No family relationships. Part 1. The evening

For several months, I worked in a company where there were free sexual relations. It turned out that Allen was engaged to the boss Sasha. We often traveled on business trips. Of course sex was always, and I have always enjoyed and everything.
One day Alexander went on some business courses in England and left the company to Alain and me. We have of course turned out everything is fine, but sex during working hours is not desirable because of the turmoil and heavy load. We only kissed in the morning and in the evening, when saying goodbye. So last week. One day we were sitting more than a day for the drafting of documents for the next deal and very tired. Alenka offered to go to her home and sleep. Yes, plus everything was already Friday evening. I agreed, knowing that the most I can get is sex, either, but I loved forms.
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After finishing work we got into her car and drove toward the house. Along the way, we decided to look into a night club where missed a tequila. Alenka what for flirting with the men. And an hour later, when I went to sleep, we decided to go home. She took her out of the club girl of 25. We sat in the car and headed toward the house. In the car, there was something not likely. Alenka suck her, stroking her through dress: chest, stomach and groin. The girl was a beautiful chest, is clearly not the silicone. Very slender, but her face was angular, boyish .. I love. Charming long hair to the waist. I could not just sit and look at it. I woke up and the pants has been tension. Alain beckoned me and showed me to start to kiss a girl Veronica. I immediately began to kiss her beautiful neck, fell below hand to fingers. The skin was velvety and tender greatly. Veronica took my head with one hand, and the second one will cleanse bared breast out of her dress.
Delicious nipple looked at me and I kissed him gently. He took a hand to his chest and gently stroked her slowly. It was the most perfect breasts. Sometimes Alenka or Veronica took me by the hair, causing pain and almost kissed me on the lips. In one such a kiss, Alenka has not dared to return my head to his chest, and sent it down to the pussy Veronica. I knew that the girl sitting on the couch in the car difficult to deliver oral sex and tried to find a more comfortable position. But then Alain lifted my head looked into my eyes, I do not understand them sympathetically watched the second hand she lifted Vicki dress and put her hand in her panties ... eee ... from there pulled out a big long dick. I did not understand how Alenka sent my head at him. Of course, I loved to suck dick, but he could not think about this. I hand picked this member, opened the lips and tongue licked the head. Then he lowered his head and licked him from head to yaitsek.
He was very nice, very smooth, with veins and acute head. Then Vick broke away from kissing in Allen and looked at me.
- Are you the first time suck? Or the first time you see a member?
I was distracted, but did not want to think about anything, and he planted his lips during the entire length of the penis.
- He knows everything, just tired at work. - Said Alenka Vick - he will tell you the class, he's able to, he is a good minetchik.
I decided not to let Alenka course and prove her spoken words. Not removing a member of the mouth, tongue, I licked the base of penis and testicles. Hand raised them to push deeper into the mouth still is a weapon. Then he held it still for a moment and took in lying. I looked into the eyes of the girls. Before my eyes stood out a tear, because it was very deep. Vic patted me on the head and asked him to continue. So we drove about 15 minutes. And soon we have arrived at the house. All brought himself up. Vick hid his penis, but it was strained through a fine dress and it could be seen, but she covered the picture handbag. We entered the house, in the FAE met no one, and the concierge was sitting in his place already sleeping.
They went up to the floor and went home. Alenka not lived modestly. One, in an apartment of more than 150 sq.m. with a huge studio, together with a kitchen, dining room and a guest. This apartment had 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and one toilet. We still drank and Alenka said that I should go to the bathroom and prepare yourself for anal sex. I realized that Vic does not like to "touch" her in the ass, and she is very active. In the shower, I turned on the water and stood under a stream of thought that now would be the same. In the bathroom, I found a single hose with nozzle to the anus. I brought him into her ass and filled with water. After cleaning myself, I went to the studio. The girls were already gone, and I went into the bedroom. Alenka There, standing on the floor on his knees doing blowjob Vick, who was sitting on the edge of the bed. With one hand she stroked Alenka and second squeezed my nipple. She saw me and called me, invited to the second nipple. I went up, knelt on the bed and leaned over to Vicki chest. She leaned back and lay back on the bed. Alenka continued to suck, and I stroked Vick chest and tummy. I was good and I did not want anything more in this world. I heard that Alenka has pulled away from the penis and stood up. Of course, I took her place and began to suck Vick. Again, I plunged into the waves utopia. Someone started to lubricate my hole and insert there a boy. I was in paradise and felt. That is no longer a boy, but something larger is part of me, I looked up and saw me standing Alenka put in me is not a big latex penis and knead the ass. She was already wearing it, and my favorite strap huge size.
I've wanted it. But Vick got up from the bed, and put me on all fours in the middle. Vick came into my ass and started to fuck me wildly. A Alenka gave me in the mouth strap. So they both fucked me for about ten minutes. Vick fell like a chain, it does not change the tempo, just looking at me and very sharp movements tore me. Then they switched places, and Alenka came at me, it was part of the big man in my pain. He was too big to just accept it. But she knew how quickly stretch me. Standing on two fingers of each hand, she began to slowly stretch my ass in different directions at the same time I sat down, I lay down a breast on a bed, and took in his mouth a member, lying in front of me Vicki. Alenka since massaged my ass and entered me. I no longer felt pain and swam, unaware of the existing world, I was just fine. Alenka I fought, and I was sucking dick. Vick was already on the way, began to twitch, and taking me by the head and hugged her strongly.
Member rested in her throat and she began to lower me. The semen was sweet, she was probably in the evening ate sweet fruits, obviously prepared. Was it a lot and I swallowed with great pleasure and joy. Part of course dripping lips. And I did not have time to swallow everything. Then Alenka took out my dick and we both licked member Vicki. Then we chatted still slept naked on the bed. Vicki morning was gone.