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Her name was Vic. Was it fun pretty girl weirdo. sheared "a boy", Not wearing a skirt, motorcycle loved ... However, someone in our time that will surprise ...
The girls stopped speaking to her since seventh grade. Vick openly hated them, despising in the shower, even a few close friends.
She contrasted themselves black community, which had to live. Carried away piercings - made 12 punctures in all conceivable places. Then the black scorpion tattooed on his shoulder.
In ninth grade, the first blow occurred. After a short time - the loss of virginity. However, the guys just use Vick, embarrassed to show this in humans. Vick took all of a teenage boy, and very few people want to pass "blue" or jerk.
this "disregard" attitude toward themselves Vick suffered a long time. It seemed to her that sex is enough for life.
But one day, when the next evening Vic returned home after midnight from some other, unknown to her had to wade yards. It was a little scary.
Hearing voices ahead, the girl stopped. On a bench in a dark alley that something happened.
- Wait, not so fast ... - clearly I heard the Vic rather loud voice of youth. - Anton! Well, where are you ... I do not ...
- Mit ... I want to ...
- Anton .. - romp on the bench continued. Vic crept closer. In the half-light he could see bright figures of two naked guys. I doubt that they make love in the same position "dog"Which is usually painted on the walls of the toilets it was not. Legs Vicki gave way - to his own surprise she felt one of the brightest orgasms in my life. Panties stuck to the body.
Panting with desire, she slowly began to stroke the clitoris, visualizing the feeling the guys on the bench. Boys passionately moaning and talking softly.
It took quite a long time. Anton apparently finished and leaned back on the bench. Those whom he called Mitya, sat side by side and each head fell between his legs. New jet orgasm spilled by Vicki body. She barely stifled a groan.
Soon the guys enjoy each other, dressed and went toward the house. Vic mechanically followed them. At the entrance, in the dim light fading windows, guys kissed for a long time, and the girl, as if spellbound, watching them.
Home she flew as if on wings. Already in bed, buried in a blanket, thin fingers, she caressed herself, recalling the events of the evening, and reveling in the unusual sensations.
From that day, Vick has forgotten all his guys. They do not excite her anymore. Breaking all, Vick is now looking at the world in a new way.
Outings to the cherished traditional steel bench, but never again she found the strange pair. But one day, in a conversation "bluish" friends, Vicky heard about the place of gathering, codenamed "Sail". Romantically named by analogy with Lermontov's poem, a small cafe collected on Saturdays those in whose veins "blue blood".
The next Saturday, Vic decided to take a serious step. Borrowing from the neighbor boys hippie clothes, sleek simpotnye boy she was about two in the morning in the cafe. Vic felt like Cinderella. Greedy eyes ransacked her from head to foot, brave guys tried to talk to her, hugged, touched.
She behaved unavailable teenager frowned otgavkivayas. She had to look at and choose the victims of the outlined plan in advance.
And the choice was from someone. Disco roared. Who here just was not ... a lot of familiar faces at the university ... The boys of different ages and social classes ... Muscular young man in leather, fishnet-shirts and torn jeans ... pomaded uniseksualnye polumalchiki with bright makeup ...
Vick was lost in the selection. The object itself came five minutes later.
- Hello! - Openly she smiled pretty dark man of seventeen. Curly hair short swifts. Clothing deliberately emphasized okay shape. - Dance?
- No. Beer drink - Wick muttered bass.
- And why one?
- Because independent.
- Do you like me? - Directly questioned the boy. Vick nearly betrayed myself, but restrained.
- Yes, so ...
- My name is Alex. Want to chat?
- I - Vic - briefly introduced herself as a girl. - Communicate until you want. Come ten minutes later. Maybe we descend to unwind.
- Wow! O-Okay! - She gasped the boy and disappeared in the crowd.
To the table I approached another young man, also quite Vikin taste.
- It was a friend of yours?
- Jealous? - Just threw it.
- Mr. m ... I would not mind you ...
- And I still do not have 14.
- Persecuting. Do you think, in your predatory gaze can not see what you're doing here readout?
- Will the three of us?
Man's face fell.
- Bluff?!
- As you wish ... - Vic was not going to beg.
- How do I want? Ha! How do I want - you do not have enough imagination to repeat. Come on!
- We're going to see me. Alex! - Vic waved his hand first acquaintance vytantsovyvaetsya surrounded by gay men. - Go!
- Where?
- Let's make love a threesome with these cute boys.
- Yes, I somehow ...
- I do not impose. Now someone else will find.
- Bold! Do you know - who is the guy?
- Spit.
- Here is the news! - Offended man. - Do not spit on me. My name is Vova. I have the honor.
- Vic - she shrugged her outstretched hand. - And this is Alex. You're going to have to suck it - the guys looked at each other angrily. - Today is my day. I handlebars. Going?
In the taxi they got into the back seat three, so that Vick was in the middle. The taxi driver grimaced in disgust. Calling address, Vick finally chop off all escape routes. Without thinking about the topic of conversation, it is strongly unzipped the jeans boys. A moment later, their elastic sausages have been in captivity gentle female hands. Alex gently ran his hand over her crotch.
- No! She cried Vick severely squeezing the two terms. - I am a steering wheel! Sit still. - Turning, she grabbed his lips to Alex's sweet lips, earning hands vigorously. The boys groaned.
The path to the top of the world broke unexpectedly.
- Here we are, - evil muttered the driver. - With your mower, perverts!
- What the .. - choked with indignation Wick.
- Easy - I cut it ... Vova. - I will pay. Well it to the devil. Communicate with shit ...
They got out of the car refueled, looked around.
- Where to go? - Vick hugged Alex.
- I do not know ... - snikla it. Vick did this did not foresee. - Houses parents. Unless ... Follow me!
A few minutes later she brought the guys on the familiar bench in a dark alley.
- Here we usually spend time ... with Antonio and Mitya ... - she lied.
Vova quickly tore off his shirt, and his naked torso became visible in the moonlight.
- I can not take it anymore ... Who will, solve faster!
- And it was said ... you suck Alex - Vicki cramped jaw from desire. And when Alex pulled off his trousers, gleaming white buttocks in the dark, she almost fainted.
- Actually, I'm active! - Vova spat, but obediently he knelt down and swallowed impressive size member Alex.
- I also ... - clung to his hair and Alex earned his hips, will drive our economy in obedient throat.
- What are you, bitch! Found a very passive ?! - Vick went to Alex from behind, running his hands under his shirt. She bared muscular shoulder and left it passionate passionately. Then the girl with the force squeezed in the palm elastic hairy buttocks. Alex yelled. - You do not like working Vova? Then CHANGE!
- What for? - I tried to argue the guy.
- I want it!
Alex flunked Vova on the bench and lay on top.
- I heard? The boy wants to circuses! - He slid down, pulling off jeans Vova. Soon, he was already moaning and squirming from surging pleasure.
- Maybe, too, the boy undress? I want a boy! - He moaned.
- Would you? - Vic pushed Alex to the ground. - Go on, do not stop. I just help you. - She told him, and then stabbed two fingers in the ass Vovinam. He just gasped. Vick earned his hand as a dildo, trying to penetrate as deeply as possible. When the desire spiraled out of control, she took off her jeans in one motion, Alex pulled his hair and sat astride Vova.
- W-hell !!! - He moaned with excitement. Vic stopped up his mouth with a kiss.
- Hey! And what about me? - Alex confused.
But Vick was not up to it. For a long time, as it can do only women, she drove Vova into a frenzy. It was the sweetest moment of her life.
Alex hungrily caught in the dark, every movement of her hips, and with his penis slowly dripping viscous liquid.
Having dealt with Vova, distraught Alex Vic poured directly into the grass.
- Take me back! .. - She croaked, burning with desire.
Alex did not take long to beg. Without going into the darkness, where was he careful butting began to drive his weapon in Vicki's body.
They are so enthusiastic that saw the completion of staffing, only when both moan in orgasm, exhausted, fell to the grass.
- K-heh ... - I filed out of the darkness a voice Vova. - Our regiment has arrived ...
Vick already guessed who it is.
- Meet - she licked her dry lips. - Alex and Vova. And this is - Mitya and Anton ...
- Do we know each other? - Surprised the familiar voice that Vick has carried through his erotic dreams with that happy night.
- Now, yes ... - she said, fingering in the grass jeans. - You have fun here. And I have to go ... I'll see you next Saturday.
She did not try to stop ... today rulila it ...
Next Saturday on a bench waiting for her all four.
- Hello ... - she said quietly, without waiting for questions. - Today, the journey to the stars is canceled. I ... I have monthly ...
Awkward silence was broken by the voice of Alex.
- You're cool ... m ... Mr Cool girl Vic ... I was okay with you. Very good. I want you again ...
- And I! - Vova chuckled sheepishly. - I do not think you ... a girl!
- We want you too! - Nasty voice moaned Anton. Everyone laughed.
- I think in the next Saturday you will make us happy? - Continued Alex. - In the meantime, will have to surrender to abstinence!
He got up from the bench and took off his shirt. Before the eyes of all swam Vicki. Boys deftly undressed and in a moment alley resounded with sweet moans.
"To hell with monthly!"- Vic lips clung to someone of them ...