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Snow circling great white butterflies. Driver and then stopped "jeep" and dropped his glove to the windscreen. Nearby sat a lieutenant colonel glanced at the clock. Before the new year was only a few minutes. - Come to the third entrance - he ordered. The driver looked with astonishment at the commander, but, without question, turned a corner. The officer went up to the third floor, rang the bell. Behind the door, through the music and laughter of someone volunteered to open.
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- Bah! To us himself Grandfather Frost granted, - said the owner of the apartment, overlooking the guest and shaking the snow from his overcoat. - Face! Finally, your faithful arrived. Come on, devonka, to meet her husband.
- Already I get drunk - evil husband hissed, glancing at the rosy-cheeked wife sway.
- We carried out the old year, and you - a penalty - that was hanging on the neck of her husband, spilling champagne from the glass, almost dropped out of it is not a steady hand.
In the room, besides the hosts, there was another young couple dancing at the Christmas tree. Before bed was a table, and the wife of Victor, a slender blue-eyed blonde, fussed over him.
- Well, whatever you have in your household? Favorite personnel do not otmochite another Hochma - went to Victor guest outstretched sweaty hand.
- So far, all is quiet. I think that all that they had in Zagashev already drunk. And now - Constantine looked at the clock - it's time to wash our Grandfather Frost - he slapped the landlord's shoulder and gently bowed Faith. That little embarrassed, but there also recovered, silently smiling guest. At the table he was sitting next to Vera, mowing curious look on deep cut in her blouse, where the white hills barely breathed her snow-white chest. Caring hostess assiduously imposed in the guest plate particularly appetizing pieces, and his wife in those moments did Victor "eyes", trying to have a drink with him in brotherhood. By the middle of the night, when Face, dancing, literally hanging on the shoulder of Victor, captivating his slim legs flashed in the deep (almost to the waist), a cut dresses, the young couple were terrified, left.
- That's good, that they are gone - triumphed Lika - I do not like when someone is trying all kind you read morality, - he concluded she plopped down in a chair.
- Yes. Her gloomy Fyodor - according assented Victor and casually slapped on the shoulder of Constantine. - Now, brother, he says one of my team-mate on billiards, you can play four hands. Guest grinned and looked hopefully at Vera. She shyly looked away, pretending that it is something of interest to the screen working TV. It is not lost on careless skolznuvshego on it half-drunk look Leakey. She got up, picked up the table with a wine glass of champagne and loudly proclaimed:
- So let us drink for real men, and that the fire did not burn and do not sink in the water - it is one gulp drank champagne and flopping down on the couch, dug her brightly painted lips slightly pursed lips in Victor.
- Lika. You're not wrong location - barely uttered one barely looking up from a prolonged kiss.
- The wife of Lieutenant Colonel Zverev never wrong! Is not that right, dear, - she put her arms around her husband's hand chiseled.
- Pretty. You're right as always - he replied, slowly releasing your neck by this sudden and strong arms. Coso glancing at the couple, Vera got up and went into the kitchen. Bringing a bottle of vodka, Faith sheepishly announced:
- Boys. We have "fuel" at the end. It's - the last ...
- It is easy to fix - Constantine said, taking out a bottle of Vera's hand. - I'll get ... When he touched her hand, he thought that an invisible spark slipped between their fingers touching.
- Well done, Dad, - clapped Lika - and that you were not bored, taking the Vera. And you, veruny, look there for my "kittens".
... He is careful not to wake the children, open the door of his apartment. Those were fast asleep in their beds, razomlev from dangling in the air stifling. Constantine went to the kitchen, muffled slammed the door of the refrigerator. Vera stood at the window, scratching nails on a frozen glass window some patterns. Her narrow hips clearly stood out through the thin white cloth skirt.
He for some reason she seemed so dear, homely woman, which he often dreamed. He walked over and put his arm around her shoulders. She turned and, putting a finger to his lips, slowly began to push them and then clung to him a long kiss sucks. He felt her mouth like a pump, sucking it. According to shiver her breasts tightly, as if glued, pressed her hips to him, he realized that she passionately wants more. Constantine found the zipper on the back section of her skirt, slider supple went down, the skirt fell to the floor. Faith threw her leg to the side, then turned to the window and lay down with his elbows on the sill. "Heck! My favorite position "- he caught himself suddenly lighteneth brain thoughts and slowly began to pull off her panties. These mini-shorts, he saw a woman for the first time.
These were brought as expressed here, with the "mainland", and then by special order. This thin rope between her buttocks, the same - instead of the girdle and a fig-leaf to your favorite women's place could be a stretch to call heat. It was all the rage. This he had never seen in other koketnits in the garrison and even its super - ladies - wife. Removing melting, he brought them to a person inhaling a pleasant smell of her body, along with the smell of expensive perfume in Paris. Nervously, she shrugged her hips like a filly, impatiently waiting for his beloved horse. Then he fell on her back, pinning his arms around her head and shoulders to the windowsill. She leaned toward him in a passionate longing and a burning impatience, because she thought it prohibitively long spends those precious seconds of sexual happiness.
Snatched his "soldier" from captivity and strongly to plant it so that it can not help a muffled scream, it was a matter of a few seconds. Faith felt something thick, long and soft found himself in her womb, powerfully taking her whole being into subjection to this gentleman. Strange, but it seemed to her that there was nothing new in that it does not feel, but when this giant piston slowly began to work in her body gradually speeding up the pace, she realized that this bliss she had never experienced. She first wanted to play up his ass, but he soon realized that this is not required, as her partner very well cope with their responsibilities, and she could only enjoy, constantly washing up his "boy" copious tears of passion, squelching somewhere down there ...
Soon she earned passionately, devotedly, as if afraid that will not have time to grab the wings until the end to keep this capricious and fleeting, "bird" sexual happiness. Finally he could not resist this sweet flour, and her repeated calls, "More, more, dear," his "fellow" hit a jet that erupted "fire" in her body was instantly extinguished.
- Have you had time - he asked a naive question, barely catching his breath.
- Is that a long time will suffer - she laughed.
- What do you feel at this?
- Your end - she giggled, wiping her panties its militant organ.
- You - a sweet woman - he pulled her to him and kissed right in the soft lips.
Konstantin has long kept an eye on this modest silent types, but never could have imagined that in this case it would be so clever.
- I am also very pleased with you, I am not that confident with my goat, - Vera replied, ruffling his fingers forelock. - I hope that this is not our last meeting - she clung, buttoning his pants.
- I, too .., - he said, helping her to clean up.
Looking again at the sleeping child, and taking out of the cupboard in the kitchen a bottle of alcohol, they went out into the street. They walked along the only snow-covered road of the village. Before the parade, he dazzled her home snow and rubbed it her sunken cheeks, which were immediately flushed. People, in general, already asleep, but some of the apartments could hear music and laughter ... but somewhere there, at the top, rollicking danced "Kalinka".
- And how are you with Lika on this part? - She gently touched his fly.
- Yes, way!
- What's wrong?
- It is in this case simply Amoeba - he waved his hand.
- Speaking ... Let them scare - Faith winked conspiratorially, slowly inserting the key into the keyhole.
They undressed in the hallway, not turning on the light. Faith quietly opened the door, flipped the switch. And then he saw his wife. She was lying flat on his back on the sofa, legs spread, her head hung limply, and between her legs frisky balls quickly jumped haired buttocks and white "piston" vigorously pumped a young, but indifferent to the whole beautiful body ...
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