First steps. Part 2

The trip to the city, I decided not to pigeonhole, and the next day, Aunt Vera said that I would go home to the other's birthday, I went to stop. The city had to go thirty minutes, and I thought all the way how to buy condoms. Well, what the saleswoman sell me thirteen kid, these remedies are not the same air balloons pokupayu.- And what are you doing it here? - This was the first question my older sister Amy when she opened the door to our room it was kvartiry.Iz hear the music, and somebody very loudly telling some funny story, from which the walls "shaking" by hohota.- Yes, I forgot to bring your laptop and still something in detail. And you, what kind of partying going on here in my absence? - I said jokingly of his father, when he scolded us for something nibud.- the institute I went, and that's decided to gather friends while their parents are in the country. Hand wash and tested us - sing with dorogi.Za table sat an old friend Sveta, I was familiar with them for a long time, and my appearance did not violate their fun. I was put to the marina, a little plump, but cheerful girl. With it, I tied a very friendly relationship, and if not for the difference in our ages, I think the relationship we would have been much closer. I poured into a glass of wine and made a toast to say. I wished success to his sister in school and drank wine before bed. After the third glass, I felt a slight intoxication, and took Marina's hand, asked her to slow dance, everyone else followed us, someone turned off the lights, and we danced in the dark. My partner on the dance wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me as close as you can, my hand obeying some male instinct, themselves slipped from her waist to the curvy buttocks, which moved to the beat tantsa.Vse were drunk and circled pairs, ignoring each on the other any attention. My palms felt through the thin fabric skirt delicate skin Marina priests, I wanted to crawl under her clothes, and explore every corner of this beautiful tela.- Come to my room - I said to her in a whisper, leaning close to uhu.- Well, let's go - she giggled back at me, and went to my first spalnyu.Moya room was on the second floor of our apartment, but to us someone accidentally did not stop, I locked the door. Marina turned off the light and went to oknu.- Turn on any music channel - asked ona.Televizor was almost beside the bed, and a bright flash lit up by video clips of my beautiful body podruzhki.Mne never liked thin girls and plump Marina was just in my taste. I walked up behind her and began to feel that shamelessly drunk supple girl. With one hand I crawled under a T-shirt, and the other ran into her panties. Between the legs it was very wet and slippery, and I immediately thought of Nastya, in that there was always dry, so I used the cream when touched her at night. I started to drive a finger between the labia and clit fingering, he began to encourage him in a circular motion, as described in the books about sex. With the other hand, I lightly squeezed turns nipples on the breasts, my partner began to make her ass rubbed on my pants sticking out through the penis, and a little audible moans flew from her lips. The pleasant scent of her perfume mixed with the smell of the female body intoxicate my head, I could barely restrain myself not to tear her clothes. She turned to me before and snapped her lips to mine, giving me my first real kiss of life, making my legs buckled and we lay down on the bed. During our long kiss, we tried to remove each other's clothes, which turned out we did not very much, and we had to wriggle like snakes. Three minutes later, we were naked to the waist: dressed up, and the bottom snyat.Skvoz noise in my head before I barely heard the instructions that I gave Marina. From all this I only realized that before you come, I have to take out her term, so that it accidentally flew. I dutifully shook his head and took off his outer clothing, and her. She sat on top of me and deftly directed my penis to her vagina. He dived, without feeling any obstacles, and I do not hope that Marina will "girl". She started wagging her hips back and forth then, why my dick then climbs deeper, then went back. By increasing the rate of movements, she began to moan louder and louder, her breasts hanging out in different directions, my cock and balls were wet from the juice, which is released from it. And she pierced her body spasm, his head thrown back and her lips fell off the roar of a wild beast. I realized that she cums, and quickened their movements coming to it all glubzhe.- Faster, come on, darling, come on - she whispered in a sne.Moy orgasm duty to wait was not long, I turned sharply to the side, making my partner I was under me and took out his penis. I began stroking his hand, and semen splattered on a sweaty belly Marina, she started rubbing her hands as if rubbing cream tela.Ya worn out lay down beside her, his head resting on her ample bosom. She ran her hand over my stomach and stroked my fallen chlen.- And you're done, I do not think you can do it. Confess, it was the first time or not? And I told her the story about Nastya as she caressed my cock, taking with her the promise to keep this secret. Marina and sometimes shared secrets, and never broke a promise to each data drugu.- Still, I was with you the first woman, and I hope you like it - I am very happy that the first sex was you gave me. And though I can not compare to anyone, I will tell you that you are very catchy girl. Your moans are still in my ears, the smell of your business makes me unknown until now, the desire of man to woman. I want to go back with you seksom.- Let's go to the bath, and then continue, - said Marina and throwing one sheet for two, we trotted into the bath. The proximity of the female body I was very excited, why dick started to rise in a working condition and my companion felt it when he leaned into her thigh. - Oh, you naughty We stood under the shower, I soaped washcloth and began to rub the girl's body soap, foam fluffy crumbs fell on the skin and gently trickled down, stopping only on the breasts and hair, which Curly pubic my Marinochka. She stood, stretching his arms upward, and directed my steps "Lather here and there, rub".- And now wash my back and ass - and she turned back to me and a little bent, hands in uperevshis vanny.Ya edge soaped her back and washed with water and then took up her ass. Hands without washcloths I started to drive a piece of soap on her buttocks, gradually reaching its holes, I soaped and there. Index finger, I began to probe the entrance to the ass hole was narrow and elastic, but I slowly brought his finger to get through the soap. Marina bent and zastonala.- Do not hurry, I'm there yet "girl"- She whispered through stony.Ya poured himself a member to shower gel and put it to the entrance of the priests. The anus is under the influence of the gel gradually began to move aside and absorb my trunk himself. I decided to enter a sharp push fully into the hole, making Marina screamed in pain and yanked my dick naruzhu.- ... I'm not ready for this, let's try another time. Just do not be offended, I really hurt - with these words she came closer to me and started kissing me on the lips, then neck, chest, hands zhivot.Nezhno taking my cock, she washed it with gel residues and hugged her plump lips. A wave of desire caught me and carried into the ocean of love passion. "What a wonderful world" - A line from the song swirled in my head, and when in this world there is also sex, he becomes happy, and you know that you live not in vain !!! After I had finished, we quickly rinsed again, and went back to my room. Replacing linens on the bed, we climbed into bed and talked a long time, until he gradually cut and not asleep. Waking up is closer to the dinner, I discovered that Marina had already gone, and, taking a bath, I went downstairs to the kitchen. On the table was a note:"Brother, parents left you three thousand rubles, take them in the chest, and Marina brought a little box, he said it was for you personally".On The table was packed in red paper with a bow, box. I took it and went upstairs to my room, wondering what a surprise prepared for me Marinochka. After unpacking it, I found inside a few packs of condoms, lubricant for vaginal tube and audiocassette. I put it in stereo: a room filled nice slow music, and the voice sounded Marina:"Vova, you are so fast asleep that I did not want to wake you up and left without saying goodbye. The contents of the box is designed for you with Nastya, use according to the instructions. When you're deprived of her virginity, then do not use a condom, just smazh her vagina cream, and it will protect you from pregnancy and Nastya will not hurt much. In the inside for the first time does not end better and remember about responsibility before Nastya, not every girl her age would agree to that. I also do not forget, call my cell phone, I'll wait for our meeting. Kisses! your Marina".Da Such gifts from her, I did not expect a problem with "fuses" has been solved, and gathered my things, I went way back to the village to his sestrenke.Prodolzhenie follows to write reviews [email protected]