Dreams do a strange thing ... For some reason, it is best of luck there. From early childhood I loved to go to sleep. I remember in kindergarten all stacked with tears, and I "Bryk" - And sniffed ... And really - where else can you shoot in the car on the highway fabulous! Where else can you sit at the controls of the aircraft! And did anyone give you in broad daylight a real great! Just!
Many years have passed, far-bosonogo snotty childhood. Forgotten are all dreams. Almost all ... only one dream I remember, is still alive ... And him. Angela ...

I do not remember when we first met him. Years fourteen, maybe ... He sat me on the edge of the bed and looked around me and smiled - "so here you are!"...
Outside, there was not even a hint of the moon, apparently, a day off from her today ... Like yesterday, my mother ...
The September branches in the yard about - something whispered anxiously. Probably about the future of cold. And listening to the stories of the wind.
At the edge of the bed sat a guy. Twenty years. He smiled at me openly, and it seemed to me almost tenderly.
-I do not scare you? That's unexpected appearance?
-Probably I would be scared. If I woke up. Who are you?
-And how would you like to call me?
-I do not know ... The ghost of sleep? Elf? Wizard?
He laughed merrily, - not that, not more and not the third!
-Then, perhaps, the angel? Yes?
-And it's a little, it seems. However, call me what you will ...
-And you can - Guardian Angel? - You are now stored my sleep?
-Go ahead! Could be so. The name does not change the essence. Just do not wake up yet.
-Because you disappear? Yes?
-I have been reading, kid, fairy tales ...
-I do not kid, I Sasha.
-Yes, I know I would ... I came to a stranger ...
-You know me? I'll never meet. How I wander through dreams, but never seen. And I can not remember?
-No, you never saw me, I just came to you for the first time, although more than a month you know. I watched for a long time to you, and realized that I needed to be close to you. And in my dreams, and in general ... Of course, if you do not mind.
-And we'll be friends?
-I hope so...
-So cool! I've been wanting to be someone else! Friends, of course I have. And, probably, they are good. But - they did "just friends"No more ... I want to have the validity of the other! To be friends with him not only during the day (well, there's football, river, entrances). And even at night!
-So we became friends?
-You have to ask !!?
-Then let us celebrate our friendship?
-Than? Tea, which has long been cool - I smiled.
-Well no! Let's fly? I'll teach you quickly, you just do not be afraid! Good?
-I was not afraid, he sometimes tried ...
-For the first time, we will not go up high, just above the town. And try not to wake up.
-And why?
- Because the worst thing - is fear itself! Give me a hug...
Where - far below someone accidentally broke the necklace and the city disintegrated into millions of sparkling beads.

************************************************** ************************

Gloomy morning brazenly broke into my strange dream occupied him and he surrendered, but the memories - they do not give up! I remember everything! And the angel, and flying, and our friendship born. ALL!!!
All morning I waited for the doorbell rang, and on the threshold will he! Angel! And going to school expecting to see him. All listened - he can see, hail, fit? After all, we agreed - and we will meet in the afternoon, too ... The angel did not appear. And I started thinking, what if it was really an ordinary "duty" sleep. The angel will not come. Never will! There are no angels, and even without wings! They and their wings-it was only on the icons, and then they are there all the babies. And here??? No, it does not happen ... That's strange! Deuce, resulting in sleep, the next day becomes a full reality in my beat-up diary. This happens. And often. Poder Vovka from the third door, and the next day - well, for sure! And there is! In the dream, cancel the lesson "inglisha"And in the morning I come to school - Hurray !!! It happens often. But an angel to me, probably out of luck ...
With such gloomy thoughts here, I opened the door of his apartment, and ... Hurray !!! HIS VOICE!
-I missed, kid? And I'm a whole day next to you. All called you, called ... Just I could not hear you - so much noise around! And the one at home ... and quiet.
-But where are you, Angel? I do not see you!
-Not all at once, Sasha, see more ... You see me there!
-I missed you. The whole day was bored ... I thought you somewhere far away, and you, it turns out, was close! That's great! And I today matematichka "pair" I wheeled, for what was not paying attention in class. I thought of you!
-What have you decided?
-I am ashamed to admit ... what you do not happen. What did not come to you, and we did not fly over the city. And do not make friends !!! In general, there was nothing! Sleep only ...
I could not resist and quietly roared.
-Do not cry, Sasha! Do not Cry. It is not important - it is a dream or not, because dreams - is the same as the reality of all that is happening there, it is really going on. Perhaps even more than it !!! Now, do you feel that I am? What is there for you, even though you can not see me now ... Well, enough to shed tears! Smile! That's good! What now you think?
-What you're cool! What you are fun to fly! And talk. Do you remember what we talked about it, the city? Let's also flies in the night ?! ... You know, sometimes I can I will call you, Academy of Sciences? Only sometimes?
-Why the Academy of Sciences?
-Well, you know the plane? He, too, flies as you ... Just clumsy, though ... As the trough.
-Well, well, - she laughed Angel - Call what you like. And I'll call you YAK! Okay?
-This is due to the family, huh?
And we rolled with laughter! Imagine a boy who in some swimming trunks standing alone in the middle of the room is filled with fun and laughter of children! Laugh and you too!
As long as you can ...

Our laughter gradually subsided and Angel and I were silent a few seconds ...
- You know, Sasha, I will go so far ... People sometimes just need to be alone with him. At least in order to remember that good or bad you've done in the past day, scold yourself for your mistakes and try to correct them and do not repeat. Glad for your ... let small, but victory and if they are valid, try to win more often. Oh, that I leaned to the preachers? Well, do not be sad, to SLEEP!
All night I waited impatiently night, when you can go to bed, listen to complains glass Autumn maple branch and slowly immerse themselves in a different and strange world. A world where there are no distances, a world where there is no time, a world where a lot of that, but there is something else, which we sometimes do not even suspect. The DREAM.
I rolled over and hugged Angela. He kissed me.
-Ahn, and whence you came, where is your house, how old are you? I of you do not know anything.
-Sasha, I can not tell you all this, but you did not understand ... And how many years? You yourself said yourself this question. Yesterday.
-Are you able to read thoughts?
-And how do I get rid of it? Do you think it's easy, it's nice, I wonder? Mess around in someone's joy, to wallow in someone's grief, swim in the river someone's lust ... No! Basically it even hurts sometimes! But what to do? From this you will not leave ...
-How long have you so can you? Well, read it?
-Soon seven years.
-So, if you were like me - and fourteen? That would be me to learn!
-No, Sasha, I was the same as now.
-Like this? Is it possible?
-It happens. Over time, Sasha, anything can happen! When or whether, you will understand. Later...
-And anyway, I would be so!
-I do not advise ... It hurts too much, too scary, and sad. And not just for you ...
I kissed Angela's cheek, he pulled me even closer to him and began to caress her neck, shoulders, chest, hips ... Lips. There would have been on my swimming trunks - gum would just burst!
-Angel, I have long dreamed of such a night! To close was a good boy, or man and would do with me whatever you're doing now! I do not know, maybe it's wrong, wrong, maybe I'm some sort of crazy ... After all, the boys have to love girls. And I...
-No, Sasha, every person has the right to do whatever he tells his soul. If only it were not for evil. Do not bore the root of violence. So do not be vain torment yourself. You're a normal kid.
- I love you, Angel!
-Kid! My dear baby! I am also so happy with you! But for that I am here. In your dreams, in your reality. I have more important things to do. And they relate to, unfortunately, you too ...
-So you're here to what - something to help me. What? What - what's going to happen? With me? Yes? So you really Guardian Angel ... And what should happen?
-Sasha! Did I tell you about it when he do not know much? Just that - that should happen. My job is just to try to prevent this. But only!
-What might happen in the fifteenth year of the life of an ordinary boy?

What can happen in the life of this boy? Kid, which, as everyone goes to school (or sometimes do not go), who until midnight screaming guitar to the songs in the hallway, and residents call the police. What terrible could happen to a boy, who interrupted a school of two to three, and the teachers' meeting turns into a fun show? WHAT?

************************************************** ***************************

Days alternated days Successive DREAMS DREAMS. The branches outside the window did not have complained, but just quietly moaning - all winter - yet ...
During this time, Sasha has learned to hear and feel the angel everywhere, wherever they may be ... on the street, at school, in a noisy crowd of boys. Angel and Sasha were almost always together. Day and night! And it will agree, is a great joy - to be always with your loved one! And let it invisible to all, even cats and dogs shy away ... And let no one sees, even if people do not see. Sasha SEE !!! And LOVES!
They flew every night. And it is not just the city, and raised above. Below floated entire continents, oceans, and sometimes the earth itself seemed childish blue soccer ball!

-An! When we are together in the afternoon, it seems to me that I see your face. Vaguely, but I see! Or is it just my imagination? What do you think?
-It may well be, Sasha, you're starting to see me in the afternoon, because we are so used to each other!
The angel answered, happily, only anxiety has crept up to his heart. "Is it coming? Is it so soon?" He would have given to this does not happen !!! As we know each person has three directions of the way events or destiny ... It is important to choose the right one! But how ???

************************************************** ***************************

In this way only three stations. And all "freight train". They crawl slowly like turtles. Who's vegetable base who are on the plant, in general, in all directions.
Favorite our fun with all the guys in March - it is five hundred meters to ride, caught in the carriage. Jump from two-meter snow build-up, which stretch along the fabric, clinging to the car and katishsya with it, until you get bored. And how tired or crawlers notice - to jump from the car to the same snow build-up and remember how it was called ... Running after you, no one will. They say that over the last fifteen years in this area killed five boys, having fun this way. Peremesilo their wheels ... But do we stop! The boys - the boys have ...
On that day, we decided to just have fun. Only Angel ...
-Sasha, I think, do not go there. It is dangerous. And even more so today. Yesterday was a thaw, but today it froze ... Why unnecessary risk? You're not in a dream ... It is possible to wake up. And here?
-Why, Ahn! How many times rolling - and everything is fine. Well, if you want, I will wear studded boots? And you'll be with me. After all, it is true - you will?
Angel for a long time tried to persuade me, begged leave this stupid game ... But where there !!! And then, in the street quietly said to me ... " Just not the first! Just not the first way !!!".

We chose a third way. It drifts higher, however, icy ... we drove three hundred meters. It's time to jump. And I jumped ... Only with the ice again began to move down the slope to the cars. They crept slowly, as if thinking ... or not to accept in their wheel arms random victim. (And maybe not random)
Composition jerked and stood up. I shied away from all the fluff head on a fixed wheel and a couple of ... probably fell asleep!

-Sasha, baby, you and I won !!! We have to defeat her! We made it!
-Ahn, who it?
-FATE, who else! Now all you have to be good! ... Head strongly hurts?
-No, little thing ... pass ... now.
-Sasha! Listen to me. Let it be painful for you, but ran out of your strange dreams, we ran our strange communion, ran for two flights. It will not happen. I need to go ... That's right.
-How? You want to leave me? Leave?
-Sanka! When I come to you - I had only one goal. Do not let your death. I felt it, but did not know which side of the three she had to come ... We ran it together! Only love now I can not get rid of. I do not think that love you, but it just so happened ...
-And what about me? I left alone? With your love, you will no longer be able to hug! Which is more can not give up its heat, yourself? Why did you leave, if you like?
-Look, Sasha, I have not the right to decide to stay here or not. In light of many more freight trains, which are so fond of the boys ride ... Someday you'll understand all this ... Too overwritten phrase, but it is true and nowhere on it does not go.
Rusty good and kind person, but sometimes I'll come to you. Last but not the same time see each other! Oh, and ... Do you remember the old semietazhku on your street? The apartment is thirty-five. How did you call me? AN? That's how you ask ...
I kiss you baby !!! And now you can fly himself! Maybe someone else will teach ... For now, Yak !!!

Shabby wall, fifth floor, the thirty-fifth apartment, call ...
-Who's there?
-This is me ... Sasha. I'm from Ana!
The door swings open immediately. Behind the door a pretty middle-aged woman. God !!! As she looks like him !!!
-Sasha? I love you for the first time I see ... Well, do not stand on the threshold, come ... Would you like some tea?
-Thank you.
-So you knew Anton? How? You then still a toddler was ...
-Tell me, what is your name?
-Svetlana. I'm his mom.
-An yesterday saved me ...
Anton's mother slowly sank into a chair. He covered his face with his hands and sat for several minutes. I was embarrassed, I stood up, walked to the tap and filling a glass of water handed to her.
-Thank you, Sasha. Thanks once in a single word from him! You're the third, who had come over the years. How he saved you?
-We met with him, well, it is, in a dream ... then friends, and then ...
-Then you can not tell. I know everything ... And as you go, and how suddenly stopped up, on which you ride ... all I know. That's only part he had not stopped ... wheels milled it slow and cruel. Seven years ago.
-So he was killed? He died there on the tracks?
-Yes. He was twenty, and all with all the guys fiddling dovozit ... That ... I do not know what it can be explained, and no one, certainly do not know. But after his death, he saves all the boys, which should be expected the same ... And An - a nickname from his childhood, he was teased because all the yard. Because it wanted to become a pilot, all aircraft built ...
-And I did so nicknamed because the Guardian Angel - AN-gel ...
Svetlana has long talked about him, about his childhood, about the death ... And I listened, and all the more I realized that it is not the last time I was in this house that I will come again, as the come, and will come the boys, whom he saved, and will continue to save ...
Thank you, Guardian Angel !!! Antoshka !!! AH !!!

Kuznetsov, 2001.