Girls gentle behavior

It's funny ... I sometimes find myself thinking that every day people do some similar things, but for each of us the meaning of these things are completely different. If you inhabit Moscow, someday surely walked on Mantulinskaya, Smolensk, Yakimanka, or at least were there ... Maybe these streets have even linked some memories ... But it is unlikely they are as dear to your heart as my ... no, I have not spent his childhood here, and my first love lived in a completely different area, in fact, I have never admired the beauty of these places. I do not even know if they have it in principle ...
However, I tried to get out there at least once a month. When the money or spiritual impulse. I never looked around, except that sometimes looked askance at the signs indicating the street. For example, I knew that walking the path along the 1905, passing street Kostikova and Shmitovsky, and turn right on Mantulinskaya find myself at a crossroads. That was enough. What is left is a forest belt, I saw only occasionally, when a passer-by suddenly called me and asked what time it was. I always went there in some thought, thrill, and back, as if on wings. And if one of these things suddenly came the end of the world, believe me, I probably would not have noticed it.
You probably can not wait to see where I was going. However, I do not doubt that some, and so guessed. Stash, a brothel, a brothel, it seems, that such names flashed in the criminal chronicle, and break away from the mouth of the moralists. Let it be so. I always called these places abode. And I beg you, do not twist their mouths, and frown. Forget about morality even now, alone, when there is no any friends or relatives or just random counter, which is always so nice to gossip about the weather and the fall of morals.
They say the theater begins with a hanger, but my abode began with a phone call and a pleasant female voice, usually with a Ukrainian accent.
- Oh, it's you again, hello!
- I'll be there in thirty minutes, okay?
- Of course, we are waiting for you, kitten ...
And it's true, waiting. Always. Anytime. Drunk and sober, depressive and joyful, tired and rested .... Do you know a place where you are always waiting for? Of course, the family. It is foolish to argue so I will not. However, the family - it's not only the happy smiles and hugs, it is sometimes a problem. Solved Sometimes, sometimes not very successfully. And there were no problems ever.
"We are waiting for you, kitten" - then I do not even think about the money. You, too, can hardly think of them as being deceived some beauty, calling her to the movies, a restaurant or theater, give gifts and flowers. Only you the road to the bed is through bartering, I have the same question was decided by the usual cash. And who said that my way is worse?
Ah, yes, the beauty of courtship, flirting ... I do not know about you, but personally I found it all a waste of time. Today, it will allow you to take yourself by the hand, elbow for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow will give the first kiss ... And certainly broken, eyes shoot out of it ass, beg a million compliments its deep soul and a couple of expensive gifts, and only then .... However, some prefer a different tack, feeling comfortable in the role of an innocent lamb. And by gifts dismiss, and svidanki not go - waiting for the prince on a white horse or some absolutely unexpected assaults of their bastion. And because many of the men on this pecking even though they visited Mantulinskaya, Smolensk or Yakimanka only once - to themselves laughed at his stupidity and narcissistic vertihvostok left holding the bag.
When I crossed the threshold of the monastery, I was always greeted with a smile, and then escorted to the spare room and offered a generous selection of drinks. But I never did not order - at first feared that podsyplyut clonidine, then just out of habit. Was I one more fear - nauskat journalistic tales for some reason I thought that while I was in the shower or something else distracted, she is sure to climb into my pocket and pulled all the cash. So I hid the wallet is usually far away and always check its contents before leaving. However, my mistrust melted quickly - here valued customers and not allow themselves to theft. Anyway, to me like it never happened.
I must say that I visited the monastery not even for the sake of sex, and to overcome the emotional hunger, to escape from the dullness. What could be nicer than just a taste of the forbidden fruit, and to penetrate into the very core, where even the walls breathe a passion, a vice mystery. I've always been curious to know how would behaved moralist, if he were in my place? Edakii bespectacled professor sagely broadcasting of morality and laws. What would he say if he came to his bed seven or eight beautiful women in underwear alone, and he could take any, not even one if you want? Crouching, he would squeamish grimace or admiration opened his mouth, from which would flow sensual, lustful Slyunkov? Alas, I know this is probably not destined, - I trembled myself.
I felt like the master of souls, all-powerful emperor. In fact, all these girls belonged to me and I decide with whom one evening, and whom to send home. Let only the here and now, if only for a moment - it does not matter. What is important is the episode, the fact that power, no matter how ephemeral it is. Equally delightful feeling I experienced only here, in their abode, and nowhere else. I could deliberately careless wave your hand and say - "This", he could touch any of them, or, it is important to pout, to march along a row of half-naked girls, as the owner of the slave market, meticulously selecting the best, the most worthy. But I never did. Feel yourself in the soul of the lord seemed to me enough and I did not see the need to humiliate human dignity. So I just came to the one that I liked, and took her hand. And then we were alone.
Someone may object, which, they say, have the dignity of a prostitute? The same as everyone else - I'll tell you. Of course, I will not embellish the picture - there are all sorts: shabby, drooping and indifferent to everything. But there are in decent not many salons. Most of the girls in my retreat were no different from other people and believe me, if you had met them on the street, you would never guess what they are doing. You might even have fallen in love with one of them at a glance, and invited on a date. And someone might even have agreed.
I was pleased and well in my abode. With these lovely Khokhlushka, Belorusochka, Moldavian, Russian girls from glubinok. They do not pose as smart as Moscow fify not sprinkled with quotations from Mayakovsky and Mandelstam, not trying to impress sophisticated hairstyle or a ton of makeup. She did not even use, so as not to compromise the client's married and does not leave traces on his body or clothes. They bribed its simplicity, many could speak on any vital topics, not just mindlessly sleep. It's funny, but after the "Pretty Woman" with Julia Roberts appeared in many stereotype that prostitutes do not kiss on the lips. They kiss, and even as the truth, not all. But first they will never touch your lips - many customers are squeamish and do not tolerate such treatment.
Different destinies, different characters ... Of course, they were here not a good life, but whether or not to condemn them? What are they worse than Moscow ladies, meticulously recording the lecture at the institute's bench and then burns the youth discos? What are they worse than these fashionable dressed, prideful FiF, claiming to be the inaccessibility and sophistication? Maybe the fact that they did not have rich parents or the fact that they were not lucky to be born in Moscow? Or the fact that God has not rewarded them with a piercing character and talents? Deprived child born ... in dysfunctional families, flown by nonsense and forced to single-handedly keep the baby ... There are many stories. But they do not understand filthy profursetkam sold for barter rather than cash and a moralist, a professor with a stack of condemning arguments. They do not understand what the police Saturday, perverts who love to put out the cigarette on the delicate maiden skin every shelupon, which is not on whom to vent anger ...
I am far from thinking that they enjoy their work, although many men and teshut themselves such illusions. However, in their simulated moans it was much more sincere than the pampered comfort of Snow White. The girls in my abode is not just selling your body. They were able to comfort her, when they saw your pain, they were able to listen to when you want to talk. And this despite the fact that they fully own problems. And this despite the fact that not even receive half of the money that you pay "mamma", but much less.
Mantulinskaya, Smolensk and Yakimanka ... After visits to these places, I could not even look at ordinary women. Against the background of experienced, open-minded they seemed clumsy fairies Vosmiklassnica with high self-esteem. Yes, my fairy is not sprinkled with quotations from Mayakovsky and Mandelstam not played inaccessibility and not pose as touchy, but it gave a wonderful mood for the rest of the day and fills the soul with some wonderful, genuine light ...
Alexander Andrianov