The right to love

Saturday, the time comes to evening, Roman is ready for a new-look znakomstvam. great voice came sister ..."As always with a smile said Roman, a date with another fool, I'm sick of nih.-brother, that bet, and if you did not perform, I have to question your superiority !!! - I went, I answered Roman.-Good Luck!

Roman arrived at the usual cafe on the river station, and what a place it chooses stupid fool thought Roma Hello, Rum !!!! - Hi, you're here, I'm sorry that lingered ...- nothing I recently came !!! - Drink, he said Roma? Come on, said Victoria! Victoria was a beautiful girl with long dark hair and blue eyes, was under the impression that this is a lens that makes a girl terribly beautiful as a diamond! with Roman they had known for a long time, Vicki has long had feelings for him .

After three glasses of beer, the novel suggested to go to him and continue the fun, what was denied! You're not changed, still the same little time to do not you grow up! Forgive again that I'm doing but I'm not ready! -I Will not hurt you , I promise !!! The head of Victoria slipped the idea and even a dream, oh how I want the night with him, but she was afraid that after a night spent it lose interest! Okay, let's go! Let's sit and talk said Roma !!!!

Here we are one of the Roma smiled no one will touch, trusiha.Vika I wish that we had together, continued Novel ... I also said Vika.Roma-kissed vetch she said, you are all tryaseshsya ... Calm down, I will not hurt you .He took her into a room, the whole girl and saying there can not be no boysya..Net I did not try to break the girl, Roma continued its all well kiss without paying vnimaniya.Otpusti I do not want to! I want you said Roman, I love you"I am like, why am I so want it is not just a bet, I really want to be with ney.on flunked her on the bed, and began eagerly to kiss the girl struggled but Roma strongly held her hand and firmly clasped in his arms!

He began to undress her taking off her dress, he saw an amazing body and began eagerly to kiss him, you promised cried Vick ... I love you, you are my Vic! Vic believed and did not become strongly resist not just whispered nado..roma began to undress himself ... after he again pressed his lips to the girl and gently walked ... ah, moaned vetch !!!!! Roma began to accelerate the movement of all and kissing her, the girl was from these hot kisses hard to breathe all the more that the novel was moving quickly and silno.vsplesk .... thrust both of you feel good? asked vetch, so madly in love tebya.ya also said devushka.ya fizzled want to sleep in an embrace with you ... oh we've been doing it, this is the best night of my life, rum, we are together ??? Huh stupid well, where shall I go? Vic Roma conversation zasmuschalas.posle kissed girl hug and they both fell asleep! Sunday 12:00

A call to the phone woke Romana, Hello! Brother, you slept with her? I'll call snapped novel! Vick also woke up, good afternoon, my joy, romance began to kiss her ... a rest? Let's go on, she grabbed his feet and hips are had sex snova..mne need to go home, mom !!! experiencing what time you call, said Roma! though when I'll be free in the evening, before the evening said the novel and began to call a taxi lyubimoy.Mne live without you ... I vetch with you always! this girl has left.

Roma left alone as I vtyurilsya.Zvonok, yes! That is not ringing? How to bet? Damn! I thought Roma !!!! vtyurilsya sestra.v whom? Are you kidding? No, we spent the night ... you decided that the two birds fuck and toss to win and build personal happiness I'll be zhdi.15:?? 00

knock on the door rum you fucked it play on a bet! yes but yesterday everything changed, I loved you understand! I ??????? do not you love me? I love but as a sister! Lisa was not at all his sister and girlfriend, but they were very close as a family! In fact, barely Lisa loved rum, and thought that he did, although it was between Niminov blizosti.Da then no longer with her not to meet it you are not a couple! -I myself will decide with whom to me to be! cut roman.A who I said yesterday that someone is sick and tired of these fools? it was yesterday liza.i in your place would be glad for tebya.ladno know how liza.v head said the girl immediately decided to tell the wiki that she bets and stupid whore and all!

Roman, has called for Vika, and together they went to his house! You want me again ??? I will not interfere with a smile said Viktoriya.Ty my love, said once Roman! Marry me? That? -That's So soon Vick was surprised! Yes, why not, we have long been familiar !!!! true, but I like that I am lost, you do not want? I want you really want my life ... you're all that I have said Vic! Yes! Yes ! yes! yes of course!)))) novel grabbed his bride on his arm and whirled .... then began to kiss, razdevat.on oud anticipating how will stroke her body, how will it be like to whisper in your ear that she is the best in its zhizni.Tak and went through several minut.molodye made love all night.

Monday 15:00

Well, we sleep, 'said Vic! After such a night is not a sin, said roma.Ya in the shower and then have to pokushat.Roman lit up with happiness, and he could not dream of such happiness.

wondering how to treat Liza that he had almost married? because she and sister must fall in love with Vic, too, as a sister, a novel thought.

knock! knock! Who's there? shouted from the kitchen Roman.otkryvay this theme! Oh hi bro! congratulate the bride! What? shokirovan.ona topic in the shower! yah? !!!! bride tak.zdravstvuyte not joke, greeted vetch ! vetch was wearing a bathrobe, do not attach any familiarity .zdraste ... I Victoria, Artem! so it's true? well congratulations !!!!! when is the wedding? soon, to be honest we have not decided to datoy.davayte more ... I am waiting for the invitation !! Artem liked Vic, but really why I had not met her thought Subject !?


Rum, we behave with restraint in the registry office and not at home! Responded well to novel at home I'll zatseluyu.nakonets we have applied to the registry office said the novel, actually, we have decided to get married just yesterday laughed vetch.


You're getting married? And did not even tell me, Liza was as if traure.prosti lys day before we just decided to get married ... Are you sure that you want to marry her? Wow! What a silly question! Replied roman.pozdravlyayu then forced a Lisa!

I need your help, for the last time


lie with one person.

are you crazy?

I am getting married!!!!!!!!!!!

oversleep and we forget about the bet on vetch!

you that the mother wanted to blackmail me ...

No, I beg you!

what for ?

I want to recapture her boyfriend, he went away from her as soon as she izmenit.ya also want personal happiness and the whore it is not worthy! brother can not sleep with her but to do so all believe that it has changed!

and if Vic finds out? She does not understand!

He learns trust me brother!

Artem, carefully watching Vikoy..ty beautiful! Thank you said Vic, how did you meet with Roman? We studied together in parallel classes, he did not pay attention to me, but I was already in it vlyubilas.On the most beautiful in the world muzhch ... Enough! And I already laughed complexes Artem! Artem was very nice but he could not build a relationship because of its principles to the girls, he needed was the same girl like Vick! novel, broke, actually I'm cute you once loved, lied Roma! We were in the Roman school of very different interests than the eternal love that is going on in his dushe.Liza, I reject your venture, sorry !!!! How? rum, no do not leave me in bede.Oni smoked on site, and then Lisa fell on his knees and Roman admitted their feelings! I have always loved you and thought that you, too! Roman staggered back, dizzy ... Lee for what are you talking about? I told the truth, do not marry I beg you! shut up, rude Roman said.

Wick and Tom went to the site that's going on here Vic asked? Nothing !!! thy cares? Said Lisa! I bet too! In the sense of? Forward, I just wanted to fuck you brother and threw broke your heart, sick of it you vsegda.Nevesta it, you're The girl on a dare! Roman stood vkopany he did not even realize what is going on! Vick did not cry, quietly listening to it just went to the elevator, so fuck you washed-Freaks! Roman pulled up the stairs behind her!

Vikaaaaa stop! Please do not leave love moya.on pressed her against the wall, let me go, no I'm not otpuschu.on shut her mouth and began to tear off her clothes, then unbuttoned his pants, and turned back to the girl entered her second hand to keep her mouth to not scream, I'll batter you until not come back not just ... tears flowed from the eyes Vikin! -otpusti proshu.Roman stuck his cock and began to try to get in the ass, oh no it is not necessary rom.roman closing his mouth again became try snova.prostish? Excuse me? then slipped into Vick member almost fainted from boli.proshu ... just let me go! but the novel has not heard from the girl tore up stronger and stronger ... I'll be back rum, just stop ... finished novel , embraced the girl without power and led home! Lisa With the theme were at home!

Get out of here called Novel Lisa! Lisa began to apologize to Vika, but she was terribly hurt the entire body .... nylo.Poshla repeated Roman! All gone, Roman went with Vika, and began to explain all about the bet, -I love you and I do not need to anything else! vetch lying and crying at this time that you did the Roma, you bet on me and fuck me in full despite my bol.Roman hugged her and whispered in my life you do not dare throw.

and yet Vic ushla.Oni Artem closer and were married in a few months! The novel was one he was rich and beautiful for everyone, but in my heart it was one! Lisa married Igor just a good guy!

3 years later ....

Artem Dmitrievich, calling you his wife, connect me! Hello dear! You are so much in the home, do not forget that today we go to a restaurant? No you))) 6 I'm home! I wait tseluyu.poka favorite!

6 pm that will be ordered?

Wine and salad in Italian, said Artem! And you're sweet? -I See the menu ... More

Roman I am sitting in a restaurant when he saw Victoria!

And Artem! Hi Meanwhile, Vic hello!

Hey, Vic .zdorovo said Roman.

Join asked Artem!

to be continued...