Girlfriend Wedding

I am 25 years old, married at 19. Fairly pretty blonde medium build! "Adults" I like movies for a long time, give birth quickly !!!
Sometimes, when a man am horny bitch, ready for all !!
It so happened that the wedding of childhood friend I was without my husband (we ourselves from the Moscow region. Wedding celebrated in Moscow).
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And since she married an Armenian, that half the guests was the nationality !!! I immediately liked the cousin of her husband - Armenian. At the wedding, we did not contact, but then I realized - a swift end to the wedding, all leave here and the more I see him again! We had to do something. I began to go with him - he is in the competition, and I'm involved, etc. Then they all went out to salute ......... It was cool, and I asked him for his jacket, saying: "She immediately freezes, and you even focus on it you do not pay"! So he realized that I was cute ......
At 2 am, all began to disperse at the hotel, I sat in his car, so he took me and a few other guests. We exchanged phone numbers. He wanted to stay in the same hotel that I have, but the place was not, and as a guest was not allowed to see me. First, we said goodbye, it was a pity that did not work. But then half an hour later he called me and offered to go down to the street. I left! First, we had a long conversation in the car, then he offered to go to the sauna ...... I have long thought, but then woke up horny bitches instinct in me, and I went! At this his lyrical story I stop and continue to have the story in the style of whores.
We went to the sauna, there were 4 boys and a girl. But she left after 30 minutes. I stayed 5 guys: three Armenians and two Russian.
We drank, swam in the pool, steamed in the sauna. I must say that the wine I quickly came to the "a new military form". I razvezlo so that I was ready to fuck with a crowd of men. The guys are not stupid and understand it.
The one that came to me and said with a wedding: "Come on, pussy, undress, long time guys want your slits"! And abruptly tore off my bra. Panties I took myself. Kneeling in a circle of children, I began to suck their members. I want to note that all those present were members of the Armenian sm.20, in Russian a little less. What a pleasure to suck a number of members to swallow their cushy head !!! This went on for about 10 minutes then one Russian was attached to my pussy from behind and began to peck her. So they changed in a circle for receiving.
My hole is all squished from the fun! It is so designed that at the entrance of her children no longer feel the buzz and steel is attached to my ass. Coat it with saliva, it began to shove his cock Armenian ......... Mmmmmm, was first hurt, then nice! A wave of pleasure swept through my anus !!! And so the circle in the ass we fucked for 20 minutes, then there was a double and a triple (in the mouth).
In short, they fucked me up in the morning in all holes. Cum in mouth and on the chest, shoved cock in her mouth to lick their mouths fucked by members!
Fuck me so that I remember for a long time that night. Remembering her, I again want to be a whore, where a crowd of men gets pleasure from fucking my holes. I was taken to the hotel at 7 am, one of my guests from the neighboring rooms did not notice my absence. I only slept for 12 hours before, I was awakened by the maid - it was necessary to leave the room.
For some time we corresponded with the Armenian and called up, he asked, when I come back and see him.
I came to visit a friend with an overnight stay, the morning went to the meeting with Armenian, where he was one of my holes pecked at home !!! And then in 15h. I went home to her husband ...
That's how it happens! Do not judge the actions of the just in every girl lives a prostitute, but not everyone recognizes it and understand !!! Thank you for understanding!!!
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