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By the time we had been married for ten years, our sex life has become boring to become. But we are still excited by other men and women. In short, Jesse began to read your publications. He tried to interest me in these stories, but I do not like to read a lot.
One day I was sitting at home without work for several weeks, and to kill time, I picked up a copy of one of the stories that were in his bedroom. A few years ago, I never would not believe any of these stories since I was shielded from all of this has not yet become an adult. But the more I read, the more excited. And I must admit, when I finished reading, I was on fire and was very, very excited!
I decided to go to the office and see if I can not get to work in the near future. Manager told me that I did not need me a few more weeks. I went out, drove to a small shop and took the beer. There I was faced with a familiar guy that worked together, and that was, like me, have been laid off.
He asked me if I wanted to go somewhere and drink a beer with him. I was to do absolutely nothing, and I agreed.
We went, chatted and drank beer. Unwilling to run into the penalty for drunkenness at the wheel, we have studiously avoided settlements.
Soon I felt the need to take a leak, the car stopped, I went and sat down behind the pickup. He also decided to use the stop, and went to the hood. I had a feeling that he was watching me, and I hurried back to the car. He still did not finish, and I saw his fine until he zipped.
I opened a couple of cans of beer for both of us and placed them between his legs. The excitement I felt while reading your magazine, came over me again.
We arrived in his small apartment, and soon found themselves in bed. I had no other man except my husband since I was ten years ago, I got married. And now here I was with a strange guy and ready to fuck him. He began to suck my big breasts. It was an amazing feeling! Not stopping there, he began to lick and kiss my tummy, paving the way for the pubic bush. My heart pounding, I licked her lips, and wanted him to be quickly reached my already very wet pussy.
He licked my pussy up and down, and I grabbed his head and almost pushed him into my pussy. I gasped and moaned, his magnificent language trahatelnymi movements in and out of me. I had finished, and he began to suck me again. When I was on the verge of a second orgasm, he stopped and slid between my legs in anticipation of sweltering. I slipped my hand down and put his hard cock in her pussy. He did not waste time in vain, and immediately plunged into me at full length. I grabbed the back of his legs, and he pushes me his hard flesh.
Only when it was over, I looked at the clock. It was very late. We hurried to get dressed, and he brought me to my car. I must have looked rather disheveled. When I got home, Jesse already had dinner and going to bed. He asked me where I was, and I answered that I drank beer with a guy from work. He asked if I had a good time, to which I replied: "Look and feel myself!" Jesse moved his hand lower; a solid charge, which I received a few minutes ago, was still in me. Jesse began to caress the skin with your fingers around my pussy, and it turned me on even more - of another man's sperm is leaking out of my pussy, while my husband was playing with her.
I have not had time to even undercut - Jesse pulled me to the bed and got me between my legs and started to lick my pussy. During this "cleaning" I finished two more times. Member Jesse was already very hard, and he began to push it in me. First he fucked me slowly. He said that he really liked my pussy full of sperm of another man, and that he could lick it clean. We fucked up to two o'clock in the morning. I have all been rubbed, but I found a way to return sensuality to our sex life.
Now, two or three times a month and I'm nice to spend time, "bringing" good pussy fuck home to my husband could clean out her tongue.