Work on the lower level

I work as a bartender in a small diner, whose name I will not mention. All that is worth mentioning here - it's the people who usually looks to us. Girls usually gather in groups of three or four, sit at the far end of the table and spend the evening noisy, with a laugh, but no one interfering. Men seldom come more than two companies. They sit close to the bar and sip whiskey all night, occasionally glancing toward the noisy swarms of women.

I work together with my partner, Lizzie. This 22-year-old girl was the bartender only a year ago, but we have a good idea worked well, so try to go with the change - we were so comfortable, in addition, there was also a couple of reasons. Lizzie was a full head shorter than me, not to mention the width of shoulders, but she had a slim athletic figure - strong hips pumped, lovely breasts third dimension, flat tummy. All this is complemented by long black hair and a comely face with a small nose, big brown eyes and thin lips.

That evening there were fewer visitors than usual. Pouring the next one cocktail, I looked at Lizzie, do the same. Noticing my opinion, naparnitsa slightly turned her head towards me and, still chewing the cud, winked and smiled. This her smile drove me crazy - immediately wanted to see how sweet she yells, jumping on my penis, putting his hands on my chest, closing his eyes from pleasure ... From clothes to her were branded Form: pleated black skirt above the knee, so the black blouse with a bow tie, a white shirt underneath, black slip-on shoes comfortable high heel.

Client Lizzie went somewhere with bloodshot cocktail, also came to see me one more. At this point, workmate came up to me and, again slyly winking, stood nearby. I felt her hand on my pants, stroking his cock through them. Sufficiently high bar to hide it from standing half a meter away from me the visitor. I puzzled glance at Lizzie. She did not look at me, bored gaze was directed to the room, as if she were simply considered people there.

Then she slid down, pretending that she needed something to get it. In fact, she squeezed into a large cavity under the bar and began to unbutton my pants. I realized what she was up, the customer, to whom I poured a drink, have left, so I leaned her hands on the bar and enjoy closed his eyes.

Taking my cock, while Lizzie slowly massaging it with his palm. Then I felt the touch of her tongue to the head - quick, as if hesitant, but then she greedily grabbed the head with his lips, and I realized that she was in no way questioned. Clasping member fingers near the base, she began to sit down on him with her sweet lips, with every move deeper. I put my hand down and stroked her hair, but she confidently threw it away, as if I had interrupted her. Shrugging, I continued to enjoy.

Visitors, as I said, it was a bit far from us at the table were three women age 30-35. They have already drunk enough, and the clothes on each of them was quite frank. I fixed his eyes on one of them red. I thought, coming to such places, she will fuck with somebody. I presented it to the place of Lizzie, suction ... Then I imagined how she licks Lizzy in our locker room ... At this point naparnitsa pulled my hand down.

Sitting next to her, I found her attractive face contented. Wiping his lips with a napkin, she whispered in my ear:

- Your turn.

And he stood. In front of me were her shapely legs. Lifted her skirt, I saw that under her Lizzie put on a modest black panties. With one hand I squeezed her buttocks, the other stretched out to the panties and began stroking right through them. Lizzie leaned forward, closer to me.

I pulled off her panties and immediately pressed his lips to her groin. She was neatly trimmed, there was only a narrow rim of hair. I immediately felt a tart, but taste good ... I squeezed her lips jaws, tongue held between them, insert your finger, played with her clitoris ... During this time, Lizzy managed to serve a few customers, as I heard, they were men. Poor thing ... I strengthened their movement, feeling as she began to shudder all the more strongly heard her suppressed sob, and then her thighs began to tremble, as if his knees are about to buckle. Baby Lizzie finished very quickly, according to her hips flowed viscous liquid, which I gladly licked.

We again changed. Lizzie again massaged, licked and sucked my cock. Second hand crumpling her own breasts through her blouse. Her movements were so furious that I realized - she wants to repay me for orgasm in the same coin. I looked at her and saw that she was a member of the massaging hand, not letting it out of his mouth, and looking at it from the bottom up on me. I felt a wave of sweet rolls again ... put his hand on her neck - this time she did not mind - and a second exploded in her jaws. Lizzie continued to keep the penis in her mouth, never taking his eyes from me. I gripped the bar.

Lizzy several times licked limp trunk member, licking the drops of sperm missed. Again, looking up at me, her tongue out, mired in it. Her pretty face, uncombed hair and black bow-tie effect on me, so that I was ready for re-entry.

And visitors continued to arrive.