Two sides of the same coin. The second side

The man says that he has around the air only when it disappears.
Ernest Hemingway

What made me what would say to him, "Yes"? Lately, I often asking myself this question. No, Stas was of course prominent bride: secured, polite, courteous, and his appearance did not cause disgust; many of the girls were jealous of me, but ... But it was not my type, Stas was right, too right, led the "right" business, "properly" socialized with people, "properly" dressed. Its spread is correct and our relationship: first, he courted me correctly: restaurants, gifts, travel, and all this with absolutely correct behavior and "right" compliments, then was the right and proper wedding honeymoon. It creates a sense that he's an actor and is always in the way. No quarrels, no, screams, loonies and scandals - "Yes dear," "Of course, dear," "" I think it is better for us to do so. " We had an exemplary family. And exemplary sex: foreplay, romantic atmosphere, relaxing music, a huge bed with silk sheets, all because you need all the "right". Even he was part of me not rude, but not overly hesitant, namely as the need to ... Exemplary sex, exemplary orgasm ... create a sense that my life next to him held on what that scenario sugary melodrama .

I always wanted to feel close strong man's shoulder, to see in your partner harsh masculinity, brutality, to feel like a stone wall in the end. No, Stas course also solved all the problems, but ... then the intelligent, quietly, gently, politely ... RIGHT! Of course, I know that he loved me, but this love I was even more sick, he liked me as an eighth-grader older sister of a classmate. Shy, timid, to the contrary, gentle and romantic. He foresaw all my desire, sleep gifts and compliments, was sensitive to any of my words, tenderness and caring in his attitude to me would be enough for a dozen romantic fools, I felt like in a cocoon of cotton candy, and I wanted to cuddle.

Vlad broke into my life as suddenly. I met him in his office, he came to the meeting with my boss. Tall, muscular, strong-willed with a masculine face and a stern look, as if he was my girlish fantasies. He went through my body lazily appraising look like fat cats looking at vending their goods. In that day I was wearing a white shirt easy closely fitting my third the size of the chest and unbuttoned two buttons did not leave room for men's imagination; severe black skirt profitable stressed the ideal shape of my ass, wide band focused on my tummy flat and flexible waist.

Explore every corner of my eye the body, Vlad, what then grinned and walked her to the exit. Passing it gently but firmly pulled me to him by the arm and hugged one arm around the waist the other put his card in my breast pocket, not forgetting quite brazenly pat my chest - "Call!" Came to me his deep, husky voice, I felt on my neck his hot breath. Thus ended our first meeting.

All the remaining time was in the fight, I was torn between logical and justified desire to pull a business card that dork in the toilet and the subconscious desire to call right now, immediately! I was afraid to admit this even to herself, but I was excited rude behavior Vlad when he thriftily Fingered my body with his strong hands when ordered more than asked, "to call. "I could feel his hot breath and smell its perfume ... my traitorous body to excite! The papillae are swollen and hardened, and the abdomen spilled sweet languor. After returning home, I saw the painfully hateful picture - my hubby, with sugar cotton smile, gentle kisses and enthusiastic baby talk on the subject of what I had beauty and honey. The contrast between this slobbering - being enthusiastic - Stas and powerful man - Vlad, was striking. The funny thing is that all these attempts snotty my hubby did not cause any reviews of my body. I dared. Once Stas went to work with documents to his room, I closed the kitchen and dialed the number with a small:
- Yes, I'm listening. - I came in a tube confident voice of Vlad.
- Hello hello ... uh, it's Vic. - I mumbled, cursing himself.
- What is Vic?
- Well ... remember ... the office ...
- Ah ... So you named Vika. Today, the "Marseille" in ten. - Said a cut by hanging up the phone.
My heart pounding, thoughts were confused in my mind, I felt weak in the knees. Emotions were formed as in a kaleidoscope: fear, desire, shame, anxiety, a premonition of something that will ...

Prior to this meeting I was nervous like before the first long hovered in the mirror choosing attire - stopped on a black silk dress with an open back, it selects all the charm of my sport, toned figure, especially slender long legs. Underwear picked without special care, like a decent girl (Yeah, decent girl, found behind her husband) I was not going to give on a first date.
- I am a friend, I'll be late. - I threw her husband in the hallway and cringed awaiting questioning.
- Well, just call if delayed. Or for you to call? - Lord What a rag! I thought - another in his place would have long been jealous!
- No, do not worry, I'll get myself. - He said, and left the apartment.

Vlad was in the restaurant when I arrived. Available sprawled on a chair, he literally radiated confidence and authoritativeness, many of the girls in the audience glances tightened athletic frame, to the displeasure of his admirers.
- Why so long? - He said, demanding, without a shadow of a smile.
- Sorry. - And I could only squeeze, he simply overwhelming me with his charisma, beside him, I felt like a schoolgirl at the board.
Then we sat and chatted about all the nonsense about working in the office, on the movies, books ... I learned that Vlad is an advertising agent and works in a major company that has partnered with our editors. I told him about my life as I was in school, both involved in dance and swimming ... and breathlessly told that I have a husband in his turn. But in spite of my fears, he did not react to this information. When the evening came to an end, he, to my surprise, he said:
- Going to me - it was not a suggestion, it was a statement of fact, looking into his eyes, I realized that my opinion it is not a bit interested.

Like a rabbit in the jaws of a boa, I left him out of the restaurant and sat down a taxi. How did this happen? What happened to me? For I know this man just a few hours! Where are my pride and prudence? So I think as long as we were traveling with him in a taxi. But I knew the answers to these questions, they are the answers lay in my pulse, rapid breathing, overwhelmed me wish to appear every time I feel the his strong hands, each time feeling her breasts his powerful torso, every time when the open collar of his shirt bares mighty layers of muscle on his chest. All of this did not go to any comparison with the slender, though quite strong, the body of my husband.

Hardly entered the apartment, he threw himself at me, resolute jerk he tore off my clothes and began to knead my supple body with his muscular arms. In the beginning I tried to keep myself in hand, she tried to pull away from him and whispered, "Do not", "Not now," "Well, where ... no ... do not ...
"But at some point I just gave my instincts and my lover, I began to respond to his affection with greed, with all unrealized passion, I literally braided his powerful body with his hands and feet, and our lips have merged in a hot kiss. I do not remember how we got on the bed, I was without clothes, my lover, too, separating the arms of Vlad took me by the neck and drew his risen member. Before that I did not have much experience in oral sex, twice I was doing blowjob her boyfriend in his student years, and my husband and we did not practice at all, because he is in bed trying to do everything to please me, not vice versa. But now, I do not care about all of decency and eagerly pounced on the trunk of her lover, her inexperience, I compensated the enthusiasm to begin with, I walked her soft lips and tongue from the head to the testicles, covering all the kisses and the like should be moistened with saliva, then I swallowed head and I began to play with her his tongue, making a circular motion, sucking, licking a lollipop, massaging hole tip of his tongue ... But this was not enough to Vlad and clenched in a fist my hair on his head, he was just fucking me in the mouth! His cock almost the entire length entered into me, pulling up to the larynx and causing the urge to vomit, which I fortunately quickly handled, relaxed throat. A few minutes later he was made a member of the frictions faster snoshu my mouth, sticky saliva dripped onto the sheet, suddenly, I felt a hand on her pussy Vlad, who by this time is not just a humidified, and flowed. I felt a new sensation for themselves: his cock fucking my mouth, coupled with the stimulation of my slits his hand instilled in me the growing wave of pleasure, she grew and grew, until it reached its peak, but that is not enough for the realization of detente ... . The realization that I was a married woman, beautiful, with a sports figure, is now with all the passion is placed on a member of almost a stranger to me, yes! A wave of pleasure exploded thousands of splashes, there is nothing left except a member of my mouth and his hands fingering pussy lips and clitoris massaging my Kisochka. Sweet spasm brought my hot body, keeping at the top of bliss and let ...
Having experienced such a bright and unusual orgasm, I lashed out at her lover with all the passion, which was capable of. In a fit of gratitude I tried to swallow his cock as deeply as possible, furiously licking his tongue, his delicate hands I crumpling his buttocks, trying as far as the mouth can be planted on the trunk. My efforts were not in vain: in kakoy-to moment my lover grabbed my head with both hands and pulled her to his unit until it stops, so that my nose buried in his crotch - jet of sperm hit my throat, it was so much that I coughed, feeling a little of the liquid leaked out of my nose. As we fell exhausted into bed. I felt like a swim after a hundred meters - the same tired and wet, though not from water and sweat, secretions, saliva and semen. But I did not when I was not so happy.
- Thank you, it was very cool - I said a hoarse voice from the strain.
- Do you think I care about your feelings? This is only the beginning! - Vlad said flatly.

Grabbing my legs he pulled them on the floor and put me on my knees, so that my body was left lying on the bed and her feet and pussy were at his disposal. He began to pull at my expiring, sweaty girl, pushing her fingers labia, pinching the clitoris, sometimes shallowly penetrated his finger in the hole. I just come from the desire, unable to endure this torture. Twice I tried to get up from our bed, but was stopped by his hand on my back, pressing me back. All I had this desperate wag popochkoy trying to spread on his finger. I was mad with lust and desire to feel in my pussy his cock: "Come on," "Insert!" "Fuck me!". But the torture did not stop, I felt like my juices running down the legs, I was extremely excited, I would like a member of the latter nympho like voluptuous cat.
- Tell me! Tell me! - Vlad shouted, without ceasing to mock at my vagina.
- I'm a bitch! Insert me, darling! Love you! Hochuuuuu!
Yes! His cock like a column of soldiers fallen in the gates of the fortress burst in my bosom. With my lips broke a resounding throaty moan. I shook furious orgasm dented my consciousness as rice paper, a wave of mad happiness and pleasure. I was drowning in the waves of excitement and joy, I lost track of time, in my head exploding fireworks, the reality has ceased to exist for me.

In this world I returned to strong aftershocks and a feeling of fullness inside. Vlad gripped my waist with his strong hands, as if in a vice and a furious pace polzoval my pussy like a rubber vagina, not caring about my pleasure. I felt every millimeter of his trunk in itself, my vagina wall tightly hugged his unit, and I hope to give him pleasure. I waited, my dream come true, mighty, powerful man of my fantasies are here skewer and my young, lithe body on his cock. I do not care that I'm married, do not care about all the conventions and sanctimonious morality, there is only a member of fuck me, is his powerful arms and torso ... everything else is dust ... Suddenly, the speed and power of frictions increased sharply, hit his pelvis literally threw my miniature body jerks moans escaped from my chest. Vlad snarled, turned my quilt after two powerful orgasms to his body, and ended up at me. Hot, thick jet of sperm hit in my neat little face, my chest and stomach.

Already approaching his house, I remembered the end of the evening with Vlad: coming out of the bathroom I found all their belongings piled in the hallway, my lover stood leaning against the wall.
- Get dressed and Wali, I want to - call, your phone I have. - Rough he gave.
- Good - I could only say I am, but I wanted to add a "Call a must!"
Under his watchful eye, literally devouring my body, I got dressed and went out. The taxi was waiting for me.

I went up the stairs - open the door and mentally cursed himself for this evening, for his weakness, for this madness seized me. How could I change my Stas? As the last slut! Prepare for hard spacing from her husband, I prepare for the worst, because my body clear signs of infidelity: disheveled hair, bruises on her waist and thighs, wrinkled clothes ... I walk into the corridor. In her husband's room lights on - and there he is sitting and digging in the digital pieces of paper! His wife was hanging around the middle of nowhere, during the second half of the night! His wife is sleeping with the men, and this rag though that!
- About Vikus already returned? I'm sorry, I then need to work with documents. You go lie down, and I'm here until the morning apparently! - Smiling at my husband to me.

It's ... just ... no words. Calm like a tank, I did not even look at me! Yes, it is still where I am and what happened to me! Schmuck! Rag! Beskhrebetnik. Yes, if Vlad was my husband, I'm sure he would have himself did not lead ...

On this evening I began to constantly meet with her lover. Every such meeting I've been waiting a miracle that snatch me out of this cocoon of cotton candy that tear me away from this rags - husband. From its sugary smiles from his hateful care and tenderness. Stas became completely uninteresting to me in the bed, just a prelude brings me sleepy, I missed the rough Vlad trachea, in his harsh indifference, on the hard blow, I had finished only when remembered one night with her lover. Our meeting with him always occur on his initiative, simply because he did not care for my needs, but if he wanted to ... well, I have accepted the rules of the game. I get turned on the idea that I actually owns such a strong male, I get a huge thrill to satisfy him.
I loved Vlad? More likely no than yes. I just ran to his power, danger and authoritativeness, like a moth drawn to fire. It has been a joy to realize that my perfect body is just a tool for delivering Vlad pleasure. Over time, our relationship became more crudely, he just called me, I came he used me as a wanted and how many wanted to, but then his business, "Get out." And I went, there was a happy - silly smile on his face, weakening from multiple orgasms, go home, to my chmoshnik - hubby. I knew that there would be no interviews and scandals, and even more battering, Stasik, apparently, was this simply can not. In recent years, I could not look at him without contempt, as I would say "Yes" to this beskhrebetniku? He worked "did not notice" the night of my absences, phone calls, my state, when he returned home from business trips, and I dropped from exhaustion after sex - marathon with Vlad, who was on our marital bed!
One evening with my lover, I like porn actress moaning beneath him, already received one bright orgasm, suddenly felt the head of his cock rests on my anus. There I was still a girl.
- No, no, do not, Vlad! - I protested.
- Bitch! - He cried out and grabbed me by the hair - Are you still not understand? I do not care about your desires and protests, you are to me just a bitch! Whore! Spermopriemnik! And I'm going to fuck you as I want!
I choked on my feelings pereponyayuschih lust, resentment, pain, fear. This wild cocktail brought my enjoyment to a new level. Yes! All points of the i apart! I'm his thing! Meanwhile, a member of Vlad overcome the resistance of the sphincter entered my ass and began to make slow frictions, each time increasing the depth of occurrence. Burning pain and feeling stretched, pleasant filling, I quickly got used to it and even began to receive from them a perverse pleasure. As "obzhivshis" in my hole his trunk began to walk around with his usual speed, his groin slapping loudly on my buttocks. I moaned from my overflowing emotions, from a member of Drilling my insides. For the first time they took me without my desire, contrary to my opinion! The realization that I'm just a thing, excited to the limit!
- Yes! Yes! Tear me! I'm yours! I'm a whore! I'm a bitch! Oh! A! Yes! Sir, fuck me! - I screamed loudly.
- Bitch! Mouth! - I quickly realized that I have to do and eagerly pounced on his cock his mouth.
Its trunk, having been in my ass, had a pungent smell. What a humiliation, sucking dick after anal sex! This excited me even more. I'm swallowing the trunk over the entire length (impact workout) while masturbate the clitoris and massaging her breasts. Apparently fuck my tight virgin popchki perevozbudilsya Vlad - he quickly finished in my mouth. And I habitually swallowed every drop and licked like a contented cat.
- On today, wali! - Vlad said indifferently.
So our relations have reached a new level. In my life there was a certainty: I have his thing - he's my master.

Once Vlad called me:
- Well, bitch, it's time to solve the problem with your husband.
- What? Stas? I ... - for such an eventuality, I was not ready.
- Yes, I'm tired of sharing you with this wimp, it's time to trample in the mud to know their place.
His words echoed in my mind. In fact, I have long dreamed about it that my husband sees a rag Vlad - my lord. I wanted to see tears in the eyes of Stas (and what else he can do?), Wanted to see how he would be humiliated in front of my whine standing Vlad. My lover is absolutely right, it is necessary to show that only a real man can own me.
- When your chmoshnik leaving for another trip?
- The day after tomorrow, like.
- Well, get ready and drive to me.

These two days I spent at Vlad, they were filled with sex and passion. His cell phone, I switched off. Only once Stas allowing to reach me:
- Vikulya, where are you? I was about to go look for you. - Came the bleating of his tube. Lord, what a rag! How could I live with that skinny intelligentishkoy three years?
- At the girlfriend. - Contempt I squeezed into the phone, but actually wanted to say, "None of your business, schmuck!"
All week, I do not climbs out of bed with Vlad, I was his toy a bed and I was completely satisfied with this role. I gave him every cell of your body. He is my master - I'm his bitch. Understanding this has made in my life.

Well, that day came. Vldaom We went to my house, I bashed easy jitters, anticipation of a welcome sight - the humiliation of my hubby. An hour before the arrival of Stas we sat in the kitchen and drinking wine.
- Do not you feel sorry for your husband? - Vlad asked suddenly.
- No, everything is as it should be. - I said sincerely.
- Ha, ha, ha ... A real whores - smiled my lord. - Well? This whiner come in half an hour. It's time to bed, bitch.

We eagerly tore each other's clothes. Vlad lay on my stomach, and I was sitting on his buttocks made him a massage. I kneaded her arms around his powerful flesh baldeya the feeling of a strong male body sagged, pulling out his chest to his back, my nipples gently glided over my muscles, and then a slight tremor passed through them. This massage is equally excited both of us. Excited we went into the next phase. He took me in his strong arms and threw on the bed - leaned on the top and without preludes drove into my pussy his cock. That's what I like, but Vlad anyway. He asked to go fast paced, will drive his trunk in my girl with the speed of the sewing machine. Feeling rough intrusion into my bosom, powerful thrusts of his camp, forcing tremble every muscle of my fragile body, which has become a supplement to the vagina, bring me up to the peak of pleasure. After ten minutes of frantic fucked at this pace, my master decided to change his position.
- Bitch! Pose! - Bringing this to my team Vlad.

I already knew what to do, I got up on all fours, arched back, jutting his ass invitingly on a meeting of its members. My lover did not wait long. Decisive blow he planted my hole on his penis. Grabbing me by the waist with force, he planted in my anus his unit. The tremors have increased significantly and I could not stay on all fours - grabbed hold of the back of the bed, and gave herself up to the man. Yes! Now come and see my husband, that I was strictly a real man. I want to see the face of Stas at that moment, seeing his confusion, humiliation, resentment. I want to see it trampled by the feet of my lord! These thoughts flashed through my mind the wave of desire and passion, all my feelings have increased many times over. I felt like a member of Vlad walks inside me, as it stretches the walls of the anus to fill all of me without a trace. I could not hold back any longer and caved in the whole body came, accompanied by a growl of my master and his moans. Vlad was also close to the finale.
- Bitch! Work mouth! - Once again sounded his team.

Not until the end moved away from orgasm I immediately leaned his mouth to meet his flushed trunk and received a strong slap in the face.
- Bitch, you need to answer when you ordered the owner? - Angrily I asked my lover.
- It is necessary to answer "Yes, master." Sorry, boss. - I sincerely repented, angry at himself for not having landed his man.

Two slaps knocked the tears from my eyes. Tears flowed down her cheeks leaving a track of mascara.
- So it is best blyadina. What became? Mouth work, spermopriemnik! - He praised me for my boss.

Crouching mouth to the penis, I started with all the tenderness of his caress his tongue, trying to please his host. But it did not last long. Suddenly, Vlad threw my head and got out of bed. He rose to his full height and powerful I could not help admiring his perfect male body. I chmoshny my husband was standing in front of him. I experienced a keen sense of disgust at him: slender body in a suit, weak-willed chin, dull eyes like a calf ... br ... nothingness! Now a real man will show you your place! Meanwhile Stasik seems numb with fear, he stared into the void and did not react to Vlad's words:
- Well, hello, Stas - fag, huh, your good little wife slut bother his working pussy, I like it, but you do not. Have you and the girl become a point you designed your little wife will be on a pair of slut to work. What I am silent, scared? Oh well...

Vlad addressed to my husband, words full of humiliation and brutal force, initiated me better than any preliminaries, I literally burned all the desire to surrender to the male. My pussy was flowing and I reached for her hand, so that even as it relieve tension ... But what is it? What?! How?!

Vlad reached out his hand to being in a stupor Stas - and the next moment reeled from the blow to the face - even an instant and the two quickly hit knocked MY gopodin! I refused to believe my eyes, my cozy little world crumbled like a house of cards. Things seemed unshakable ceased to be. VLAD lay at the feet of Stas! Predator and prey are reversed. Masks cleared, and I saw a wolf in sheep's clothing, and a sheep in wolf's. Vlad, who a moment ago embodied the virility and strength are now lying in curled in the fetal position, whimpering in pain. And the one I had recently felt cloth and spineless worm is now deciding his fate.
- The truth hurt? Come on, get up, do not cry. - There was a calm and confident voice, "rags", in which the voice rustled steel.

Immediately followed by a kick to the face Vlad, causing him to whine abjectly and pinching his nose broken hands. I'm in shock remembered that represented as Vlad vtopchet Stas into the ground, and it's like ...
- Do not touch it! - I ran to Stas, in an attempt to defend not so much Vlad as his understanding of the world, in an effort to get things back on the usual orbit.
- Sit still, bitch! - I hear the voice of Stas, who already is not the same Stas I knew. Suddenly, strong hands throw me into a corner like nashkodivshego kitten. But I do not give up, whole body rushes to her husband, in a desperate attempt ... But he grabbed me by the hair and puts his head on the door. The world swam for a few seconds before my eyes, I still managed to see both bent legs Vlad, who pretended man runs out into the corridor - for it pops up Stas but returned alone. We stayed alone with him.

I looked at his face and did not recognize his Stas: all the features sharpened, became prey ... which veal eyes, what are you? two blades of sharpened steel is now looking at me.
- Whore decided to stay, honey? - His calm, cold voice, with hissing notes clutching my pounding heart icy claws of fear. This voice was not feigned fury nor ostentatious brutality, perhaps it is a voice of sinners in hell distribute Boiler, I thought.

He slowly advanced on me in his smooth movements viewed predatory grace. Stas stood in front of me. I was in a semiconscious state, for a moment, I even thought of his lips flashed fangs, and the pupils become vertical. I was never was close to die from fear. The difference between Vlad, who tried to appear strong and dangerous, and Stas, who as it turned out this was in fact, was a diligent and between the swimmer and trained dolphin.

Authoritativeness and strength were also natural for my husband as air, how could I not notice this before, you fool! He was looking for someone I was always there with me!

Approaching close to me Stas grabbed my chin with his hand and looked into my eyes. I suddenly understood clearly that my life is now the envy of the will of this man - if he wanted it, and I'm gone. It was the feeling of a puppet with cut strings feeling of absolute helplessness, and at the same time absolute freedom, absolute happiness ...? Yes, life had I felt like, at that moment I was completely happy. I am acutely aware that the whole life is looking for it, my only, so close and distant at the same time. Master of my life, a predator with eyes the color of steel.
- Stasik, forgive me, I'll explain everything - I spoke tenderly, not even trying to escape from the iron grip it only by putting his hands on his chest.
- Abomination. Not interested. You have three minutes to leave our apartment and my life. Do not have time - break your arms and legs and throw on the track. - In the same cold voice murmured my husband. It was not a threat, it was a warning, I realized with horror. He looked at me the way people look at the crushed corpse of a dog on the roadside - a ton of disgust with a drop of pity. This sight made me sick, hurt by the fact that looking at me like a loved one.

Grabbing the first available thing I ran out of the apartment, he dressed already on the stairs. Even sitting in a taxi, heading to my friend, I realized that my life had never been so clearly defined. All I wanted to - it to be his, to be again with Stas. Where were my eyes ?! As I had not noticed it? How could I receive love and trust for weakness? I cursed myself at that moment, scolded last words. And meanwhile, I was born in the confidence and determination - I'll do, I'll be with him that I would at any cost.

P. S.
This is my second story in a series. If you were not clear some points, I advise you to reread the first part of the "Users". Still waiting for your advice, reviews and comments. Write how you see the development of the story, and you see this development in general. If you have other interesting ideas, the beginnings of the story or topic that you might like to see in my stories, you can send me a letter.

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