An exhilarating experience

All the boys we liked the country sometimes hooliganism: grab his friend by the balls and watch his reaction. As a rule, all the guys were laughing and playful little hand pulls back strongly and then strove to do the same with your "the abuser". But there was one boy among us Leszek, who not only throws off someone else's hands, but also seemed to be enjoyed by such touches. Perhaps, in his case alone there were pleasant feelings from strangers touching the private parts, but unlike the other boys, Leszek, instead of deliberately show their indignation and rejection of these liberties, breaks into a smile, silly giggling and did not even think to hide it that he was pleased. What spontaneity!
Once again, seizing the right moment, when our friends played football and were passionate about it, I crept to Alyoshka behind, grabbed his thighs with his hands and felt his penis and testicles through the training pants. The boy giggled, but did not step back and just sat down on the grass lawn. I sat down next to him and did not think to let him go. My fingers are clearly felt the flesh of his penis, which was swelling. I liked to manipulate him and Alyosha allowed me to do with them what you do not allow others. However, soon, we joined the players so they do not suspect anything wrong.
But I decided not to stop and somehow seize the moment to pull off his sweat pants Alyosha. And I must say, this moment was soon introduced. I decided to ride my bike Alyosha, on the frame. I was then 13 years old, and Alyoshka age 8 or 9. We flew with him on a country road deep into the forest. I drove as I could, and it's driving me very excited, a member involuntarily tensed.
And then I came up with the crazy idea. I braked and stopped. "I want me to caress you, will give you the pleasure, baby? - I asked the guy, and my hand was crumpling his testicles through sweat pants. "I'm afraid, - said Lesch. "And do not worry, it's not painful. Do you like what I'm doing to you?" "Yes, - he said, and his face appeared stupid, wandering smile. "But it would be even better if I could caress you without pants and panties to make it even better and more enjoyable. Let's go into the woods, and there you take off your panties. Good?" "No, I do not want - whimpered Alyosha. - I need to be home". "Do not worry, I'll take you, just a little caress, okay?" After some persuasion, he agreed to Alyosha. I went along with the bike, and he was next to me. When we went deep enough in the thick pine forest, I leaned the bike against a tree, ran his fingers over the gum Aleshkina Sport`s pants and pulled them. Alyosha just smiled and did not resist. I was terribly excited by everything going on, and my cock just pressed to the navel of the strongest excitement.
It remains to remove the boy's pants, which I did with pleasure previlikim. It turned out that Alyosha too excited. His cock was too swollen. I admired his bare ass, then put it on his lustful hand and stroked the boy's ass. Alyosha slightly trembled with lust. It was a special boy - not like others of his age, some akselerat in terms of sexual development. If the other boys and girls of his age was very tickled when they touch between the legs, Alyosha is already fully formed erogenous zones, and he could enjoy the pleasure of touch.
I told him to push the legs and enjoying plenty of it with a soft ass, put his hand between his legs and felt the testicles. How pleased I was to play with balls Aleshkina: crush them, compress, delay, roll over and feel the trembling, the young flesh in his palms. Continuing with one hand to pull at his testicles, I took Aleshkin Member quite a decent size, considering his age, and started stroking it. Alyosha stopped and got my obvious pleasure from manipulation. As it turned out, the thick sperm he was not there, but the discharge was enough - something like pollutions. Five minutes later, his cock began to throb in my hand and Alyosha jerked in my hands. At this point, I really wanted to weigh him smack on his snow-white ass, which I did, to further sharpen his senses. Then another and another. "Ah-ah-ah-ah - cried Alyosha. - It is painful, it is not necessary". But this is only provoke me, and I like it to be painted her buttocks - even palm rescued, they have burned me too.
I felt that I had panties sticky secretions abundant - so much excited me this action. Without thinking, I tore off the training pants with shorts, grabbed Aleshkina hand, put it on his stake standing member, compress it and forced to masturbate, that there are forces. Forces from Alyosha was not so much, so after a minute he changed his little hand. "More, more, Alyosha, do not stop - I cried, feeling the approaching discharge. I focused on his sensations, and soon a tight jet of sperm spurted out of me with such force that the white-yellow liquid flew to a nearby pine. The shot turned out to glory - even in the Guinness Book of Records skid. The feeling I had so sharp that I cried aloud with pleasure. Well, that was not close to what some burly men - otherwise, our pink anus could nepozdorovitsya. But this time had passed. We quickly pulled the shtaniki and went to the village. It was the first but not our last experience. Then we grew up, and I have wanted something more, but that's another story ...