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After my adventures in a gay club I first decided to engage in anal sex with men and in general. But the priest was accustomed to receive their orgasms required. And after three months, I could not resist. It happened at night. I had a horrible wet dream, if I fucks a very large dick. I woke up with four fingers in the ass. Apparently, I did the night began to masturbate anus.
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So I decided to find a man again. Search for a long time was not necessary. One day I was riding in a bus where there was a crowd and sing leaned to one gorgeous man 35-38 years. Through the jeans I felt his penis and intense look in his eyes, I realized that he was an asset. Not long thinking we met and decided to meet at my house.
Everything happened quickly and unexpectedly. I only had time to clean and shave the ass, tits and testicles. When he crossed the threshold of my house, he began eagerly to kiss me and crush my testicles. The other hand stroked my sisechki. After that he put his hand on the ass and pushing back the elastic pants (I wore a thong) stuck a finger in my anus blazing. I could not wait any longer and led my handsome man in the bathroom. There I told him that I wanted to make him a blowjob He of course agreed, and I started my job enjoyable. His penis was not small in size (as well as my readers know, I love big penises in the pope) .Snachala I licked the head of the tongue and then walked from the testicles to the base of the penis to the head. Then I took completely in her mouth and began to suck, trying to mouth suction effect. I sucked and dissolute looked into the eyes of my ¸baryu. Then he broke down and put me down on a towel on the back. His penis was tense and huge and my ass was not touched much as much as 3 months.
First he stroked his hands my legs and testicles, then he squeezed them and I groaned in pain pleasant. Then he introduced me in the ass 3 fingers and began to lubricate his penis me and anal lubricant. I'm all burned and twisted. And so began the most pleasant. He began to enter into me. At first it was very painful. His cock was big and my ass narrowed for 3 months. As a result, my man watching a nice picture of a red flushed anal ring strung on his big cock. I was in seventh heaven and he's more I did not use. Then, before I could get used to it, he began cautiously to enter the penis into my narrow ass on abstinence. I was hurt and nice ass covers its entire stake and I was literally impaled. And when his head got out almost "the bottom" I bit my lip started stroking his testicles and he was making the first tremors. At me from me to me of me back to me and out of me again. It was a thrill, he fucked me hard and passionately and moaning like a little girl, I was a girl and indeed for him.
Then he suddenly pulled out his number from my priests and began furiously whipping me on the testicles and buttocks. It was magical I plant more and more. And again from fucked me long points.
I felt like a real girl that has a strong member. Then we changed our position. He lay down and back and I sat on his stand-up count. At first, I got all the way to his pussy and began to make a circular motion pelvis on the head and I wandered into the base members have been impacted my anus. Beyond that, I started jumping on my guy and he held me the boobs (they jumped with me) but whipped by the pope. We finished almost simultaneously. Everything was repeated as before. Heat in the stomach, feeling cold and heat in the body, and a series of reductions in the priests, then the flow of sperm overflowed his stomach and he pulled me in the ass. After our sex, we lay still for another 5 minutes, he enjoyed his little penis to rot inside the warmth of my charms.
Then I stood up and taking a shower (washing sperm from ass) went into the living room to relax. He stayed in the shower.
I lay down on the sofa tummy happened that I was lying almost "cancer". But I did not have a rest. I felt that someone caressing my hole tongue, testicles and buttocks. I groaned. This bliss lasted 10 minutes and I wanted to suck my dear, but he could not restrain himself and hit me on the ass went into me with his giant. I was lying in front of the mirror and saw a big dick uses my ass, I saw it like a piston goes to me from me and so many many consecutive repetitions. Seen as a squelching my insatiable ass as he fucks and fucks me like a hole. about such thoughts and from the drilling member of my insides, I again had finished. He fucked me as much for half an hour, I moaned and groaned. Then he pulled his penis out of me and abundantly konchid my ass.
Unfortunately, soon it was all over and he thanked me and goodbye, shl¸pnuv by the pope, was gone. I got cancer in the mirror and saw what he had made a hole in me. Popa from such love and passion is not closed and legs dripping cum. I was happy.