My sex life

After I lost my virginity tried anal sex not only with a gentle but rough and partner I could not imagine myself without sex with men as a liability. After large penises Kirill and Oleg my butt has become very sensitive, and I keep getting crazy orgasms from anal the cork, then the vibrator. Sometimes lying down at night, I started poking fingers in the ass and massaged themselves. I like to wear lingerie, paint sponges, shaving ass and legs. Fucking my ass I often imagined that Cyril is Oleg.
Fucking ass clock I always dreamed of my men. But Kirill I could not find Oleg and his manners of the area and a huge dildo makes me fear. I was afraid to call him, but really wanted to ottapetil from me in the ass again. But I already knew where to find her lover, and decided to bring in his own bed the new guy. I sent a profile on a dating website (the same where I wrote Oleg). As always, I was sent a lot of letters (many willing otrahat my ass)) I chose the one candidate and agreed to meet him. Sometimes I wondered how many gay people live in our city.
It is hard to imagine that when the Soviet Union men could be so free to love each other, but now, we can negotiate about dating sites, dating to gay clubs, buy different toys in sex shops. Even the doctors say it's okay. So I no longer felt some of the complex and really aware of herself Woman more than man. I do not how much embarrassing. My new beau named Artyom.
We agreed to meet in the sports bar and drink beer. This bar was just outside my house. An hour before going to my new man, I as always shaved legs, ass, tits. Promo ass three times, wore black panties tango. Spread a bed, put on the nightstand anal lubricant, condoms (although I prefer sex without them. Polly, you know, still feels when it gets hard male with veins and convex head), so I had prepared my "happy panties" and makeup. Everything was ready. I went to a sports bar. There I saw Artem. He was a tall man of about my age, muscular, clean-shaven, with a very cute ass. (I have long been began to look at the charms of men). We talked, drank beer. Hops began to do their job and I wanted to hurry Tema entered into me.
We went to my house and upon entering, he pinched my ass. I loved it. Then we kissed and he caressed my lips and hands kneaded her ass and boobs. Then we undressed, I saw that the priest had been smooth as mine. there was no body hair. He patted my ass and stuck one finger in it. I just groaned and said:
-oo ... well, probably the hare ... it is waiting for a long time when you protknžsh it.
-So it is your dozhdalas- he said, and laid me on the bed. Then I asked to go to the toilet and there put on a happy little white panties, nakrasili sponge and once again anointed ass. As soon as I arrived, he greeted me with enthusiasm and a big penis that he was very handsome. I wanted to suck it but he just put me on his back and began to slowly enter. Ass slightly squished but missed the penis safely. Then he began to fuck me, stroking my hair and kissing her on the lips. I enjoyed it with a smile "perfect" member in his bosom. Hands, I stroked his legs and ass, they were smooth and without any hair, like mine. He continued to have me and his penis gently but deeply pierced me and I am very liked.
Yes, Tema was handsome, which wanted more and more. Then he turned and started my cancer as calm and cool to fuck. I podmahivat him and savored the moment. Penis again penetrated very deeply, and I was looking forward to a cool orgasm. Tema began to accelerate sharply to him and I podmahivat. And suddenly, as it always happens ass frantically start to shrink and at the bottom of a strange warmth. From my penis I poured semen and realized that I was in paradise. Thread some more fuck me and discharged me in the ass. Then I still wanted to suck him and licked the sperm from the penis slowly began to milk his cock mouth. But he surprised me, he turned to my penis and began to suck, too. So, we were in a 69 position and sucked each other I was 7 heaven.
I could suck and suck me. We finished almost simultaneously. We licked each other and then took a shower. Tema thanked me for a wonderful sex, kissing (not that this snapper Oleg) and saying " I think we'll meet again, I have plans for your hole Saturday" gone. I was absolutely udovletvoržn.Promyv ass of sperm I thought again thrust into it but then something in my head spun thought. .a I can still have sex with a woman? I replayed in my head all the things that happened to me during this 2 weeks. Members flying in front of me, but I did not lose interest in the pussy and tits. I decided to go to the doctor Selivanov ..
to be continued...