyone except us and Sasha would not have lived sdes !!
- you suck him - I'm wilted. She did not answer. I remembered that somehow Oleg I drove after the spree, so just as well stay alone with Sasha and Ksenia sleeping. but I did not even think. That's how.
- Come on, - said Oksana, adjusting the neckline.
she called Oleg and asked him to take me. looking at them, I envied her. . I wanted to be in her place.
- Little that is - said Oleg. Do you like normal! potbellied man looked with astonishment at 2 x girls. I felt that I did not need nafig. I did not come up with smarter than beautiful smile. But Oleg glared at chest Oksana. Grinning, he went into the kitchen. From the open door I saw Olga. . she took off her shirt. Her breasts were just enormous. . where finite here before me !!
- Lie down in a room, said Oksana. . Ave, parents zarugayut!
I did not hesitate to Sasha. we spali- many times he did not try to molest. Wrap yourself in a blanket I dissolved in a dream. I slept for about an hour. . I woke up wet with sweat. Sasha with Ksenia was not. . I was awakened by a guy and offered a drink. I refused. asleep again

I woke up on what someone climbed on me. It was Oleg. I started screaming and brykatsya but the forces were clearly not equal. I called my mother, Oskanov, police. but he was adamant. At the cries ran Sasha and Olya. . he barked at them-they are gone. I beat him in a huge rozhe- but my pen did not bring any harm. he abruptly entered into me and began to play. I asked ostanovitsya- but he was adamant. A minute later, I began to feel that I am well. I even noticed that his hands repel, but feet firmly gripped and hold. his head fell on my shoulder. Clasping his hands and feet, I finished with an exhalation. Oleg finished my stomach. then stupidly I stood up and walked out !! I thought that there must be blood. . it was not. I took off her panties and wiped the sperm. Corrected dress .. then bled. Washing in the shower myself uspokoila- it was good, I should be proud of. Nothing to be ashamed .. I did not become his girlfriend ..