Gynecologic reception

My name is Vic and I have always had the correct orientation. I had a lot of guys who have always admired my figure. I have big breasts, fluffy, elastic, narrow hips, buttocks strong and very sensual mouth. A complete set for those who love beautiful women. Lesbian I always thought something terrible and wrong. For me, they were ugly and frightening. Then one day, I had to pass the doctors in order to get the necessary information, and the turn was a gynecologist's office. I know that I have everything in order, but the inspection was necessary. I prepared in advance, carefully washed her pussy, that there was all clean and shaved to make it even and smooth.
And now the day of admission, I have come to one of the best gynecologists in the city, it was a famous woman, because her services were expensive, but it is guaranteed quality. Queue it was in that day a great, had a long time to sit among the other women. And when my turn, got a doctor examined the place, and said that on the record, I'm last, and left out the door, so I did not have time to say anything. It remained a couple of people, so I decided to wait, though no record was not, it was in a queue. But nowhere was already nowhere to go, so I had to stay until victory. Women came out of her office. But when he came out to announce that I will be the last, I wondered what a beautiful woman. Despite the fact that it has been aged, it looked just gorgeous. She was in a white robe, which is so awesome clung to her figure, so it was evident that she was excellent woman. Big breasts, wide hips, narrow shoulders, long hair, and such a hot look that I immediately noticed. I thought that this is how should look all cool and successful woman, I was just a student who could admire this excellent appearance of another woman.
So when my turn came, I began to worry too much. And now it's time to go to the office, I went and said hello, she said, to communicate it was not terrible, on the contrary quite quiet, so all my excitement soon disappeared somewhere. It showed where you can get undressed, where to put things. I went behind the screen and began to take off his jeans. I felt somehow uncomfortable, because compared with its beauty, I looked like a pity, but I faced a sit down in the chair and push the front of her legs. It was very exciting, and it is difficult for me. Despite the fact that I had previously often at other gynecologists, but this was something special. And I'm very shy.
After I took off everything and went over a chair, a bed diaper was cool in the room, and I was a little cold. I barely climbed on a chair and spread her legs, throwing them in a special holder. I became ashamed, because the doctor still sat back on me and filled my papers. Then she asked if I was ready, I said yes, he got up from his desk and walked toward me. I was surprised that she did not wear gloves, it was weird, and I'm even scared, but instead to immediately start viewing, she just sat down, looked at my pussy and asked the usual questions, which receives each patient at such inspection. I answered, but I was uncomfortable, she stared at my pussy, and I could not say anything to her, because she could find me for a madman and stop to conduct inspection. I pretended that everything is fine, and became herself staring at her, knowing what kind of beautiful woman with amazing forms, with elegant figure.
So she sat down even closer to me, her hand on my thigh, and asked if I, her touch is not frozen was very pleasant and gentle, and rather than pull away, I felt a wave of tenderness and excitement went through my body . It was new for me, because before women touch was to me conventional and uninteresting.
I said that a little, because it is normal for such surgeries. She said that I was right, but do it in the company's unpleasant to me, I said I was nice and cozy. Then she said that she saw me as soon as you got to see all, and specifically told me to go last, I asked why, she said that I am beautiful. Then I felt something was wrong, but some inner feeling made me not to run, and to continue this pleasant conversation. Then she said that I have a beautiful pussy. After all, every day she sees so many naked women, but my pussy is very special, and then she held my hand through my sexual hands, soft, smooth and very pleasant. excitation wave passed through my body, and I pulled back a little bit, because I did not expect such a turn of events. It's very nice, so gentle, so amazing. She asked me if she does not scare me, I told the truth and said that there is. Then she looked into my eyes and began to pull my shirt, I like a fool sitting with her legs spread and did not even resist. She unbuttoned his shirt and my bra prispustila. My chest once spilled on her hands, she stroked them as gentle and pleasant, and moaned a little, because she could not help herself, so her hands were pleasing to me. She stroked my chest, put her little nipples with your fingers, and then sat on a chair.
But now, instead of looking at me, she began to caress my pussy hands. It was awesome! Such excitement I have not felt for a long time. She fingered my clit, and once felt that I was going to ecstasy started to caress my hole, especially that I had finished. I was wet, began to flow, my pussy wanted affection from this smart woman. She looked me straight in the eye, and fell close to my pussy, and then suddenly walked on her tongue. Such a pleasure I never felt I was moaning as she caressed his sharp tongue my clit, she gently licked him, plucking, and suddenly his finger entered my wet pussy and began to fuck me with his finger continuing to caress the clitoris tongue. Very quickly I came, because thanks to the gynecological chair was most convenient to caress me. I started screaming, moaning, and finished. Such an orgasm from oral sex I have ever had.
She rose from her chair, and asked if I wanted to leave. I said I wanted to stay. She offered to try an interesting toy, I agreed. It was a simple dildo belt, she took it out of his medical cabinet. The size of this member has been impressive. She put it on her hips, fasten belts, he came to me, and I went into them. It was amazing, she was fucking me hard, boldly, that I only had time to stop and cry. Orgasm after orgasm proceeded to me, and it was unforgettable. She fucked me for a long time, yet I had not asked for a little stop so I could take a breath, she agreed. And it fell to me, and kissed. Her lips were soft and pleasant, the tongue was still tastefully my juice, because licked me completely, we kissed, and she asked if I wanted to try it fuck. I dreamed about it, but was afraid to tell her. Then she took off her robe, underwear appeared beneath it, she went to her desk and began to cancer, lowered her panties. Her pussy was so beautiful and smooth, as soon as I got down from the chair, immediately began to caress her hand, stroked her ass, her pussy lips, they were flawless. I was afraid to touch them the language, because it had not caressed women in this way, but the temptation was too great, as a result, I have spent my tongue around her mouth and anus, from which much excited. She allowed herself to caress, and it was perfect. Later I put this big dick, securing straps, and stepped into it. I've never felt anything like that, because each of my movements, she moaned and was nearing orgasm. It was amazing that I was willing myself to finish as soon as finish it. She moaned as I fucked her harder, entered deeper, and suddenly I was struck by a new desire. I came out of her anus licked again, and drove her in the ass. She was surprised and screamed with delight. I'm in no hurry, my movements are gentle, slow, and I began to feel that she is ready to cum. Suddenly she screamed and came. It was amazing because I had never belonged to women, and in general did not have any sexual relations with them.
Then we had a long kiss right on her medical table. Then I wanted to look at her breasts, took off her bra and began to lick it completely, sucking nipples, she was very nice, I was going crazy, because I wanted to caress her endlessly. Then she offered again caress me, and now I climbed onto her desk, opened her legs, and she fell down again with his mouth to my sweet pussy. She caressed me so that I have twice finished. Her tongue was an expert in such caresses, she knew exactly how and what to do to bring me to orgasm. Then our sex interrupted call, because we were at her workplace. She answered the phone and after it passionately kissed me and said that she needed to go. I went to dress, arriving still in shock from what I was able to feel and experience. She signed my certificate, and asked if I liked, instead of answering I kissed her.
In parting, she gave me her phone number, which I called the same night, because she could not think about anything else. But the phone picked up a man, as it turned out her husband. I'm not upset, because this was to be expected. But then she called and made an appointment the next day. We still are lovers, she had a husband, I have a boyfriend, but the real pleasure we get only from each other.