Shows from the Pope

Hello! My name is Dina and the story prompted me to tell you my girlfriend Lenka worried that the clock does not get to your site. So, sit back, the story is very hot.
I am 14 years old and I am a child of a mixed marriage, my Russian mother on holiday in Turkey met with my dad, a local resident, and soon they pozhenilis.Zhili they do not, all these years keeping a family for me, but a few months ago, they still have divorced I stayed with my mother, but it did not stop me almost every day to run to the Pope.

He was a rich man in his posh house had everything you need for a comfortable zhizni.Ko crowds I ran and my classmates, take a dip in the Jacuzzi or watch on cable channel erotica. My father was always kind to everyone, and I loved him for it. My authority was unquestioned in the classroom, and I was absolutely happy.
On that day, Lenka again met me after school, at her home was not even a computer to do the lessons and we went to my father's kottedzh.On chic was in the depths of the site, and to get into the house, it was necessary to cross the line of dense bush currants and go through the orchard, where the Pope hung a hammock, and he loved to lie there with a beer after obeda.Emu sorely missed by lush greenery his native Turkey.

And now he was lying in a hammock in shorts, drinking beer and flipping through a magazine. Suddenly Lena pulled me by the arm, almost throwing the bushes, a wall separates us from the clearing with a hammock. "You what?"I -proshipela, hitting his knees on the ground.
"Dink, just do not move"-propyhtela girlfriend. "Your father..."
I looked at my father, he put the beer can on the ground and sat comfortably in a hammock, one hand holding a magazine and the other ducked into his thin shorty.On began to stroke himself between her legs, guttural moaning.
"ochumet"-proshipela my ear excited Lenka.Ya all eyes looked at his father, under the thin fabric of his cock began to rise, and the father, getting up, took off his shorts, flinging them aside and lay back in the hammock, her thighs spread wide apart.

Like any Turk, father of all the pigs black hair, pubic in general were overgrown, and are sticking huge dick twitching with a large purple head. "Good "- Moaned father, rhythmically moving his hand over the entire length of the penis. He became even more, all swollen and I have even seen protruding veins, second hand squeezed his father yaytsa.Lenka so noisy breathing, I was very afraid that we slept, but my father groaned gromche.On still rose from the hammock and went directly to us (as I thought with fear) your pisyun became nadrachivat him more fiercely, moaning and muttering something in Turkish, head already turned blue and began to ooze out of her grease.

I was developed girl porn watched and realized that now the pope will konchat.Ego hand was already in an incredible pace."Right down now"growled the father, lying in the grass. "Now pour"-shipel father, making the latter a sudden movement, and his swollen member if exploded. He jerked in his father's arms like a madman, vystrelivaya sperm vertically. "Do not pull, I splashed the entire abdomen "-stonal father twitching his hips. "That's what I obkonchalsya" - Satisfaction he breathed, rising from the grass. His dick was still stuck, but was beginning to fall.

Pope's face was very satisfied, let alone what was Lenkina face ... Her panties were all wet through and through, and I, too, even when you see this, but if it is your father, and my father reached out, went to the opposite bushes with words "After this you can masturbate and pee"and zazhurchal directly on currants, he stood half-turned to us, so it was clear and his beefy ass (too hairy) and already wilting pisyun and thick hot stream, tricked out of holes in the end of term.

All this was accompanied by such a murmur, I tightly clenched thighs, finished. Pope naprudil whole pool from which steam rose, shook the last drops from the tip of the dick, and took his shorts and went into the shower. We Lenka long time could not recover from such a spectacle, the pope was so outspoken that the mere thought of this I still flowing in the legs, and in fact ahead of the summer holidays, and I will spend their dad! I definitely decided.