The story happened to me recently .... Before our house, across the street was a private hairdresser, haircut I'm there quite often and the interior was nice. I went there one Sunday. Hairdresser was very well dressed she was about 25-27. She remembered I asked, I did not cut her or not. I replied that haircut.
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Shearing began, we chatted about this and that"who lives where, where to study". While she will assume her name Natalia has done his job, I was staring at her cleavage. Hmmm how I would like it then I fuck my cock was ready to enter into it. I looked at her breasts that did not even notice how it fuses me that I was staring at her breasts.

She asked me to like her boobs or not, I do not know what to say red as a tomato. I started to say that looking at the poster that hung in the mirror, but she did not believe that I said somewhere 10 minutes looking at her cleavage. After she closed the door and closing windows, came to me to see that my horse is ready to fight back and she climbed slightly podrachivat start after a while she began to suck my cock. Oh, how it was good.

Oral she did me somewhere swallowing about 10 minutes for the most eggs. After I began to kiss her boobs she moaned, and I was pleased to lick her breasts and sucked her nipples, licking Natalia I went down to her clitoris. I began to lick her vagina she moaned the whole salon I thrust tongue into her pussy deeper and deeper in a few minutes Natalia finished.

After I put her cancer and began to fuck her in the ass she moaned shrilly. Popa was she just super. After a few minutes, put it on the floor I began to fuck in pussy Natalia, I began slowly and with each passing minute increased the tempo. We fucked in different poses. After a while I realized that it was over and warned.

Pulling his dick out of her pussy. She began to suck my dick increasing the pace after a while I came inside her mouth. She drank all my cum. We lay exhausted. Natalia said that she liked it and added that it is necessary to repeat. Well, I agreed. We kissed, we showered, she continued to work, I went home. After I used it looked.