They met not so accidentally. Smoking Sergei ran up the stairs, and the two little girls, going up or going down, shot his cigarette. They began to shake. Unnoticed met. Chernenkaya, Ira soon arrived somewhere, and Helen ran alone now. And not just for a cigarette, but also to chat. Sergei in his thirty-five with Lena was even more interesting: the more lives than breath now, so to speak, the youth? And the conversations were, in general, so - empty, "perekurnye". But somehow suddenly (Sergei did not remember who then began - he or Helen) conversation turned to sex. And then he could not resist, and from the height of his experience, he blurted out: "What are you, young people, you understand this ?! How to listen to youngsters: "Five times, they say, for the night! ..". And here - time, but all night to ..!" "Like this?" "And this is - carried Sergei - that is laid, so all night never left each other!" "And so can you? .." "I can". "And with me?" "Not with you". "Why?" "At another time, okay? - Sergei hurried. Firstly, I was spent to smoke break, and secondly - he knew that, and so said too much. Even if she, Lena, is eighteen, the girl is still very ...
But the next day Helen beginning of the conversation exactly the point at which he interrupted. Then Sergey, before answering, said: "What do you want?" "I want to learn the beautiful sex." "The one-and-a - handed Sergey, and what is it you think, beautiful sex?" "Well ... As in a video player ..." "That's right, - Sergey was delighted. - You seen enough ... Beauty is surely not in the poses. Not in the art business. The soul - that's what matters!" "What is it like?.." "Yes, that's right! If I go to bed with a woman, I - sure! - I love it. Otherwise, neither I nor she did not get any pleasure". "And I thought - the main man cum ..." "I thought that you thought so," - Sergei smiled and was about to leave, but Helen took him by the arm, said: " Can we talk about it a little longer, after work?" "Yes, for God's sake ..."
After work, Sergei, I do not understand how he agreed to this. He is a man, a father of three children! - I went to see the little girl, Godea his daughter! But he justified himself by the fact that he does not like Helen as a woman (and what there is - a woman ..!) But as a man, and very young, and therefore interesting. He wanted her to understand and perhaps help not to stray from the true path.
On the way, we wandered into a public garden, sat down on an empty bench. "Sergei, why do not you want me? Do you like me?" "Like. You're beautiful, and you figure - that is necessary. But think of myself - I'm with you going to do ?!" "I can do everything..." "Maybe you can, but do not know how." "Like this?" "You see, I'm not an angel. And there, I meet with other women. But his age, or close. We do not have the words that are coming ... We can, in the hectic even for five minutes, but in close quarters, to get as much as you want. And we can stretch it for the whole night. It all depends on the circumstances and possibilities. But you can not". "Why?" "You do not know, because you, even yourself, your body does not know". "And you taught me. I've been I want to find a teacher"... "Did you know that the teacher in this case - a myth? It comes with time ... A teacher ... There will be a teacher. And you begin to be a "Intourist"But ended up in the toilet at the station. You know, the main thing - to know, find out yourself, your every cell. As in you responds to your every move, your partner's movement. Then you and you will find the very posture in which you will experience the most pleasure. Then you will understand that all of your VCR - nonsense! "Kama Sutra" I read?" "Of course!" "You know, a wise man once said: "The bed can be everything!" So much for all "Kama Sutra". The main thing - do not do all the pictures, and to get the most pleasure". "Kiss Me..." Sergey even confused: "Here? .. Why, people all around !?" And if it was where?" "Why not?" - Not himself believing it, he says, Sergei said. He did not notice how Helen of just an interesting person suddenly turned into a woman. Young, beautiful, alluring, excites the imagination. And that long ago he was sitting with his legs crossed to conceal the shameful consequences of his secret desires no less outspoken. "Think of something" - Helen suggested. "And what I can come up with ?! The apartments, in addition to their own, I do not. And there family. Friends ask? Do not understand. Money for the hotel is not ..." "Then I'll think of something". Helen rose. I had to get up and Sergei. Her triumphant smile drove him to paint: "Noticed! .."
The house is approached in silence, each thinking about her. At the entrance Helen quickly clasped hands Sergei's neck, leaned her wet lips to his. Sergey from surging desire treacherously trembled his knees. His hands clasped involuntarily flexible back, moved to the elastic hidden in tight jeans, ass. Her hand slipped between the legs and stroked Sergey swollen, ready to explode, but the flesh. Oh, what bliss it was .. But then quickly rebounding from it, Helen called out cheerfully: "Till!.."Easily fluttered the stairs. Sergei nothing to do but turn around and walk away.
Home Sergei came broken. His wife answered at random, was terribly distracted. Referring to a rough day and fatigue, early to bed. But I slept badly, often disturbing his wife: "I do not get sick, right?" But no sooner closed his eyes, he saw Helen: calling, entailing, eagerly kissing his lips, and not just the lips, giving him all the affection that are only capable woman, and demanding from him the same, scaring his inexhaustible and daring of his fantasies, his gluttony and indomitable.
- Hello, - as if nothing had happened I had met him the next day, Helen.
But it no longer met the Sergei that I was before. Met her on the ears in love with a man without regard, within which all boiled at the thought that she's so young and beautiful, and very close, and it can be kissed, and not just ... Oh, where it was used !. . Where is it! - Sat nail in his brain. And this nail stir more to reopen the wound, causing him pain. But the pain that was sweet and desirable.
- Do you take me? ..
- Of course.
- You know, I wanted to invite himself to the uncle. I thought I would understand. He was - as you ... Earlier allowed, and then rested. Anyway, I think of something.
All day Sergei all dropped from the hands. Stepanovich, department head, seeing his condition, released earlier, advised good rest over the weekend. Sergey, stupidly shook his head, jumped on the stairs, waiting for Lena began, cautiously looking into the corridor, not to have marked his staff. Helen was not long to wait, and asked permission from his boss, quickly went to Sergei, and they again went to the side of the square, to the bench yesterday.
- Maybe on Cupid's go for a walk? .. And they went rejoicing unexpectedly large.
The snow came down long ago, the sand was dry, the wind almost was not. So that was quite a nice walk.
- Do not you think of anything?
- Helen! I told you ...
- But you - man!
- But I'm a married man, father of a family. Besides ... not Rockefeller. What I can? Champagne - I can! "Bounty" your favorite ... not anymore. Here's a layout ...
- Okay, do not pout. Let's go kiss.
And Helen, Sergei hitting his wit, pulled him to a number of vacant until, in anticipation of a hot summer, the Far East, the booths. Choosing a booth in the corner, so that their legs less attracted attention, they just dug into each other's lips. Hands Sergei unbuttoned lenochkin cloak slid under her sweater, already ready to pull the jeans tucked into her blouse. But then Helen, looking up from his lips, whispered:
- Cover the hole ...
Sergey, long wandering through the empty beach, found a couple of pieces of plywood, which was enough to shelter them has become quite immune from prying eyes. Sergei unbuttoned jacket, Helen slipped her cold palm under his sweater and pants pulling out his shirt, warmed them in his hot back. Otogrevshis, one of the palms and slid down, opening his zipper on his trousers, penetrated inside, covering the shorts through his sweaty flesh.
- You can look at it? .. - Helen undid the belt on his pants Sergei, prispustila them, and took from her torn panties on will trembling with impatience member.
Sergei barely unbuttoned trembling with impatience fingers lenochkiny jeans, tried to remove them. But whether jeans were too tight, or not enough patience ... And then he just put his hand and groped her wet bosom, got into it with two fingers, which Helen readily, slightly crouched, took a. Sergei introduced her another two fingers and rotating them then take them out almost completely, then tried to push them as far as possible, deeper thumb remembering to massage her clit. Ona hand clenched buttocks, massaging it poured another member, Helen breathed more and more often, to muffled wheezing long been prikrya eyes. Snrgey, feeling that his orgasm is near, whispered:
- Kiss him...
Helen, not letting go of his hand himself, leaned forward and, barely having time to clasp his lips twitching head of his penis, as the seed sprinkling tight jet hit her in the sky, it spilled on the tongue, flowed down his throat. Startled, she drew back sharply, having to throw the erupting member Sergei shirt, which immediately gets wet from the stream long kopivsheysya sperm. Sergey, without giving time to recover Lena pressed to her lips, and together they drank the juice of the love that had spilled into her mouth. After a few minutes without interrupting the kiss, Sergei felt tensed and Helen, his whole body down on his fingers, seemingly penetrated into the most depth, tightened and groaned, roughly finished.
A little breath, she was freed from his hands, whispered: Oh, I did not think it could be so good! - And in a moment, thinking of his soaked shirt, he said: - You're not hurt? Well, I ran away? ..
- No. I blame myself. Hurry. It was necessary to warn you to prepare ... Yes? ..
- I guess ... You know, I'm so in the mouth have never tried. Well, back to finishing ...
- And next time do not be afraid?
- No .. I even want to. After all, you need to try, right? Only warn you when you will finish. Okay?
- Okay. Take off your jeans and they hurt you narrow.
Helen took off her jeans, leaving her panties, but Sergei them immediately took off and, kneeling, said:
- You are ever kissed?
- No.
- Would you?
- Want...
Sergei, one hand caressing her breast, the other buttocks, pressed his lips to her hot, wet, spicy flesh, opened to meet his skillful lips and tongue. Slowly kissing her every nook, every cell in the language of feeling her womb, he found those most hidden corners, which, he felt, gave Lena greatest pleasure. Penetrating deep into the tongue and lips swollen massaging the clitoris, a drop of taking a spiced nectar of its elastic, such pliable womb, Sergei soon forced her to crawl into another orgasm, more stormy than the first.
- Let's take a break, and then the head is already spinning. - And Helen, took out the jacket Sergei cigarette, lit it. - Serge, and you do not want today to really?
- Why?
- Well, we only obtained orally.
- Well no. I just do not know yet - and whether it is possible?
- So since I'm not a girl!
- I am not talking about that. I need to know whether you can finish in you? If not...
- Can. Mom has long spiral made paste.
- That is great! You know, the most disgusting is interrupted. And harmful to the same. Smart Mom!
- And you can even .. Oh, of course you can ... - Lenochkina hand gripped the insurgent member Sergei, and gently stroked it. - And we've got out?
- Let's try. - Sergei, crouching slightly and parted her legs and introduced it got stronger your penis. - Try to help me and yourself, move tak you to be good. And if something goes wrong - say.
That quickening, then slowing down the pace, then firmly pressed against each other, moving away a little, they could not reach her orgasm.
- Serge, I can turn around, eh?
And, leaning against the wall, Helen, how can a caved again took him a member. Yes, that was exactly the position that she was looking for. Member of entering into it completely, massaged her uterus, leaving - the clitoris. And so on ad infinitum, until a wave of orgasm shook her body. But Sergei, remembering his promise to not stop as long as possible, continued its movement. Very tired Helen herself slipped off his hard cock.
- Do you want to finish? Do you want to do it right in my mouth? I will not run away. Would you?
Helen squatted down, clumsily began to suck wet from her juices member Sergei causing discomfort and pain. But a few remarks of an experienced partner - and Helen, how grateful pupil quickly brought the matter to an end. Ignoring the grimaces and convulsions Sergei, patiently waited until the last drop is spilled in her mouth, held the sticky viscous semen in the mouth and swallowed with distaste.
- Well? - Asked Sergei, once recovered.
- Not much - Helen admitted. - I barely forced myself to swallow it.
- To all need a habit. - Philosophically remarked Sergei.
Home Sergei returned after dark, on the move coming up with an excuse of his late return. But it is much more worried about something else: where?