Lisa gently freed from the embrace of brothers and rose from the bed, leaving him asleep. She stopped a closer look at her naked body before you pull on your pants waist. There was no need to worry that a sudden return of their parents and see him lying naked on the bed, putting on a show of his big cock. Lisa remembered the first time they made love. Yasha was then only 13 years old, she was 15.
One evening he came home from training. no one was home. He immediately, as usual, went to the shower. Ten minutes later he finished. Knowing that no one in the house, he came out of the bathroom and went to his room. Along the way, he came across Lisa, who had just returned. Lisa looked down on a big dick hanging between the legs Yasha. He quickly turned red, frantically closing it. A few seconds later, he quickly ran down the hall to his room. Lisa was not a virgin and had seen many members before, but had never seen so much, and at such a young man. She did not think that such a member Yasha, but it was so. Lisa came to his door and decided to open it. Yasha has put his usual shorts.
- I could and knock. - He said.
- Why? - She asked, approaching him. - Why are you hiding?
Yasha was an attractive guy with long curly hair.
- I bet that at school, many girls stare at you.
She stopped in front of him and touching his bulge, gently caressing her.
- Why .. -
His words were interrupted by her deep, passionate kiss. She wanted to say that it is not lower bylya. She continued to stroke his cock through the material and its blood poured cock began to grow. He groaned.
- But you're my sister.
- It makes me less enjoyable for your members?
After these words, she went back and sat down on his knees in front of him. Now his shorts stood out strongly. She reached out and pulled them down. Freed, his penis became fully operational, all 9 inches.
- God, you're a real man. - Exclaimed Lisa, dohnuv on his swollen member.
Opened his mouth wide, Lisa took his lips a member. She began to lower his head putting it on the penis, as long as all 9 inches were not included in her throat. Her head moved up and down as she sucked his cock.
- Oh my God. How I feel good. - Exclaimed Yasha.
This boy just started to masturbate a few weeks ago. But it was much more pleasant than ever, however. A minute later, Yasha released his first in the life of a large portion of sperm directly into Lisa's mouth. Lisa swallowed all the sperm before Yasha sat down beside her.
- You did this to my friend? - Yasha asked.
- And this, too. - Said Lisa.
She got up and began to take off her blouse. After removing it, she undid her bra and freed her big round breasts. Seeing such a spectacle, Yasha began to lick his lips, his cock began to rise again. He had never seen naked girls, and even of sex, his sister Lisa. Then she pulled off her tight jeans and panties and appeared in front of him completely naked. She pulled him onto the bed, she settled at the bottom. She put his dick sticking to your thigh, his hands caressing her body.
- Kiss my breasts. - She said.
He quickly began to cover her breasts with kisses. Then he took one of her hard nipples into his mouth and began to gently suck. She began to move his penis between her legs, pressing the head between the vaginal lips.
- Now fuck me, my boy.
Vigorously and carefully, he sent his cock inside her and drove it to the end. She moaned with pleasure, and then told him to fuck harder and harder her with his gun.
- Yes! Yes! Stronger! Fuck me harder, my boy.
Her screams all intensified until, until one day she went into did not release a large portion of sperm inside her, and her own body does not beat in orgasm piercing.
It was a year ago, and now 12 months, this beautiful boy fucks his gorgeous sister, becoming more experienced and more experienced. Lisa remembered with awe nice love scene with her little brother.
Lisa quickly took a shower before you get dressed in the night. She pulled a mini-skirt and completely translucent white blouse, without underwear. An hour later, she was in the central park of a large city, late at night. It was only about 10 minutes, he felt a presence beside him. The knife blade touched her bare neck and a voice whispered: "Do not move or I'll slaughter you, bitch." The rush of adrenaline filed her, she quietly said, "Oh, please do not hurt me." The second her hand went to her chest, hugged her, put her hard nipples through the material. She felt his hard cock between the two halves of its priests.
- Oh damn. You love it. Do you want it. You want it, bitch.
He dragged her into the trees, dropped her to her knees. Holding her hair in one hand, he unbuttoned his pants and let out the bird.
- Suck it, bitch.
- No, please, no.
His mouth was open and he pushed the head of his penis in her mouth and shouted, "I said suck it, damn!" She obediently began to suck his cock, getting better and better. All this intensified her pleasure. A few minutes later a portion of sperm filled her mouth. She swallowed every last drop. He returned it to the ground, hiding his penis back into his pants. Without a word, he disappeared. Lisa sighed quietly.
Standing, she brushed off his clothes and returned to the track, went on his way. She knew where he was going. Not later than 15 minutes, she found what she was looking for. The wall, on which the artist painted adolescents in the park. Only now, a small group of punks in the amount of four people aged 13 to 16 years, about a stone smoked cigarettes.
- Hey, guys, what are you doing here? - She said, and they noticed it and moved toward her.
She started to run away, but not too fast. They quickly caught up with her.
- The girl, now I do not fuck, - said one of them, feeling a small bulge.
The youngest of them started stroking his cock through his jeans. She tried to escape.
- Take it!
Two of them grabbed her by the arms. The eldest went up to her and began to feel her breasts through her blouse.
- What wonderful melons. - He said he grabbed her blouse and ripped it.
Her breasts popped out. Her nipples were erect. He pinched her nipples. Lisa spat in his face, deliberately angering him.
- Tod. Take off her skirt. She should pay for it.
The young man stopped stroking his cock, approached her and unbuttoned her skirt, took off her. Lisa noticed his cock at the same time stood under jeans. Senior started to remove his jeans.
- Oh no! - Lisa cried, seeing his ten inch cock standing like a stake. Lower it, guys. - Said a senior.

They obeyed. And soon she had to make every effort back until this punk with a huge body of raping her.
Lisa's orgasm came along with him, but she did not show it. When he finished, she felt the flow of sperm gushed into her. The rapist got up and his cock slipped out of her. Second punk began to insert her his 8-inch cock was not so hard. The second act was a little longer. The third member was smaller, only 7 inches. This teen fucked her. Lisa had several orgasms while he was engaged in it. She had expected the last competitor. But her surprise.
- Sidi. - He said. - I want you to take into your mouth.
Lisa opened her mouth obediently. Member of the teenager was the same as a member of her brother, but much thicker. She could not imagine how such a small boy could have such a big dick. It increased further when she shoved it into his mouth. She began to move her head up and down. When he finished, she wanted to swallow everything, but at the last moment he pulled his dick out of her mouth and threw everything in her chest.
- Turn it. - Her face was horrified.
- No, not that. - She cried.
She was a virgin there. And fuck her in the ass, and the more such a huge member will be very problematic. She wept when she turned on her hands and knees. Todd approached her from behind, holding his penis. By placing the head in front of her anus, he began to push it inside. She screamed ... The pain was unbearable ... Slowly he began to string her anus on his fat cock. The more, the faster he fucked her anus. A few minutes later he reached orgasm, spilling all the sperm inside her. Lisa has experienced multiple orgasms during this act, despite the terrible pain.
Then Lisa noticed that the other three are punks and masturbate. At that point, they started to finish together. Then they were gone.
Left alone, Lisa brought myself up and went home. All week, she was preparing for the next wonderful weekend.