Two versions of the same stories

I had a quarrel with her husband. Occasionally I did it, always avoid conflict, to smooth out the situation, but now if I burst out, so bored ... In general, I uproarious (which never does), put that first came to hand, slammed the door, sat down in his "volvochku" and turned the key in the ignition ... And not caught gates, when to leave, I do not know ... buzzing in my head, like a drink, jerked on direction until to the nearest cafe ... "I love men! Promises - WHO and performances - small truck ... Wow! Well done! Keep it up! Use us to fuck us, takes us money, we love you - rest assured!

The world keeps on women. I speak as a feminist! YES!!! And all of you - swine, cattle and mindless ... You live at our expense, live, because there we are! But you stubbornly deny it!

Smart, successful or not, and a flower at the meeting to give weak? Do you think about us? No. Do you know us? No.

You do not care that we have in mind, you do not care what we want ... you is important only your well-being, satisfaction of your desires, your needs.

And we drink water of their pools and three spin axis of the earth, that you live well, you ... Critter rasposledny ... I love men ... Good luck, honey!"

This wild monologue scrolled through my head over and over again in different variations ... In general, I do not understand what happened and why it was ... In short, it is necessary to have a drink, or this stupid anger on the whole race of men will never end .

I braked at the cafe, not even thanked the guy that held the door for me (again, this is not in my rules), flew into a fury, threw her purse on the table and asked for 100 grams of the ridge and lemon ... Apparently, lightning flew from me to all hand - all quickly brought and placed in front of me ... The first sip was so warm the body ... I suddenly realized that pripuplyaetsya irritation, absorbed, but the desire to drink left. So do not drink the same one ... shook the small of her handbag - yeah ... that's it - "Escort escort", perfectly! We call !!! He drank another brandy and tenderly and gently cooed into the phone: "I want a boy, a young, but not younger than 28 (I myself 45 - author's note.), An increase of less than 180, I do not like shorties, and with a driving license".

The boy came quickly, I really had time to drink cognac ... and I was already almost good ... or rather, I simply entered into a state of intoxication ... I paid him in advance, so as not to forget then told me to take the beer packaging and the network behind the wheel of my car ... Now I would like to ride aimlessly ...

Kata he gave me four hours in the city, then the city, just without a goal and stops, and I drank beer and chatted. Chatter not so much with him, I was all purple his opinion, it is of little interest to me. Just was a man next to whom you can tell everything. I talked about everything and about the friends and girlfriends, that in principle and was not, and the man-perverts who can not get enough, and about what I'm unhappy, though I have all that I want, and that, the weather is bad and skiing, I do not like (the part about skiing - summer in the yard, and figs with him ...) in general, it turned out to demonstrate my idiotic soliloquy that arose in my head, when I ran away from home .. . And then I realized that I was drunk three sheets ... as a longshoreman ... And when I'm drunk I need sex! Yes, always !!! I have felt that the excitation wave rises from the bottom up, wanted to touch the clitoris, squeeze it with your fingers, I think I shuddered and moaned ... Damn, boy next door! So what I expect, he's here for this ...

"Look, find a place, it's time to ..." - I looked at him sideways - cute !!! He found a clearing around were trees, but it seems to me that even if he just stood on the sidelines, it would not stop me. I got out of the car, folded skirt and blouse in the front seat, and remained in her stocking feet and shoes (underwear I rarely wore). Between the legs was wet and burning fire ... All I can no longer - I opened the rear car door and knelt so that the outside was just a boy ass ... I tried to cuddle, pat, even seem to lick - I do not remember. .. but I needed one - penetration ... "Insert in me, do not wear a condom, you can even go there to finish, only dispense with preliminaries ..." I always - if aroused, I need fast, so once all the way ... It was well done, everyone understood. Entered into me sharply and immediately began to move faster and faster ... I sag back and growled, moved towards the booty, I wanted deeper and deeper ... finished appears in three minutes, and even less ... "That drunken muddle"- I scolded myself. But the sweet spasms in the abdomen saying that all is well ... I pushed him a member of itself ... and belly flopped into the seat ... in a minute and a half head almost stopped spinning ... And most importantly - the world has become the same, gentle , good, sunny ... The quarrel almost forgotten. I got dressed, I plopped down on the seat, lit ... "All want to go home ..." And my knight kindly drove me home. Hunted car in the garage, I remember, I said: "Well, I went?" It seems replied: "Yeah ..." Then I found a husband, washed and put to bed. The next day I woke up with a headache. Now I was angry with myself - what the hell are drunk, a fool?

But it was not the end of the story ... A few days later, on the way to a business meeting, I stopped at the very cafe where stress filmed, just a cup of coffee. Suddenly, the door comes to the young man, which I then rolled ... and sits down at a table in front of me, it seems to me he had not noticed. Also I ordered a coffee and dialed the phone ... And then I heard that ...

"Yes, I bet it was back to order ... In general, it is strange ... I asked all network behind the wheel ... Kata four hours ... Chatting with myself, if I was not ... Nonsense carried some. Then .. so weird look and says, find a place. I found a place with no problems. This is where the fun began. We got out of the car. The location was very good, and very few people could come here. She carefully began to take off his clothes and put on the front seat. I decided to step up and do something to help her, well, like how to start. And she - not, say, wait. It was amusing to see how meticulously she undresses. Section. Well, let's say, take off your clothes. I started with all the shooting, and again tried to approach her, to caress and undress start already in the process, and not as in the army. But no. She came up to me, put her hand on his chest and so on delovovmu asked: "You do that realties or do you just fine all be?" I do not know what to say. Not waiting for an answer, she went to the back of the car and got on all fours, only sticking out her ass. I sat down to her tongue went through her pussy, which oddly enough was very wet, but it was stopped opya. Come on, no prilyudy - he says - when ready. And you can without a condom, but not me, not at me not to stop. I began. Dowell, it seemed to me her to orgasm itself and did not finish. Since after she had finished, he immediately skzaala that all will be enough time to go. I'm on her car took her home, he went out and caught a taxi and went to him. Pay is paid".

I forgot about the coffee ... So I looked the part! Yes!!! Things! And we must train was so drunk ... And men, I still love you. They are good! This is what we - the women fools - driven by a blizzard, we do not know why ..