It was a long time ago. In those days when we were pioneers and Komsomol members and loved homeland called the Soviet Union, and when the word sex is not acquired its present value, and we talked about love, but in a circle the same as I love teenagers called eb..ey.
Well, my rough childhood in the Krasnodar region in one of the villages. Cossack village was by today's standards quite large with a population of more than 3 thousand. Man, so the passion we boiled the capital, and we thought our village center of the universe. Well, we have grown and we have become very interested in sex, but since we have not yet reached adolescence, something about sex could only dream, our girls the same age gazed at the older guys and girls older than us telling us that we are still small. But their needs had to somehow meet and we struggled with the problem as best they could, who were engaged in masturbation, while others fucked her sisters, who were so persuaded, even their mothers, and some fortunate enough to have a girlfriend, we considered such steep. However, we were not averse to peek behind the senior or gossip on this topic or to learn something new.
Then one day our own age, Oleg at the next meeting shared the news that when he came to us, saw Mamaiha dragged into the house dog. Mamaihu named Lyuba, when she was a little more than 20 years, she gave birth to a baby girl to her husband, but her parents before the revolution was from a noble family (of pochemu-to no one knew), and at the time of her grandfather and father for it to warm up in the zone, so the family stood stigma curse and especially did not communicate with them some ridicule, jokes, and everything like that. According to the above reasons and Luba married is not entirely successful, as she spoke, and judging from all the family life did not go well. Her husband worked at burovyshke months and lost business trips, many Luba seemed silly. After this news we all unanimously wanted to see why she dragged the dog into the house. A dog in the house we did not frequent, we did not know anything about zooseks.
I tried to persuade friends to go to her house, because the dog was not easy, we came to the house and began to peep through the window, at first could not see anything, but then I saw this picture. Mamaiha in a basin of soap the dog and not just soap, and soap to wash ie penis and legs. Then she wore the socks on their feet and tied with a rope, so that they will not fall. Dog endured all procedures was visible habit and experience. Then she left the dog and left. We started to get nervous because it is afraid of what might come out and see us, but after a while, she appeared in a woolen tracksuit and playing with a little dog began to fondle his penis, after a while he began to make frictions and tried several times to jump on it. We were dumbfounded and looking forward junction and she came, became Mamaiha on all fours and we saw that ripped his pants between his legs, no panties looking at us p..da adult female in all its glory. The dog jumped on the habitual movement Luba and almost immediately went into it, felt experience, not fucked long three minutes, then he jumped down and began licking the vagina, and then a second time jumped and fucked for five minutes, then stopped and waited, goat chto-to stop him pull cock Luba also stopped and was heard as it quietly whine but it whined, after a while it became a member of the move and the dog jumped out of her during this time, as we have shown Luba finished. The dog jumped out and lay on the floor and began to lick his dignity, which we thought great, attempts to continue the sex he did not do, and apparently it was not necessary. Lyuba left, and after a while appeared in the dress. We were not able to break away from the window, our members were ready to burst from the strain. At this moment he appeared in the doorway and followed Luba popped her lover and became a hero running around sniffing the bushes. Dumb was broken Either she angrily shouted:
What are you doing here?
-Nothing? - I said, and blushed ..
She is stunned by this answer, too, blushing, he said:
-How long are you standing here?
-Long? - I answered automatically.
Luba discouraged and somehow quietly and indistinctly said:
-So what now?
We stood in silence looking at each other and each thought of his, we worried about sex and Luba eternal Russian question, what to do after the event? Suddenly she began to sob and cry, we are even more confused, and I went up to her and began to stroke and soothe. Somehow, in that moment, I did not find anything better than to say
- We will not tell anyone about this.
From my sentence she began to cry even more and then so as not to attract the attention of neighbors, we decided to get her into the house, then put Luba on the couch themselves encamped beside her I'm on the couch with the law, Alex left, and Oleg in the legs squatted.
She continued to weep bitterly lamenting how hard she a young woman without a husband, and her husband was not satisfied and that it is because of this kind of life has come to such a humiliation.
I asked,
- You often it leads to a dog.
- A day later, often he can not, but I should at least once a day.
- We can replace the dog and go to you one by one every day.
She looked up at me, surprised eyes and said doubtfully
- You are young and I am ashamed to speak to you on such topics and in general, let's all forget, it will be better for all of us.
- Do not hurt us we do nothing to blame, and we want to help you and if you do not like Lyuba, we zabudem- I replied.
Lyuba began again to lament about shame and such a miserable life, and if someone finds it jailed we thought it was the rave and carry something unintelligible, I even thought that all was lost, it set off the mind, and all of a sudden she stopped her inarticulate gibberish and stared at the picture on the wall. She sat quietly, hands folded on his knees, his face frozen in a grimace of uncertainty, the silence was broken Oleg who was sitting in the legs in the hearing, he said:
- And she was without panties.
Lyuba pushed her legs spread a little thought again.
I understood it as a call to action and asked Oleg to concede a place for me between the legs, Oleg moved slightly and I stood up and unzipped his pants, the light revealed my nedetskiy member 17 cm long and 5 cm in diameter. All were surprised to look at me. I went to the front Lyuba, my dick was on the lips level. She was silent, I came closer and her lips and my cock were a centimeter apart.
Then said Lyuba
- I will not at all.
She clasped her hands and dick squeezed, I cried out in surprise.
- The boys turn away! I asked, and they obediently turned away, but as soon as she took the dick in your mouth, they both turned and began hesitantly at first team, and then more confidently paw Luba, and then emboldened put it in a position running deer and began to fuck in turn.
Lyuba was tender and gentle, let us all, and the first time we have tried sex with an experienced and mature woman. She gently prompted us how and what to do that would please a woman. After two years, we went to her when we were unable to persuade the next victim, we do not despair, we have always had a backup plan, and trouble-free - is Lyuba, which we have always been waiting for, and gave us the unforgettable moments of happiness. Sex with us she liked, she said that only three boys received an indescribable pleasure. Friends it is not allowed to bring, but we never give up.
Several times we asked her to have sex with us is the cable and it is happy to fulfill our request. Time passed and we all began to go less often to the Luba, there were other women and girls. In addition, the vagina Luba smelled of dog, because she continued to fuck with the dog, and I think this is the smell of a lifetime. Now ... when there is no shortage of female intimacy before sex, I always sniff the vagina and if I pi..da smells of dog with this girl goodbye.
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