Can a woman after forty years of experience unusual sexual adventure, is what she never had to experience? I think it was with me, but maybe not?
It all started when we went up to the fifth floor in an elegant lift. His hands pressed against my chest, gently stroked ass. He smiled and I felt his smile a promise of something unusual.
The room we were talking like old friends, smiling at each other, I could feel the impatience in his eyes. He approached me and powerfully held her, stroked her back, hands down below, climbed under the sweater, dove into the cups of the bra. I did not even notice that was without clothes. I also wanted to see him naked, I sat on the bed, he stood in front of me. Naughty hands I began to unbutton his pants, take off his shirt. He stroked his warm body, his hairy chest. His cock looked at me proudly. I touched him, she took in her mouth head, it was so tender, and began gently suck. I felt, as he gets more and more, it fills my mouth, pulled up to the neck, I was breathless with its power. Suddenly a man fast sharp movement threw me on my back and pushed his swollen cock in my bosom. I sighed with obvious relief, and patted his back, threw his back with his feet. "It - an amazing lover"- I thought. My body shook in passionate desire, I felt the pulsing shudders and his cock in my soft body. I knew that his desire is getting stronger. His cock, nalivshiysya blood rushed into my body stronger and stronger. Again and again he vtalkival it into this soft, yet did not release their love juice ... He stood up and smiled ... "How quickly it all happened ..."
"Not yet evening..." - I said, and clung to him, feeling his instant erection. I was surprised ... "Is he so fast again ready for loving a fight?"
"caress him" - He said, and leaned back on the pillow. I gently took his cock in his hands, caressed language testicles. "Suck it!" - He ordered. His swollen cock was again ready to fight. I really wanted him to cum in my mouth, sucked it diligently and finally felt his mouth drop of sperm. Then I slumped myself in his head rampant. I clutched it in his bosom, raped, with the force of falling and rising. His cock throbbing inside me. I could feel it beating and very excited. Leaning over the man, I began to move his hips, and his hips rose to meet my thrusts. Suddenly he turned me on my stomach, lifted his ass and one long movement entered into me. It was so wonderful. Inside me, he was so big and solid. His strokes became more and more deeply, and I felt that my body begins to soar. My hand involuntarily reached for the Focusing my femininity and at the same moment I felt a burst of furious pleasure of the female body and the mind. Beats his spears were more likely, he trembled, releasing his seed ...
I drank juice ... He was lying on the bed and gaze beckoned me to her. "Not again?" - I thought I went over to him and knelt down. His eyes told me ... "Now you are my slave, blessed me". I began to suck his dick furiously, awakening to life. "Now try different" - He said, putting me on my knees on the bed. He slowly put the head of his penis to the folds of my anus and pushed until until he parted and let him in. Having achieved this, he waited a moment, and then pulled back, pushing with force, inch by inch, until the whole is not plunged into me. I was hurt, I fought under him, but the whispering ... "More, more, deeper, stronger ..." His arms with the force held my head, dragged by the hair, I felt like a horse that ohazhivat huge stallion. Almost completely removing his penis, he again plunged into me, and pulled again, repeating this until a crushing devastating orgasm covered both of us .... I closed my eyes for a moment, feeling a pleasant heaviness in the whole body. When I opened them, my amazing lover sitting in the chair across from me.
"Rabbit, get up!" - His eyes smiled at me. I reluctantly began to dress and all thought ...
"Was it really? And will there ever be continued?"