Going to the theater

When you come, of course, I also did not think to get ready. My smiling guiltily look back on your reproachfully, smiling immediately dispelled in down your attempt to get angry. "We are not going to be late ..."- You have thought, wincing slightly from waking somewhere in the depths of desire, he smiled after me already without reproach - I flew off into the next room to dress - and went to make coffee. While you're wandering in their fantasies, coffee ran, filled the kitchen, and then the apartment is very sharp and slightly bitter smell. "Today will be an interesting evening, interesting" - You have thought, carrying the tray with a couple of cups and candy, and smiled. Before the door as much as possible tried to wipe the smile that has already clearly acquired a shade of lustful, and with a strange expression on his face came into the room.
And then he stopped. I have not closed the door tightly bedrooms, forgotten, apparently ("However..."- I wondered ...), and now conjured before the mirror, half-turned towards me. The woman did not see anything in the mirror, and you can quietly enjoy, without fear that she will see and will cover the door, wagging his finger as usual. For I was wearing ...? Something easy to-air on the thin straps, very short, and quite fitting translucent pink in an attempt to either hide the body, whether to show it. Near to you strap flew off the shoulder and could see the upper part of the chest, no bra, plump and appetizing. Thighs, too, it was completely open, only you did not understand, whether I put panties, open ass was just the beginning, and then walked lace and silk body, which is, after all, something to hide ... I quickly inflicted any creams, something rubbing and patting, looked like a brush, and, in general, is very much like a medieval alchemist.
Only on a nice and fresh, not the dusty old man, who is usually portrayed in the pictures. I was absorbed in her jars and tubes, and you are me, and stood with a tray, probably for a long time, waking up already on the rise in the hands of gravity. You put the tray, I poured the coffee and add the brandy. And I sat down ... but not in his chair, which stood with its back to the door, and in mine. He took a magazine and pretended to read ... I saw what you just pretend ... I for a long time yet conjured, and you even actually flipped through a magazine. But I figured out with creams, firmly screw up five jars ... and unscrewed the ink. You have expected me to get up, and was preparing to observe whether the put panties on me, but then you sigh. I heard. Maybe he smiled somehow her thoughts and leaned closer to the mirror, very close, became enthusiastically sum eyelashes. But you were rewarded. From the slope body further slid to the chest and does not seem to fall quite a hooked nipple. Chest swayed, you feel its softness and firmness at the same time, and even, it seems, saw a pink halo around the nipple. The desire to grasp, squeeze me was quite strong, you are swallowed and drank a couple of sips of coffee. My Ass also become bare even more, but could not see her panties. "Probably not yet put" - You have thought, and stood up ...? and nothing! I remained seated. Today we go to the theater! ..
In the end, and this procedure was finished, I stood up, a few moved away from the mirror, and appreciated, so to speak, a kind entirely. Your desires are not met, no panties, nor their absence you have not noticed, moreover, I adjusted the strap, and my breasts you've ever seen. Cut was great, but I was standing sideways. Well, here, everything is now closed ... But I have not closed ... I went to the closet and pulled out some underwear. I looked, something laid back, took another, again laid out on the bed, I began to review and evaluate. Here, so here is a woman in a hurry. Of course, the most important thing in life, what to wear pants when you go to the theater. You never know what's in the theater will be! ..
Finally, all decisions have been made, and I strongly remove unnecessary ago, putting the rest on the chair, which had just sat. And ... I shot her topic ... I was standing with his back to you, stark naked, panties was not. And you admired - for the umpteenth time! - Bending the hips and ass pleasant roundness. Good thing back, and then you would not see anything any more ... I would see you and closed the door. He shook his finger ...
The first of the selected objects turned out to be a corset. New, you have such a varied yet seen. From the back, it was longer than usual, even a little over the top found on the ass. What was mild that hard, where bones, of course you did not know, but it looked like a corset was made simply to order - so clearly it lies on my lines. I wonder deftly fastened all the hooks and cords - you just smiled, imagining how you have to unbutton them today. Spread garters for stockings, and sat down on a chair, she began to wear stockings. I pulled the leg to him, you almost choked with expectations, but saw only the outside of the thigh - crotch was hidden behind the foot. I slowly straightened stocking, and you're waiting for will be the second. He waited, and was even a little rewarded. Clean-shaven pubis flashed a couple of times in the frame is a bit fat thighs, but too fast in your opinion. I stood up, spurred four garters in turn, and again went to bed, but this time turned around so that you saw me at the front and in full. I'm in a hurry, he looked away and did not notice you. And I should not notice ... you smiled to himself.
Corset front seemed velvet - satin back. Particularly velvety darkness thickened under my breasts, which was not crowded and not spacious, open at the top, they were lying in their bed are inviting you licked his lips. Waist pretty cool extended to the hips, and could be seen between Gorny pussy, gentle as a child. You're very vividly as you immerse his hand between her thighs, and even felt moisture on his fingers ... Black stockings made my stout legs perfectly slim and ... but the vision was instantaneous. I disappeared behind the wall, there was 10 seconds longer in shorts. You smiled again. Panties are you shooting with me, of course, always, but a corset and stockings were often ... Therefore, panties on. You tried to see what my panties on, but it was too late - I wore a dress. The dress was your favorite, blue, deep color of the sky, with a rather low-cut, tight-fitting to the chest and abdomen and wide at the bottom. The top three buttons of hidden zipper, which you love so much to unbutton ... Today is your day!
And I firmly zipped, I looked in the mirror again, adjusting her hair, and went out into the hall. Not noticing the open door. And I had not noticed. You smiled at me, and that my distraction, I stood up and stepped forward. My lips were painted a little bright, a little defiantly thick, so you barely touch them, when I lifted her face for a kiss. Heart pounding, you could feel the excitement. Here, now! Now start playing. It has already begun, but it was the preamble, and now ... now I'm going to give you what you want, play and carry us to swallow, but every word, every gesture becomes very important. Fragile the line between game and commonplace as easily destroy ... My face changed, became worried worrisome, and you get scared. It was a game, you know that it should happen, but succumbed to the naturalness and sincerity Mlikh feelings and too anxious and looked at me. 
"The time - I said - we were late". My voice trembled slightly wilted. You looked at the clock - it was the beginning of the eighth. Nearly two hours had passed me over coffee, who managed to cool down, and you did not have time to notice this. Then you realized that I was disappointed (and how upset!) And laughed with relief. He pulled her to him, kissed her on the forehead and said ...
"Lord, what nonsense! Because of this ... upset? We'll go next time".
"You're so anxious for this performance!" - I almost cried.
Oh yeah! I really like this show, and the thought flashed a smile somewhere in the background, but I'm obviously disappointed, and I had to be calm.
"Come on, really. Because of pairs of tickets"- You got two tickets. Tickets were beautiful place - expensive. "not obedneem"- And you gently, gently kissed my eyes, that somewhere in the depths of already looked through tears.
"No no. I puttered like a broody, yesterday bought a new set of make-up and carried away, I forgot about everything. And you're so like the theater. The new shirt ... oh, my tie. Suits you", - I smiled, - "And look how well suited to my dress".
The colors of shirts and dresses were not the same, the same blue shirt, but something grayer, it was the perfect backdrop on which my clothes almost glowed, and they are not merged, and supplemented, were next. You smiled. Taste me was excellent, and even the little things such as cufflinks were carefully considered and chosen.
"Well, everything. Let's drink coffee. Forgot. Evening with you much more interesting theater".
In my eyes flashed and stubbornness ... some devilry, and in your chest held hot wave again.
"No. That is, yes. The evening will be more interesting. But do not forget. I am guilty - and I deserve to be punished. I do not know what is going to come up with you. And I'll be all night to please you, and pray for forgiveness for sins. So you forgive me".
In my voice was no longer tears, and mischief, a little capricious and tenderness. What could you say?
"Sit down. You are now the Turkish sultan, I'm your concubine. Thou shalt rest, and I'll wait. Now you will sit down and come up with my punishment, and I'll go brew more coffee".
Before there was a bottle of wine on the coffee table and one (!) glass. Bent low, I poured into a glass, and you, of course, like a fool, all eyes staring at my neckline and barely resisted the urge to grab, squeeze me, with his dress and have dominion over me right here on the coffee table, spilling wine and coffee residues. But I restrained myself ... disappeared into the kitchen. Jitters and tension grew, you became dizzy. You did not know that the game will lead you to the point! It was almost a culmination, now, now you tell me what I want ... and I agree, give myself to you, your will, and you probably fall into a swoon. This prospect cheered you, and you calmed down a bit. Made a few sips of wine, he leaned back in his chair. Seeing the candle on the table, lit it.
I brought the tray, on which stood an elegant porcelain coffee pot and again one cup. It had to stop.
"Bring another cup and glass!"
"No. Today I am punished, I shall not drink with you ".
"If you are punished, then I'll decide what you should and what not"- You said with a smile.
I hesitated there, but, apparently deciding that this is true, silently went into the kitchen and came back with another glass of the second cup of coffee service. By putting the dishes on the table, I lit a few candles scattered around the room and switched off the light.
Then I sat down in a chair and sat down next to you on your knees. Wide bottom of the dress did not prevent it, but it was a strange sight.
The exciting, fascinating and strange. I was on my knees, lowered his eyes and his whole appearance indicating that I'm waiting ... punishment?
Suddenly, everything that happens to you it seemed somehow unreal, or children, or simply stupid, and you smiled for some time struggled with himself not to laugh. But ... my breasts so invitingly looked at you out of the cut that you quickly returned to a state of expectation and excitement which has been owned tboy polvechera. You poured me a full glass of wine, and said ...
I took the glass with both hands and a good girl drank, slowly, in small sips, but to the bottom. From the wine over the lip remained small red "mustache". You lifted my face and bent - I was very close - kissed sliznuv remnants of wine with my lips. I kind of woke up from his humility, in the eyes again played mischief, and is already looking straight into your eyes, asked ...
"You came up to me the punishment?"
You choked, and even grabbed the arm of the chair - suddenly dizzy. Slowly, in a whisper, squeezing out a word you said ...
"I ... want ... you ... rape ..."
My eyes are a little dark, they manifested not fear, not the question, but I immediately suppressed all these emotions and smiled, expressing humility your decision. You immediately caught himself ...
"No no. Do not worry, I will not be rude, or there to beat you, but I want to feel that you're mine, all mine, that I know you, I took you, even if you do not want ..." - You have carried some nonsense, panting and afraid that I did not understand, understand not deem or pervert, or ... strange. The game as it receded into the background, forgotten, everything was perfectly true - and the desire - quite lewd and indecent desire, and affection, and a sense of guilt, and enthusiasm, and love, all deteriorated - it was life, in contrast to ordinary everyday life which were only a pathetic semblance of the game ...
"Yes Yes. I understand, do not worry, I understand. I agree" - I smiled to you gently, humbly and wisely ...
The sound of my voice sobered you. "Rave!" - You have thought. He shook his head.
"Oh, it's me. Forget. Brad some, you know ..."
"No no. No nonsense. I want. Do you want to - and, therefore, I want to. And it will be my punishment, and you forget about the theater ..."
We bickered for some time, first seriously and passionately, then with a gentle smile, eager to please each other, then ... Then, to the extent that you give yourself to talk in you grew desire, lust in your eyes manifested steel, and you gladly seen humility in my eyes ... you've felt like rasstegnesh my dress and get to these tantalizing breasts zaderesh skirt, take off your panties - I'll be in the form of a completely indecent, opening your eyes to the depth of the entrance your vagina between the thighs spread apart, like you ... you licked his lips and drained his glass.
Then you filled two glasses, and I am also slowly and dutifully drank more. You're not so gently, even rough, pulled me to him and kissed her. Passionately, strongly sucking lips, stating its absolute rights. Then again and again, forcing me to have a kiss. I was obedient and pliable.
You got up and lifted me, still kissing. Now you no longer hesitate, kneading my breasts, fingering ass, he pressed to him and pulled away, thrusting his hand between my legs. He turned his back, put his ass to the strained member and not undoing the dress stuck her fingers in a corset. My breasts always drove you crazy ... I obediently curved, bent, she spreads her legs and inserts his lips. And although you're more inflamed, and sometimes quite painful I grabbed my breast or thigh, but I smiled a happy smile, or considering it a just punishment, or pleasure. You're already breathing hard and so ... stopped, shook his head and looked at me cheerfully. I lowered my eyes, drew a smile and resignation on his face.
You sat down, ordered me to pour the coffee - and yourself, too - and then sat on his lap. The coffee was hot, and fearing I scald you stop their harassment, we drank coffee and Twitter - you're asked for forgiveness for his unheard-of insolence, and I proved that I'm a bad girl, and only because of your tenderness and gentleness I easily got and this is not a punishment but a pleasure. You began to stroke my leg, and I immediately lifted her dress to make you more comfortable stroking my leg - and the view was so enjoyable. But then you decide to show rigor - in the end we have a rape! - And he slapped me on the arm, strictly saying that you yourself do whatever you want and whenever you want. I cringed a few, I looked down and sat obediently while you're stroking my leg. Silk dress nice slipped on stockings, but even nicer was to grope the garter and stocking over his naked body. Then you told me to bend over a little and pull the edge of the dress and corset ... It could not be much, but it was possible to look back to where lost in the depths of the valley between her breasts, pulled out a warm and charming velvet darkness ...
His head was spinning a little - now also with wine, coffee ran out.
"Now, I'll put you on the bed. Can I tie you?"
I glanced at you, immediately looked down again.
"Oh sure. You can do what you want..."
We stood up, you took my hand and led her into the bedroom. There again you embraced me and kissed for a few minutes, already gently stroking his back and buttocks. Then he stepped back, looked at me and ordered the ...
"Cover the mouth!"
Tu lipstick, which I so thoroughly inflicted an hour ago, you've already eaten. Again, I tint, perhaps even more challenging than before.
"I'd like to buy a tape. Wide monofilament tape!"
Feed me "accidentally" It proved. "Accidentally" she was very much in the tone mremu dress. You took the tape and cut it into four pieces. Then he laid me down on the bed. Tied one strip of tape to the foot of the bed at the head, you took my hand, threw up, to the head, and tied to the belt. So, not really ... I could, of course, it is easy to get out, if desired, but such a wish I had not. You have tried to depict on the tape rather fancy bow, it turned out great, but a little crooked.
Then you also tied his other hand, then the legs. It took some time, but by the end you have learned very well to tie pretty bows. Assessing what happened, you still come back to the first tape and bandaged it. Before you lay a woman tied to a bed, with wide spread arms and legs. My chest was heaving at breath, lips glistening in the dim light of a pair of lamps.
"Are you comfortable?"
"Yes"- I looked at you and smiled, but then he looked away again.
"And I probably will not be quite"- You said, looking thoughtfully at me. Have you imagined what you would be uncomfortable. You took an oblong pillow and began to slip under me.
"Raise your butt!" - You're trying to be rude - at least, when he thought about it. He slipped a pillow under my ass, but it was too soft, almost elevation did not happen. Did you think about it. I went into the hall and brought several thick books large format, some dictionaries and encyclopedias. Since this is my woman intellectual, we use just that you thought with a malicious grin. I immediately picked up the ass, and you put it under my four books by sliding a pillow under your back. My kind incited you to the bone. We had to calm down before the junction is still far away. You went for wine and glasses, gulped down almost full, then I asked ...
"Do you want some wine?"
I looked at you and smiled apologetically - wine I wanted to drink but could not. You poured me a glass, then he sat down beside him and, raising, as it turned out my head, I began to carefully drink from a glass. In the end, still a trickle ran away, ran off with the corner of her lips on his neck, and on the pillow. I was tickled, I laughed and pushed your hand - even more wine spilled on the chin and on the neck, on the chest. Smiling, you put the glass down and sat next to the bed, I began to gently kiss and lick the drops of wine. On the neck, a shoulder ... gently kissed her lips and lipstick to not eat the second time ... and you slowly got to my chest. Kissing breasts, you gently unzipped hidden behind three buttons - but the chest is not opened, was on the corset. However, you quickly found the zipper that ran up the middle of the belly - that this was the secret of quick and easy dressing - hooks and cords would require a lot of time and an army of assistants. corset bodice was velvety, very pleasant to the touch, which, of course, intensified pleasantness that this bodice supported. Fabric on the abdomen was very incomprehensible, more silk, but also velvety. Filming is not wanted, like iron and iron. Still, you finally unzipped, parted halves of shells - and could not resist. Immediately I dug a kiss on the nipple. Kneading the second breast, and kissed her, she kissed all gradually becoming insane. .. You woke up, walked away and poured more wine and started drinking slowly, looking at me.
"Expensive"- Voice turned husky - "thank you. I want you ... Are you comfortable?"
"Yes"- I smiled.
Putting the glass, you sat down at my feet and slowly lifted the dress from the waist up. First you enjoy the view of my legs in black opaque stockings, garters, and then matte leather strip, then panties and corset lace bottom. Of course, you as a kind of magnet pulled my legs wide apart. panties Triangle was dark transparent, tightly clung to my swollen labia, rather than something to hide how much teasing ... Triangle glistened with moisture in the dim light. You're glad that the testimony of the fact that our game and I like it - still before there was some vague feeling of doubt. You smiled at me and began to stroke triangle panties. I shivered, issued a light groan, and you felt like my whole body tense. You stroked my thighs and swollen bumps between his legs, touched the swollen nipples, running his fingers through the hollow between the labia ... I was moaning quite frankly, I tore to stretch your arms and lift your feet, but they were tied. You enjoyed teasing me, but then you remember - it's still rape. You have become rougher, and sharply squeezed my breasts, nipple bitten while squeezing what was covered by panties. I howled and jerked to the side, but you do not let go, and for some time still tormented me so rough caresses. Slide the panties, you repeatedly touched the tip of the clitoris language, to which I responded every time WinCE. And suddenly he took his lips and began to suck, but not gently, but strongly and passionately. Then you have stuck two fingers in my vagina and began to rotate them there. I sweat appeared on his forehead, under the panties were gone just wet - squelched, periodically throughout the body ran cramp ... I have not winced and howled ...
You easily figured out how to remove the panties - they were fastened on the buttons on both sides. You threw them away and no longer touching, began to look at me. Hair disheveled (I removed them from the face), unbuttoned, slightly crumpled dress, corset halves stick in hand to open the chest with large berries pink nipples, belly up to the bottom of the dress bullied ... and then shamelessly open crotch, swollen labia do not cover, but rather to emphasize the dark vaginal opening, framed by petals of the labia minora, and in which it seems you can already look pretty deep cum ... you gave me, and I kind of was waiting, calling, begging. What is particularly strongly emphasized my posture with inserted under the ass books.
The vagina has been disclosed, and how would the proposal "Use me!"
It was time to undress. You yourself have barely restrained passion in my head was pounding and turning, sometimes a shiver ran over his body. You went for the remnants of cold coffee, bitter drink a little sobered you, and you in the same way as before, gave me to drink a few sips. We've both calmed down a bit.
You took off his jacket, hung it on a coat hanger. Methodically, one after another, as if there was one, took off his shirt, pants, socks ... all neatly hung and laid. Left in shorts, you came to me. A member is not placed in shorts and the tip protruding from the top. You hesitated, and I have come to you for help.
"Let me kiss him ..." - And, turning his head to you, folded and stretched tube lip, as if trying to reach. His voice was hoarse.
You immediately threw panties, your stick is finally bursting into the light and waiting for further, even more pleasant events ranged up and down. You went to the bed, and brought the head to his lips. I took in the mouth only head began to tickle her tongue licking around. Actually, for a long time you would not survive. You made a few movements by introducing a member deeper and deeper, then stood over me on all fours and began to drive up and down his back. The testicles slapped me on the cheek. But here you see my legs apart - and you have everything swam before my eyes, you're almost finished. You literally jumped out of bed and started stroking my thighs and crotch wet.
"I want you ... to try ..."
"Oh sure. I also want to..."
You knelt between my legs and slowly introduced the head between her lips. Even just before the half. I was hot, even very hot. You introduced the head entirely. View - magnificent. You've realized that now everything is over, you could no longer delay and play you vorveshsya, fall to me and not smogesh, even briefly, to hold back ... again felt the satin of my vagina. Once again, I look at the form of my breasts - torn open and trusting. Going into me until the end, you have reached out and stroked her breasts, touching lightly. And here you are not restrained. Are you squeezed the breast, then the other, and began frenzied thrusts. I screamed, but you did not hear anything, and beat and beat, vsazhivaya cock deep as he could, trying to hammer themselves into me sprawled beneath you. ....... Then there was darkness ...