My mother

Sultry July night ... we sleep with his mother in the same bed. Somewhere in the city of N. Why do you need our names? Why a detailed description of the situation? In one apartment besides us. Just the two of us. The mother lies on her side, her orange panties and bra in the room stuffy in spite of the open window ...
Her back glistening with sweat in the light of the full moon, how long have I dreamed about it, masturbated long nights, presenting as having mastered her body ... Yes, I sniffed her panties, when I was 14. A couple of times can be sometimes ... touched her secretly, no one has yet seen ... no more. I grew up. Now I am 19. She is lying on her left side, slightly pursed shapely legs. She is sleeping.
I understand that this will happen. What is that supposed to happen today. I shiver begins pounding on the realization that it is in front of me at a distance of a few centimeters, so beautiful. Such desirable. I do not think she's my mother. Now for me it is a woman. And it seems to me that in that moment I felt her scent.

I hug her waist. Pressed against his body ... I start trembling hand stroking her thigh and ass. I feel the heat of her flesh, her leg as a heated metal bar ... Even still, if she wakes up. Passion. Animal mad passion dims my mind. She wakes up now, but I do not care. I have more than a year was not a woman, and it lies in front of me and I caress her through the fabric of her panties ... how long I've dreamed about it long nights when I heard echoes of her sex with his father. How I hated him for it. How jealous. And now I clung to her entire body and gently caress ... My lips touch her neck and at that moment she lays down her hand on mine, who stroked her buttocks ... I was expecting anything, she would scream or slap. I expected everything, but not this. As it turns out it's actually simple. Even then, after all that had happened, she said that she like to convey my excitement. Somehow she said like.
She quickly rolled onto his back and pulled off her panties around her knees up, I helped her finish it and merged with it in a single unit in a passionate kiss ... shudder passed. I was lying on top and frantically kissed her on the lips, and she answered me. We choked on the coverage of our passion. It flew for about 5 minutes, I undid her bra and dropped off somewhere to the side. He lay down on her and immediately took her top, everything was so hot and humid and pliable, even hands to help was not necessary. I grabbed her buttocks and began to fuck. Mom was much longer than I thought, but there was so much grease that everything went like clockwork. It was madness. She moaned softly under my pressure, and I was on the limit, it snoshu in a crazy pace ... I thought at first that finish very quickly, but the approach of orgasm somehow was not, as a member of the standing stone, and when I pulled it out her, during the change of posture, very surprised to its size.

Then we had sex on the side. She was lying on her left side, and I held her chest and moved wildly. Creaking old bed, she moaned and whispered something to me. The wave of orgasm enveloped her, shaking her body, I stopped ... she was breathing intermittently and often, it was shaking ... I had a woman before her, but in this state, I have not seen anybody, ever. 10 seconds later I went down it still throbbed, our sweaty bodies merged into a single whole, all this had been going on for about 20 minutes ... perhaps may be less time left through somewhere in the background.
Our bodies burn, merge into one, and periodically I felt hot flushes its water and ripple of muscles, and then I began to move faster, and she glares at me as if she wanted to escape, but I would not let her and did not stop. I felt like a member of the concerns of the cervix, and she moaned swept her long wet hair on the bed, being in a certain state of near ecstasy. Then she was on top, then I'm back, but not for long, because she whispered that she was so sick ... I did not finish, but she soon said she was very tired and has long been so long engaged in sex. I did not insist. The sensations throughout the body, and so were enchanting. A few minutes later she fell asleep, hugging me. And soon I fell asleep, and I ... The next morning I woke up sweating in the empty, she left. More than anything, and never with her I had not. But I still remember the sultry summer night, and the madness of passion that engulfed us and made us forget about everything. Story truthful, yeah, you know, it happens in life. The relationship with the mother warm and trusting. The incident did not recall ever with her. I got married.
I have a daughter. Life goes on. That's the story.