Hello! I have more than 2 years of doing pair dances. Classes have is a young and very sexy girl 26 years old Lena. My partner and I, a third-year student Oleg honey together with all collectives somehow came to rest in Turkey. Arriving at your destination we are located in a small three-star hotel by the sea. In one room, I lived and Lena, and another of our partners, while other couples have lived together since they were spouses.

Later in the afternoon, and the charter nakupavshis Oleg and lay down on shizlongah and looking at the sea. On the banks of the Lena I went and collected some stones and shells. The figure of the girl was unusually good, and a thin cloth a bikini is not concealed. So neither I, nor Oleg could not take his eyes off her.
- What's ass ... I reached out dreamily
- Yes ... Oleg caught, except that these panties on her quite unnecessary
- I turned around and handed Oleg: Yeah .... only for you, I think it is them not to withdraw.
- Would you like to see her naked elastic ass? or so I saw? You're in the same room.
- Nothing I have not seen! She is dressed only in the toilet, so I saw no more than you.
- Well then, have a plan !!! let's go to the room, I have something to show you!

We went into the men's room, Oleg rummaged in his suitcase and pulled out a small jar filled with white pills.
- What is it? I asked
- This is a wonderful remedy for diarrhea, if a shock can not get off, but it will save. But if everything is ok, then it will cause quite severe constipation, which can penetrate only a good enema!
- Have you decided to drink her pills? !!! Crazy? Health is not a joke
- Darling! Do not forget that I'm still a doctor. Enema I always have with me. Well, the girl will suffer from stomach a couple of days, ponoet on the toilet and come to whom? That's right, to me, because we are in a foreign country and we do not have any health insurance or large deneg.Nu and we're it, poor thing, regret, cuddle, but in the ass enema paste, and even for this very ass stroked.

I wanted to protest, but presenting the whole picture just asked, how are you going to get her to swallow these pills?
- Well this is something not cause difficulties, because you have a pitcher of water in the room? Now there's the podsypaya, only you yourself do not drink, though in your ass too, I can spend hours watching.
- His I'll show you, and so I said, winking Olezhka. And holding in the palm of 4 treasured tabletochki retired.

In her room, I quietly dissolved the pills in water and lay down on the bed dreamily. After that, everything went like clockwork. Lena soon returned to the beach and, dressed in T-shirt and shorts just giperkorotkie, I sat down on the bed. We talked a little bit of life, and she exclaimed "hot as" He knocked over the whole two cups of water.

to be continued)))