- Jimmy, and rendered me a-gallon of grape juice from the hold! Old wreck Scepter willing to shed their wounds miraculous potion Tokaj vines!
- Look, Skippy to the old pizdotryasa not seasick, like a child, to meet the Tokaj vines with nortlandskim rum! - Jung Ji deftly winked podshkiperu, dodging his lethal Bonk, and disappeared in an open hatch.
Afternoon equip-brig unnamed flotilla miracle equatorial waters, a high-speed "Don Gun " swung broadside standing among the second day of a cloudless sky wave heading for the port of Mund de-energized load copra and nourished synergy sun.
Brig went on one ballast and carried on itself only a valuable cargo in the face of a charming lady Lidili. Starboard Kurt Hahn, a North American gentleman, the official owner of the fleet "Jet " and informal - half of the Pacific Ocean. Hair Kurt Ghana haired lady Lidili as leather charming a passenger, was the same color of undisturbed snow, unknown, however, this latitude. white skin of flight captain of the brig was no different from coffee skin mestizo-cabin boy Gee. But jet cabin boy hair, depending on the mood of the waves scatter from the waist up or pulls together young black snake neck, did not have analogues on the ship ...
Lidili third week Ji loved, but did not show it outwardly with the whole northern icy temperament. Ji hated Lady Lidili for it the most open way, and each evening gave her at the mercy of a drunken sailor before it made its way to the cabin itself. Kurt Hahn closely followed the order on the ship, but the time for that to fuck them both, he still can not find ... Young wanker so every morning in the ship galyune and Lady Lidili often sighed over her priceless folios taken from book shelves captain.
* * *
That evening wave almost subsided, but incorrectly changed the length, and the old Ski involuntarily gave up just adopted food zablevali fertilizing with all spars. Ji held on bare stomach under a topic vests and laughing like a crazed imp, jumping on the deck and dodging bullets is sifted in her honor across the stern of her old friend from the rifled musket-korotkostvolki ... Kurt Hahn could not stand the split gear ammunition on board and threatened to pull both idiots in the bilge water and bread for two days.
And very late at night, when the sea was like a kitten cuddle, and when above sea utihshim after heat of the day has risen cool blue moon, in the captain's cabin held tripartite meeting of the commanders of the forces brig on his way to a distant port Mund.
Kurt Hahn was rocking in a wicker willow chair and leafed through unpublished studies by Guy de Maupassant. Lady Lidili sat across from the captain, bringing together knees and lips, half-turned and admired the sea surface plays with the moonlight in Cova rim of the window. Young standing behind her and, having fastened hem dress is just below the shoulders on clothespins ship's back, gently stroking shone white ass Lidili fingertips ...
- A thousand apologies, Your Charm! - Said the captain Kurt, moving sight with the pages of a book on his passenger and guest. - For the watch duties I do not find time for you attention! . . AND...
- ... Our fascination was once fucked in the ass, Dick and Harry Sue Balda in turn by mutual consent and for a whole hour! . . - He sighed, interrupting, to support and completely out of place Jung Ji replacing nimble fingers on squirrel tail of his long braids in a Click between clenched buttocks Lidili.
- Cabin boy! Gee ... Do not bother! - Kurt Hahn raised his hand and snapped his fingers, as he did only in moments of extreme nervous tension; Ji paused, trying to raise a little ass Lidili and shove it right the tip of the spit in the hole ... - Miss Lidili, as you have you on my ship? It does not wave very tiring?
Kurt Hahn reached for a tube inlaid ebony and stretched out his legs, covering her bare ankles ankle Lidili. Lady a little startled by this light, but it is still respectable frivolity with his hand, subtly blushed with embarrassment palpable in Washington said:
- No no! . . All very nice, Captain! . . I like to travel to your community! . . And in a society Dick and Harry ... As well, the old man and society Skippy ... And ...
- Lath cat !!! - Bitterly he slipped Ji and licked Lidili shoulder naked edge. - She never would not enumerate me! Neither the first nor the last ...
- Of course ... - the lady did not notice at all if her passionate outburst - shakes a little stronger here than in their beds illegitimate Birmingham! . . And besides, the little ship slut ... But believe me, my dear Kurt, I am not in such debacles, and I happened to pass and much more rampant wave! . .
Captain Kurt shook his head and dug his fingers free hand in his pants tube:
- In this case, I venture to offer you, your Svetleyshestvo, the signature dish of this ship food! For him there is no need to send my really obnoxious cabin boy on a galley ... barely enough to persuade your mouth and taste amazing! . .
- Oh, that boy is your - this Promorsko damn! - Inadvertently blurted out not hold back a rush of feelings pale pink lips Lidili and Ji puts the third tight ball of his scythe in supple ass laughed merrily behind.
Lady Lidili leaned toward the captain's thick-set member, and Young immediately perverted by alien influences for her to rise above the surface of the puff-banks pussy, pinch your fingers between the effeminate is inflated clitoris. Lady just gasped and immediately felt the mocking salutation licking whisper from behind the ear, on his:
- What you like, Miss who hunger and sweating pussy ?! I fuck off you on the first night of our wedding as soon as the captain will give me permission to take you married, my lacquered blond armpit! . .
- Jimmy! . . The captain is nothing like you do not give ... You unceremoniously in communicating with our lovely a passenger! - Kurt De Gan dubiously mixed with experiencing pleasure on his face and shook his head gently stroked sucking lady snow-white silky tresses; Lady Lidili in unexpectedly passionate feelings tide reached on rampant dick all his little mouth, trying to reach out to the sponges bushy fur in the groin captain.
- I rebel ship ... I'm your rebel brig, Captain !!! - Jung Ji tossed flaming eyes and threw her head back sharply; resin braid twitched soft balls in the hole Lady Lidili and broke up just seven knots - Lady growled in pleasure ... - Copra forget us wait usyhaya at Munda, and I'll raise the black flag of anarchy and free-style crossed the emblem of his two ossified with excitement phallus and one scarlet heart! We leave in the western waters, the captain, hunting for sterveneyuschimi passion Amazons Celeste, and I will make you yungoyu! Because only one of my mercy you will not be planted for three years along with your fucking guest on an uninhabited atoll, and will sharpen with a file anchor and purged the galley pasta as long as I exalt you to the rank of a tramp-watches below, shit! . . You are tempted today pussy ?!
Proizlivaya fire and flame, Ji looked straight at the captain will sparkle and laughing eyes, and two fingers gently deeper into the stuffing immediately red flower in her ass moaning and bites hard dick captain Lidili ... But her last words and indignant eyes were turned to podmyatoy mistress. Lady Lidili not responded to Nus-insinuation even look, and Jung Ji lifted her her soft white ass on rymah both his delicate fingers. Lady Lidili moaned loudly with involuntary pochmokivaniem, shook back and stomach trembled and straightened legs standing on tiptoe, and half-hearted gentle brook flowed ... Jung Ji right in the palm of ... "That's better, magnus-s-buil! "In the same moment noticed screwing in the eye of her wet tongue savagely tickling, disheveled Ji "I love you, my wet whore, not it ?! I love you, my perfect North Star! . . "
- Perhaps this is true ... - bit his lip in a fit of passion bursting out the captain, and his feelings found an outlet in a furious stream of semen jerked ninth wave over the side of the charming lady rotika Lidili. - I think I will give you, the cabin boy Gee, our guest for three weeks probation in marriage ... but only if the woman expresses at least one word your consent! . .
- My captain, you are like a child ... - slightly shrugged her shoulders in a torn vest Jung Ji - Lee, pussy, do you love me?
And the tongue Ji touched the middle ear without prejudging tickling Lidili spun simultaneously with a finger near the neck of the uterus ...
- Ltd! Yeah !!! - On the decline of orgasm lady Lidili experienced such a rush of feelings, which is three to seven minutes lost consciousness; it is happening ... and Jung Ji slowly and with pleasure accepted to artificial respiration "mouth-to-mouth " is unable to provide resistance Lidili adorable ...
* * *
One windy evening in the harbor blinded by the sun Munda flight included Brig. He walked from dusk, quickly ramp crisp dark outline against the background of a huge - in half the sky - the setting sun.
Two venerable veteran lost battle with a green snake sitting on the pitted salt corrosion mooring and looked out at the emerald rolling over the surface of the sea bottle with a genie imprisoned in it, in order to exchange the latter of its release on the bottle of gin already semidesyatigradusnogo, bezumyaschego and gives scent of juniper twigs ...
- Look, Wulf Sanders, a dick now bears directly on us of the places to be fed with wind and moisture, absorbed all my youth! . .
Wulf Sanders pokaryabal claw in silver lohmah among the torn strips of sea time on his chest, looking from one side to the other of an impending front of the brig, and trying to make out the name on the board contrary to squeeze out of his left eye tear the sun.
- Some ... Gun ... Don ... Although a dozen years ago, Bibi Kant, I would have given to cut off his head, it's the brig Kurtagana hermit, who spent seven years in self-imposed exile in the slave and nobody desert Maiori island in the society only kofeynokozhih sirens ...
- But tell me, Wulf Sanders, if we have a difference ... - turned fellow - what's the condom part of the docks when we're already able to draw on their sides only from the waters of the Styx respectable under the supervision of Captain Charon? . .
Wulf Sanders grinned to himself and stared into the eyes of the sun have to embrace the whole ship.
- Yes, I think there is a difference, Bibi Kant ... - old banner swallowed sea air and almost audibly growled ... - Charon rigger in comparison with Captain Kurt, whom I once knew! . . Charon carries junk ... On board the captain Kurt even such a notorious bastard old age, like you and me, is impregnated with joy and synergy as hemp resin. Gene holds it is not quite common tastes and smells of life itself ... Who knows, Bee, today after a bad day for fishing, and maybe I was abandoned by the night with you our fishing and podamsya to board the brig povyvedat - whether there exists any -nibud very modest place on the quarterdeck for the tormented land of the soul once sea dog ...
- I do not know, do not know, Wolfe ... - shook his head Bibi Kant - Do you manage, in this case, you, buddy, get to the brig before me ...
* * *