Erotic revelation

I have been married for a long time, but my wife does not understand my passion for anal toys. Not long ago, I secretly bought her a few of these toys. At first I liked the flexible anal stimulator Fun Factory Bendy Beads, purple, but then I liked the dildo Pipedream Basix with Suction Cup 19 cm, transparent color. I ordered the toys and bought another anal lubricant.

When my wife went to work, I took all of their shopping and went to the bath. I made myself an enema first and climbed into the tub. Brushing his anus stimulator and anal lubricant, I slowly began to push through it in my anal hole. The stimulator consisted of a few balls, like a fishbone. And here I am stuck in the ass all the Christmas tree, it remains only a ring, for which it is convenient to hold.

I started to drive them back and forth, enjoying new sensations. Then I decided to try to stick a dildo in the ass, but even smeared with grease, he did not want to go. It was very thick, but soft. Since he is on the suction cup, it is easy to stuck to the wall of the bath. I stood on the edge of the tub and began to slowly introduce it into the anus.

The head was thicker than the trunk, but it entered into and the entire trunk all the way came into my anus. It was unforgettable and indescribable feeling. So I enjoyed for a while and decided it was time to finish, and the phallus, like a cork popped out of my ass. I decided to look on the internet dating Sata. I typed in the search, I want to meet with the couple. And then I came across a very interesting ad.

His name was Jack, and her Olga. We agreed to meet at a cafe. The next day, going to the cafe, I saw a beautiful couple. He was a tall, stocky build. And Olga, too tall, just a huge bust, probably the size of six or more, and the ass is also very large, like two watermelons. We pooobschavshis and decided that we would go to their home. When he came to them Olya immediately sent us both into the bath, and she went to change clothes. In the bathroom we stripped down to goal and I saw that Jack though overweight, but strong and athletic.

We climbed into the tub and Jack began to wash me like a small child. Rinse with me all he vtal foam on his knees and took my penis in his mouth. Gently podrachivaya he sucked the entire trunk and his tongue licked the whole head. Then I felt his finger began to penetrate my ass. He was somewhat surprised that my hole easily let his finger. Having greased some cream my fingers, he began to push through in my anus first two fingers, and then four. He sucked my penis and kneaded my ass, when he went into the bath, and Olga said that there will be enough to indulge in and that it was time to go.

We got out and went into the bedroom, where there was a large bed on which lay bare Olya. Her breasts and ass were really great. She spread her legs and beckoned me to her pussy. It is with great pleasure has stuck to her vagina, gently stroking her buttocks and breasts. While I ate all the juices Oli, at that moment Zhenya brushing his penis anal lubricant began to penetrate into my anus.

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