Lenin dad left the family when she was only two years old. She did not even remember what he looks like. And now, after almost 12 years, he came to congratulate Lena with the 14-year anniversary. He looked intimidating. Tall, about ninety meters, wide shoulders, muscular body, but her face was terrible. My mother said that my father had participated in to combat the competition. After the birth of Alexander, was the name of the father of Helen, I stayed for a few days. Mom, oddly enough, agreed. He lived in the next room with Lena. At night, she heard the snores.
But one day there was no snoring at night. There was a ringing silence. That night Lena's mother was on duty, and Lena was alone with his father in the house. About twelve Helen heard a soft clatter. Her pretended door and entered the room Alexander. He was in his boxers and a tight-fitting T-shirt. In the moonlight, his face was awful! The girl sat on the bed in fright.
- What do you need?
- I just wanted to ask you was once a man?
- No, it was not.
- Hmm ... you have 14, and you + a virgin at the time I fucked girls and the younger you, + He grinned.
It was only Helen guessed why he had come.
- Dad, please do not ...
- Hush, baby + nobody can hear ... in cottages nobody sleeps ... He chuckled and sat down next to Lena.
He held out his huge hand and touched her panties. Lena shed tears. He slowly fingering her pussy through panties. Lena had to admit, it was nice and exciting. Alexander pulled off her panties, stared at mokrenkuyu volosatenky pussy and grunted.
- I have not seen women, because all this time I was in the zone,
Lena opened her mouth, and her father grabbed her and turned sharply, putting cancer. She wanted to escape, but he was stronger. Alexander widely spread legs Lena, once again admired the virgin pussy and drove in Lena his huge dick. From her throat escaped scream of pain and despair. On her feet bled. Alexander sit down to your child's pussy cock. The head of his dick throbbed with the power of her uterus. Lena screamed loudly. Her fingers clutched the blanket, tears streaming down her cheeks.
Alexander quickly moved her hips and moaned with pleasure. Then he began to develop his fingers Lenin anus. Helen screamed, and her father quickly changed the number of fingers. After a minute in her ass was already three fingers in the pussy and quickly moved thick dick. For myself, Elena realized that she is terribly pleasant. She also cried, but was already moving towards the penis and fingers. Then Helen felt the onset of orgasm. The vagina throbbed slightly. His father noticed this and hastened the blows. Helen finished and the father quickly turning it started spewing sperm on her face, chest, stomach. Some got it in her mouth and she drank it.
Father hid his limp dick in shorts and looked Lena. She was lying prostrate on the bed in blood, semen and tears. She was flushed and looked horribly sexy.
- Oh, baby, you're so cool - I'm proud that you're my daughter. He ran into his room and took the cell. When he returned, he took a picture of Lena and, smiling, went to his room. Helen and went to sleep.
The next day, at seven in the morning, Alexander was gone. Helen took a quick shower, wash off the remnants of sperm, blood and tears, gathered their own bed linen and put it in the washing machine. When my mother came, Helen behaved like had happened.