Poor Olya

Today, he was angry. Hard work, 10 hours a day, and often on weekends, too, a small salary. Even the chief of a sadistic, evil vynuvshy last dushu.On taxied on the nightly traffic jams, wondering - yes or no. It has long been desirable, long known what to do. But scary the first time. Aggression outweighed. Yes. Resheno.Rezky rotate under the blinking lights, and after 15 minutes he was in that cafe. Here she sits again. Like a week ago, and probably the last. Drinks dimedrolnoe its cheap beer. The room is dark, and the little people. Nobody cares to battered life aunt age 35 with an expressionless face and a plastic glass of liquor.
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He sits next to her. They have something to discuss. From the side it seems as if they are old friends. Soon she gets up staggering, and he, supporting her, leads to the car. No one would suspect anything and, as was intended.
- Let me go.
- I do not want. If you want to get away - earn their freedom.
She is naked, shyly covering her breasts begin to sag. On the skin shivers run, the night is already cold in August. In the basement, the dim light of a yellow lamp, behind the masked man.
- How?
- Stand on your knees.
Paul is the earth cellar. She obediently lowered. Her knees cold and sticky. It still covers the chest.
Silhouette approached, and she is already clear. She meekly stretched out his hand to the pulling member. Lips close up on the head, and she felt a hand on his head imperious. A member enters the throat, choking her saliva, but the movement does not stop. She was having trouble breathing, but powerful hand puts her throat on the elastic body.
- Good for you, bitch! Now arise.
Cold hard sharyat fingers between her legs. Then the middle part of the vagina, and the index into the anus, causing it to shrink a sphincter that is forces. Second hand tightly feels the chest, twisted her big sensitive nipples. She is painful and frightening - it is completely surrendered to the will of the torturer. He binds her hands handcuffed, laying on his back. With one hand he firmly stimulates the clitoris and the second unceremoniously squeezes her boobs.
- Do not .. - only she can say.

But the man has other plans. It is part of her full-length, causing surprise to scream, and two fingers of his right hand stimulates her ass. Each friction shaking her boobs, and it seems to amuse him - he catches one of them at the tip of the nipple and forcefully compresses, with lifting force up. Then throws, he takes a woman by the throat, but not stifled, but only holds. Her eyes mist orgasm overtakes her in spite of all fear. Then she felt a prick in his hand and slowly loses consciousness.

Olya woke up on the bed. The first two seconds she was trying to understand why she had a such a bad dream. But then the aches in the whole body made her remember everything. She tried to rise sharply. It did not work, do not let the chain, chained her to the backs of couches star. She felt discomfort in the abdomen. Lifting her head and a little strained, she realized that her pussy shaved bare, and in her ass and pussy for quite large dildo.
The door opened, and she was approached by a young girl, completely naked, with a slender figure, and little or no breasts.

She silently took out a dildo and gently smeared something aching hole. Then I put in some other cold metal object Ole pussy and warned, showing the object in his hand:
- It - Taser. So - she pressed the button and Ole seemed to be in her womb someone whips whip a backhand - that's how I'll warn. How will I punish, I think you do not want to know. And now let's go.
Outside, it was waiting for the corridor in which the wall sticking dildos of different sizes, from very small to giant, about twenty. At the end of the corridor was a door.
- Do you want to get away from me? Then you have your ass to put on each of them. Skip to pause or impossible. Putting on, you have to move. Can you take a last - get out. No - stay until you develop the ass. Do not worry, it's not for long.

Olga stood in indecision.
- Come on, slut! Dad said you were stupid but he is clearly understated. - And she clicked the button warning.
Olga began. The first two were given to her easily, though her ass for the first time only yesterday adopted a foreign object.
She did not want to remain in the hands of this girl, because in a few motions passed on to the next. On

it has become the fifth tugovato, but she carefully developed ass. Eighth already hardly got into her anal, and it is through the pain, slowly moved his hips, groaning at every movement.
- Hmm. The next you already did.
- But she somehow could? - Olga gasped.
- You scum, begun to doubt me? - Light-footed girl came to the door, and almost without change in the persons taken into their anal most impressive of all the members.
After this demonstration, it took Olga back to the room with a bed.
- Your task for today - here.
She handed vibrator size of the 15th from the wall.
- And in order to maintain and develop - use these tools - and Olga moved into the hands of different plugs and anal inflatable expander.
- If you have not developed a tiny hole - I tear it in the evening, when I spend one ekzamen.Ostavshis, Olya at first did not even touch the toys. But, on reflection, she decided that it should become even funny. Choosing maximum gag, which could insert it slowly spread on it. Was really
tight, but after twenty minutes her ass accustomed. She took a larger plug, and relax the muscles, slowly introduced her

The door opened, and she came back. It is fastened to the bed and Olga began to introduce in the developed ass fingers, first one or two, and then increasing their number. Soon they became four and then all rushed into the brush. Olga already enjoying this, she worked her hips, absorbing the fun. After playing enough, the girl undid the victim and led to the most recent member in the hallway. Olga silently took a giant.
- You are free. Go. - And control of the shocker migrated hand Oli. She opened the door and went out.

The way she did not remember home. I remember vaguely that someone drove her pre trahnuv.
She was lying on the couch and could not sleep. Then she got up, went to the kitchen, took a banana and put in the ass.
Fullness calmed her, and pleased, she fell asleep, dreaming of buying new toys.