Custom steam. Part 2.

We are prepared. Then he went to him. It seemed an eternity. Doorbell.

After standing in the general corridor, at the threshold, naked collared wife with a whip in hand, I stack, standing on his knees. So we understand obedience. It is the understanding of the suit. Its fun, our commitment to the full submission to the change of life, to stay in bondage non-stop.

At what point for us was the slavery of life when we do not understand and do not want to understand.

We tacked on leashes, leads to the kitchen. Supper, throwing us under the table eating pieces. We eat. Against the wall there are two bowls. Clean, licked.

After eating, leads us to the toilet. Customarily put my head in the toilet, face up. I admire - the beautiful, tanned, juicy, naked boy and girl, shaved, as he pleases, open mouths, collars and devotion in his eyes. Urinating on us. Flips, lowers his head in the toilet, not deep washes. To wash us in this way.

He is excited by our obedience and desire. He raises his wife from his knees. Included in the pussy, in the back, strong and full. It is wet, flowing, she had a bitch and a whore. He rapes her, prognuv hole in the toilet. His it gets even more.

It does not end for two days, and I see that it is almost ready, that now explode. But he stopped, with the power of slaps on the ass, squeezes to the next. Crawls after him already on all fours.

On your knees, slut. Now it's your ochered- he tells me. I will finish, and you're still my poluchish- grinning, he adds to it.
- yes sir ... she kneels and looks him in the eye.

Pounding in my mouth cock and fuck, moving my head. I just moan and mychu. It gives slap another.
- fuck yourself damn, but just try konchit- tells his wife.

Obediently, she delves into the pussy, meanders, and I can see how she wants to come, as the freeze in her fingers as she is afraid of once again touching the clitoris.

He fills my face with sperm. Liberally. She is on her cheeks, the lips, my tongue hanging out, eyes. On the chest drops fall from his chin. It pushes me. In the corner by the toilet.
- Wash, creature. I give you today. Vyebut you many times, whores.
- Thank you, Mr…

Twenty minutes later, we were again ready. Clean, neat. Naked collars.

Lay at his feet, he was reading. Expected guests. My wife and I just looked at each other.

And they came. Three. Serious men. He sold them to us. But it is not given. I will watch as they are to fuck you, tortured and humiliated, perhaps will take part himself.

We stand on her knees in the middle of the room. They are all around us. Do not undress, do not take off their shoes. Business suits, polished shoes, contemptuous smile. Members are, looking out of the trousers.
- Stand up, damn, - one of them commanded by his wife.

It rises from his knees. They mauled her tits, ass, pussy penetrate, pull the nipples, beat, pluck. She howls and squints at me. I am silent not daring to say a word. She can not relax, but his fingers in pussy doing their job, I see the brilliance of its juice, its abundance. It flows.

For kneeling and it turns fuck in the mouth, slap, give slaps. One takes a vibrator with a coffee table. Insert it in the ass, it includes. It howls with by a dick in your mouth. Now there are two. She choked, but sucks, diligently moving his head.

One sits on the couch, one under her, fuck her in the pussy. It sucks, members go to her with terrific speed she wails, howls, moans ... looks askance at me. I am in the position of obedience, kneeling legs apart, hands behind his back, his mouth half open. The third finger beckons me.

I crept closer, leaning towards his cock. I take it, suck, spend on the scrotum, sidelong see her lips on the penis male, saliva, hair matted, wheezing, groaning.

She is ordered to:
- Stop!

And she beat in orgasm. Shrink tossing and turning, spinning. But the term in the pussy, a vibrator in the ass. Wife moaning in a voice from somewhere inside. The first orgasm in as many days.

But no one gives a respite. Here's another fuck her from behind and takes out a vibrator, is a point. Easy, completely. She slaps her ass.
- The good, the creature whore developed.

I do blowjob. The wife howls at huyah.

She end up in the mouth, mouth pours sperm, she swallows it, but not all, do not have time. The one that fuck her in the ass, lies on her back, her pussy on display juicy, swollen current, it immediately enters dick.

This is her first double penetration. It lies between the two men and yelling loudly, moaning. I have never seen such in her eyes, muddy, brutal lust and passion, like a fog over the marsh. Her head was on his side. In the mouth is also a member, and she sucks it tries, although not catch the rhythm of the strokes, and to facilitate removal, lips semen. Very exciting spectacle.

All this wheezing, groaning machine, the sound squelch and heat, it all moves to orgasm, to my wife pouring holes sperm.

Our Lord comes closer, stares at her cigar in his mouth.
- Stop.

Wife beating again in orgasm. Between the bodies, between the cocks that burst inside her that her gimlet. Orgasm protracted, stormy. Men also are close and in turn start to finish it.
From it come out. She is lying on the floor. I can see her anus pulsating red, purple razvorochennoy pussy, sperm puddles, her tongue licking cum from her lips.

The man squeezes my collar and skewer my throat starts to cum in my mouth, pulls sharply member and I accept the sperm on the face, it is now filled her again.

Lord slightly rest. One takes up the whip. We lay on the table, we tied his hands and feet. We like the letter "P" all the holes are open and the whole body access.

We ask poryat on, on the back, especially fall between his legs. We cry, howl, groan, we are forced to consider impacts and we do it, screaming and chanting - chetyyyyyyyyyre, pyayayayayayayayayayayat ...

A total of 40 strokes. We are all in the bands from the blows. Crying, sobbing.

Fingers get into my anus.

Some of the men says:
- poryat him, and he runs, roars and ass in a bucket of oil

I almost moan through sobs.

We untie. On each nipple clamps hanging loads, we are already flex forward, cheekbones, nipples pulls down hurt.

I take the hair and throws his head back and one of them sits down and fuck me in the mouth, the other smacks nipples stack, and that hurts so much.

The third brought a big bat plug that swells inside, put me in the ass and began to pump air, and now my anus stretches. Terribly hurt and I do not understand painful.
- Stop. And I'm coming to my surprise, in the wilderness of pain, in this mockery, anal orgasm.
- Good you brought them, one of them clicks her tongue.

Lord only nods.

I was allowed to stand with the goods. Anus left empty, only the edges of weight gain loads. I'm on my knees. Hands behind your back.

I see my wife, she looks at all swollen eyes. Crimson with shame and pain.

Her start to fuck. Cancer. Boobs swaying together with goods, pussy on the same picture. She whines, but it takes a dick, as in oil, it flows. Her pussy and ass in turn take dicks in her mouth finish. Her fooling feet on the floor, spit on her, forced open his mouth and spit back.

They tired to fuck her.

They just sit there, and she crawls and sucks turns each, with no arms and strongly nasazhivayas deeply, if it fuck.

Then they smoke, drink. My wife was lying on the floor. I'm standing in the middle of the room with the goods on the nipple with his legs apart, kneeling.

One of them put her obmkshy dick in her mouth and began to piss.
- spill a drop on the floor, risers to death.

She swallowed, tried, but it flowed down his chin and onto the linoleum.

He smacked my wife on the tortured body has rods. Thirty strikes. There were many. Bruising, bruises. Haggard whore.

She lost consciousness. Recovered. I could neither sit nor lie down, just moaning. I looked at it.

Mr. went to her pussy ... He touched the toe of his shoe. She widened her eyes at him.
- Thank you, master ...

She quickly ran under his shoe. He massaged her clitoris only. And she was going to orgasm.
- Please, boss, I want to come, please let me, whore, whore ... pozhaluuuuuuysta ...

Our whispers as the rustle of pages. Our movements like leaves after a hurricane.

Pain, fear, excitement and humility.

The men looked at us fascinated.

We were three times brought to orgasm like that, and then we did not consider. Howling, moaning, writhing bodies.

They left. Satisfied. One of them called out to visit, wants to educate us. Everything is possible...

We were lying on the floor. Naked, a strip collars ... nothing more. In silence, staring at each other.
- You whore down and out, you know that?
- Yes, we are down and out whore
- Crawl to me

We get up in front of him on his knees, he was in a leather chair. Prikosatsya lips to his cock. Sos¸m ... By ocheredi..On does not limit us. We help himself with his hands, suck gently and quickly suck the head, move the trunk, lick and swallow the eggs. We've been here so do not suck. Usually.

He just forced us or fucked in the mouth. And we are on such a contrast kooky. We have a factory, we enjoy just by members of the Lord in your mouth, on the lips on it.

Mr. long waits.

It allows us to drink all the sperm. It allows us to kneel down, with their heads down at the couch and whisper:
- thank you thank you thank you…

Continued: Precarious couple