Sometimes it is necessary, and so

Hands firmly as in the Amazon about the films, were tied to the headboard. Amazon was right there, beautiful, not very young woman, black-haired, cigarette in long fingers, mocking glance, the black robe resembling kimono. Extinguish the cigarette and sat down on the edge of the bed.
- I woke up, pretty boy?
- What's happening?
- Well, you went for a massage. Now you get it. Yes, some.
The attempt was futile escape.
- Listen you, masseuse! Now I untie and then ...
- What then? - Insinuating woman asked, stroking my legs. - Fuck? Come on, I'll do it myself. You will like it, I assure you.
Her hands reached the member who treacherously rose.
- Let go of me, whore!
- And you will not behave yourself, you will be engaged in the session after a few ladies. Great dreamer, I must say.
- Hey, come on, - I tried to speak calmly. - There is somewhere near my wife. She probably already looking for me in their offices.
- Oh yeah, my wife - Amazon broke into a charming smile, - I have just had the honor to get to know your spouse. Wonderful shape and temperament of what .... I do not think that it will be looking for you. Busy now thy wife, and available any time soon. Many who want to learn more about it.
In my temples pounding, dick stiffened, however, even more.
- What do you mean?
- Do not you understand? You want details?
- Speak!
- Do you remember the doctor, Semen Abramovich?
- I remember. The old man in his late fifties, belly like a watermelon, terrible like Quasimodo.
- Well, he wanted to Tatiana yours. Yesterday we drank coffee with him because he told me so wistfully says, "I liked here one patient. You too, my dear, I organize it tomorrow, massage it in her will Alisher". Well, I organized. At the same time, and you Poimena, you crush me too ... well, not the soul, of course, to another location.
With that bitch Amazon kicked off her kimono, revealing a rich chest and curly hair triangle and gently lowered the place right on mine, as they say in Eastern erotica, "jade rod".
I felt a wave of sensuality spread through my body. The woman took a deep breath, leaned back slug, squeezing my balls by hand.
- Today Tanya went to massage your Alisher, you saw him, he was a really good massage therapist, although Uzbek. All kinds of sex predpochitatet anal. You, by the way, his wife in the ass then tried?
- No ...- I heard his voice, as though from the outside.
- In vain. However, now with the guys Alisher prepare it, you will not be so narrowly.
- Untie me. Whatever you want, just stop rape my wife.
- Well, - suddenly nasilnitsa quickly agreed. - All I want to, I mean. Yeah. Well then, so - deep cunnilingus, then you fight me from behind in both holes in turn. Then do the same with two other girls. And I'm saving your ass virginity wife. Alisher asses fucked in her Churkestane enough, not even his dick and spoil such beautiful women. I agree?
- Yes.
Further I remember in a fog - Amazon calls someone on a cell phone, saying something about the "Give the girl a break"I fulfill the promises, hands squeeze the elastic buttocks, my tongue works like a fan, penetrating into the depths of my cunt nasilnitsy, a woman yells, pulling my hair long fingers, then shouts, "Put me cancer, male, fuck me". Then I see myself in the mirror, sweaty, contorted face, taker magnificent brunette in gorgeous ass. Cumming violently, scratching his partner's back, digging his nails into the buttocks ...
We lay side by side, on a damp sheet, out of breath.
- Give me a cigarette.
- Yes, - she smiles. - Tell you how to ...
I pauses.
- Yes.
When Alisher began so very frankly to knead the buttocks and climb between her legs, she jerked, type stop. This was the signal. The room went Abramitch, gosh, our second therapist and me.
- She resisted?
- And how. Ghosh and Alisher held her tits played. Abramitch undressed so slowly, looked so says "guys put cancer girl, yeah".
- And then?
- Well then. I had it with pleasure. You should have seen his face. Then Petrovich went surgeon. Noisy you said. Of course noisy, Tanya screamed at Abramitch thin member, but long. And vice versa Petrovich, a short but wide ...
- It it too?
- Yeah. Just put her on her back to him. Feet on his shoulders and drove planting. She came by the way. Craftsman Petrovich, she tried. Then the old men smoked, masseuses fuck her mouth started, I went to see you. That's all.
Member of the mine was ready.
- It is clear - I said hoarsely. - Clear.
Quickly I grabbed the black-haired behind his head, pulled his groin.
- Suck, bitch. And a good suck!

Tatiana came out of the shower, quickly wiped a huge towel, slipped under the covers. I habitually stroked elastic, cool buttocks.
- I'm tired. Let's sleep.
- I believe that she was tired. Four is not a joke.
Her body tensed. Up on his elbows.
- What are you talking about?
- About how you now have two old men and two young. And you had finished. It comes to an end it?
- Yes, it ends - with the call said Tatiana. - And what to do. These brutes keep my nipples squeezed, and the old man fucked like a dog. Then came the second. Lay, said that Cleopatra, on her back. How stuck. But the second was good, the rascal, the rhythm changed, I felt. Concha hard almost lost consciousness. She came, I have two young people ... One bow in her mouth, the other in peepka, rear ...
- They said something?
I have between slim as a magazine cover legs. Member goes somewhere deep.
- Compliments do. You understand what. Like a good blyadischa, ass first grade lye pleasant. Then the old man's phone rang. He spoke, Alisher says "ass girl not to touch, let the home clean and". Santa left, I went into the shower, I stand and think, why can not in the ass. I would not mind.
- Are you serious?
I almost did not move in his woman, but hardly restrain that would not come.
- Of course. I only managed to finish a couple of times. Came out of the shower, the men say, everything is free. I say boys can otebat me in the ass, I agree. Alisher back, boss banned, I can not. I am to him ... cancer unfolds, buttocks parted, he could not resist, of course. Such high. Gosh near Fingering, I say masturbate, mudilo you train me in the mouth have not tried. I Alisher first time sucked, a strong member, a little rough. A Ghosh took me back until grandfathers smoked. He is small, but in the mouth at the time.
I'm coming slowly, trying to press harder to Tatiana. Stop a moment, you're beautiful!

- I do not believe it. Three times in three hours. This has only been in his youth.
- What are your age. You superbizon today.
- It's your merit. I do not know why it does that to me. In reality, he would have died from this, but as a fantasy simply divine.
- This is normal. I am also very excited today. For the first time made you lick me, the second, when told about the ... well anal sex.
- How did you foul language today! I did not expect at all. When I remember, he gets up again.
- Really? Well, let's see ... Oh, well, you give!