... It was like a bad movie - I'm dressed like a real prostitute, was left alone at night in the apartment with a bully .. How did it happen? I went to her friend E., she asked me to stay at her apartment until she returns from vacation. Around midnight, I decided to go to her boyfriend in a car, so that turned the full marafet - black velvet boots knee-high heels, black fishnet stockings, burgundy leather skirt plus supershort same topic, makeup and everything. ..I Was about to unlock the door and get out into the entrance, when suddenly the phone rang. On the threshold stood Davyd, our acquaintance with EA, I tried to avoid - I terribly navilis his manners: smoking, drinking, swearing and generally through the word bully and a thug. He saw me and smiled nastily, entered the apartment, locked the door and at home went into the kitchen. I was stunned - a nightmare !!!
And in that moment I was not myself. I knew that the beautiful - small, thin girl with a big elastic breast and long silky black hair, and even in this outfit !! ..Koroche, Davyd we talked, drank little, sat. It was quite dark. He looked around me at point blank range and read in his eyes, only one - "I want you now". But in my plans is not included !! And then .. sch¸lk! - Turned off the light. We were in total darkness. Davyd quietly as a cat crept up to me and I felt his greedy breath - away attractively damn expensive smelled cigarette smoke and some cologne. More second - and he hugged me back. I spun around and started kissing on the lips of David, hugged his neck, back, and my long nails scratching his smooth skin of our tongues intertwined, and in my mind spun thought - "run!" I take a moment, he pulled out of his arms and ran down the hall to the room, hid behind the door. Davyd, slowly, walked behind. By Unfortunately, the room I got, was sleeping. My eyes are a little accustomed to the darkness, and I made out the silhouette of David, entering the room. He was much taller and stronger than me. My heart was pounding with fear as abnormal, and Davyd grabbed my hand (AA, it hurts !!) for its tenacious long fingers and hissed evil:
"Do not try to escape, baby, it's pointless!"
"Ublyuyuyudok !!" - I screamed. "Not as good as you, bitch" - He said in a hoarse voice, smoky, throwing me on the bed, and at the same moment was on me. We are still ten minutes hot kissing my top and skirt for a long time were lying on the floor and legs in stockings hugged my bully. His tongue penetrated by black lace bra and fondled breasts, nipples, which are readily responded to his caresses .. Wet a soft tongue all down below, on a flat tummy, navel, and finally sliding panties penetrated there .. My pussy had long been all wet, he caressed my clit and I was moaning loudly with pleasure, twisting and dripping juices .. but suddenly he stopped this activity and sat on the bed. I looked at his penis, which stood as the count, and begged - "Well, fuck me, fuck like the last whore !!" "As a whore? No problem!" - He pounced on me and one abrupt movement drove me dick so powerfully that shook the bed. Again and again and again .. still growing rate of drove me crazy .. faster .. faster ... More .. he clutched his hands into my ass fucked me so that the pain was stirred with pleasure .. I screamed wildly, screaming and scratching, but his strong arms held me .. Davyd heat poured through his body, the vagina and squelched it seemed that just about and it burst into pieces, as Davyd tore me to spare no .. shshshshsh ... and I jerked a wild cry the last time - a powerful orgasm swept over me and flowed through the body, like a sweet caramel .. Davyd finished in the same time pouring my sperm tanned body, chest and unnecessary skirt valyayuschusya nearby.