Childhood - a super

Childhood was just super! Who still remember about it ... I want to tell you a few stories from his childhood! To begin with, I have a cousin, and we had often played as a child and we played different games, starting with a sandbox and finishing the game in the hospital! She always liked me, and I told her about it.

Once we went to the village to the grandmother in Zhitomir. There our parents helped to cope with the gardens, and we at this time of carefree childhood was performed. When our parents went somewhere, I do not remember much, and we were alone Irochka, well, here it started. I first started to peek under her dress, and then she offered to play in the hospital, of course the first section, I offered her my ass for ukolchiki. Ira pulled out a blade of grass and made a shot with the words:

- An injection.

Then she took me for pisyunchik, began to consider him a long look and interested in, and then she said:

- The patient, you are absolutely healthy and can dress up!

Then we switched roles, and then I started on it bully, I stripped her naked and repeating her by prying off a blade of grass, and did I told her this ukolchik twenty times, it is the tale that she was in pain, but I kissed her in the ass, and then moved on pussy. I licked her pussy with pleasure that excited to such a degree that had the audacity and pulled out his still quite small pisyunchik and tried to shove it between his legs, but Ira squeezed legs and did not let to him, saying:

- We see here, let us go up to the attic.

And in the attic of his grandmother stored hay. So we climbed back and naturally divided. Ira spread her legs, and I was with my little friend tried to get into it! In general, I crawl, crawl on it, so I have nothing and did not work. I'm with her tears and began to lick her pussy! Feeling themselves were nice and the rest of my life!

Honestly, when I recalled all this, and of course everything down, laughing heartily, because childhood is childhood, and how would our adult children were not forbidden to have sex, masturbation, masturbation, etc., they will still do it! And to be honest, I still want to have sex with any young girl, especially looking at my friends' daughter and her 12 years, so I have all the right turns over inside! Well, about masturbation, so guys do not worry, everyone does it, and girls and boys, and uncles and aunts, and even our parents! Incidentally, I saw how my mom masturbating since I did not come down from the excitement a little crazy and masturbate, perhaps, as a member of that nearly erased!