A string of beads-3

The guesthouse we came last. All the rooms in the new buildings were occupied, we got old, even a wooden house. He was deep inside, closed on all the bushes, a single-storey house, with a washstand on the floors, but with toilet and shower on the street. Combat crew of our machine be the first tenants in the remaining vacant rooms promised hooked other latecomers.
Move stuff out of the car, get in the warehouse blankets, mattresses and clothes - that's all the tasks that faced vacationers. As I dragged bales with bedding in the room, the girls explored that will only feed us dinner in the evening. Then they dragged out of the rest room table and quickly covered his household supplies, good bags laden with food and drink stocks. The sun had not yet touched the horizon, and we have fun was in full swing.
In the bedroom of the mansion I was walking the youngest part of our construction company. Women's cries and screams flew through the empty floors, the corridors of catching them, flew slaps on the bare parts of the body. That we played in "the fool" strip. After the players on the clothing remains lower than assumed in polite society, we have moved on "penalty shot glasses". Close to midnight, when the lack of clothing ceased all worry, the game went back to stripping. As a result, Julia played out completely, and not being able to anything to take off - dropped out of the game. I sat barefoot in jeans and watches. Ksenia remained in the pants, but she had to hold his hand his magnificent chest, so that she does not really swinging at card reset. Sveta sat in a T-shirt that hid under bare feet, showing her blue panties. To my surprise, most dressed was Helen.
It was fun, guests, we were not expecting. Not who to us was not the case. Only once at the light went Filippitch. And we have heard from far away, under his heavy steps of the creaking floorboards in the hallway. Kashtanka managed to wrap himself in a blanket, and Ksenia won heaps of things grabbed a T-shirt and quickly pulled over.
- Hey youth!
In response, we fell silent as caught stealing. One Helen did not lose her and busily took out from under the table two bottles of vodka.
- The guest in the house, the joy of the house, - she said. - Filippitch, drink with the girls?
- Young, pours! - He ordered and briskly rubbed his hands together.
I poured over the glass of vodka.
- For our most beautiful women! - Loudly he declared Filippitch and tipped into his mouth full glass. Then he turns kissed all those present, took all the stocks of vodka and went for a walk in your body.
Helen pulled me by the arm.
- Slavik, go for a walk? - She asked. We went out into the corridor, but for some reason, instead of the street headed to the stairs leading upstairs. As it turned out, our house was not two, but three floors. In the attic under the roof there was another room - mezzanine. That's up to him and rushed Lenka.
- I have a dream, - she said, getting up the stairs. Only you do not laugh, I promise!
- I promise, I said, and mentally prepared for the wildest fantasies of it.
- I have long wanted to pee from a height. Here.
- Just.
- It's easy for you to do, replied Lena, went to the window and pulled the hose ready. And I can even fall out.
We stopped at a tiny staircase to the door alone.
- Breaking! - Defiantly threw me Lena.
- All you have to break, - I muttered, - thought necessary here. Kneeling down, I began to study the lock carefully. The door itself did not cause fear, shaky plank design with a cheap pen. Lena leaned over and breathing in my ear, whispered - Well?
- One minute, I said, and opened his knife. But it is not easy to press the tongue turned the lock, and weak dusty light was not conducive to speed.
- Can you hurry up, - I whined Lenka - I'll pour in your pants!
- Do not pour her, have time to jump. Especially not to the last figure was hated - I muttered, picking at the castle.
- Silly, otherwise it is impossible, all the buzz disappears. It is necessary to build up a little more, and then give a jet that would fly to the ground.
- Until the Earth is nonsense, but if the moon - wow.
The castle finally surrendered, the door creaked disgusted and let us inside. Mezzanine turned two-room unit. In the first room were a refrigerator, a table, two chairs and a wardrobe in the second room - a sofa, a coffee table with a lamp on the nightstand pylilsya TV. Carpeting led from the front door to the balcony. While I was examining all this economy, Lena danced impatiently on the ground, holding his pants falling down. Buttons shorts unzipped it in advance. In the moonlight, it was clearly visible tan line on her stomach, then dazzling white skin, below the darkened edge of the pubic vegetation.
- What are you looking at? Waiting when the flow, so not long from now! Open the balcony.
Cockroaches rustle broke last year newsprint, where the balcony door was papered. With scraps of newspapers we dropped a cloud of dust. Specks of dust, caught up street draft, like fireflies swirled under the moon beam. Behind someone grunted. I turned around, Lenka, funny raised his upper lip, desperately rubbing the nose - Who sneeze! And just in the silence of the floor loudly it sounded - AFC-hee. And once again the AFC-hee Prix.
- Fuck! What a bad luck, still shed! I looked out from under her short leg Lenka ran a trickle, decorating carpet wet spot.
Lenka took off wet shorts and threw them on the televizor.- Come what stoyat.- On the balcony she tried to attach his ass between the bars of the fence.
- No, it will not work. I'm just back Obol their poor sandals. Slavik, help! Put me on the railing.
I easily picked up Lenka body and made it to the fence.
- Where ?, she stopped me - do not go, I will fall down! Stay close.
I was hugging her girlfriend for thin thighs. Lenka pressed against my chest, and then, settling back, shifted on the railing. I calmed down, lifted up her head, met with me his shameless eyes and there was a soft hiss in the silence of the summer night. Somewhere out there, a small jet engine whistled between my hands. According to shake legs I knew that Helen tries his best. A stream of her urine, gleaming in the light of a lantern, in flight broke into droplets, and silently disappeared into the black grass.
-Phew. She gasped, when the flow has dried up. - You've seen?
- Seen, but more than heard.
Sparkling white naked ass, Lena returned to the room. She touched the sofa, drew the dusty track on the TV screen. It was evident that she was up to something.
- Slavik, what is the most humiliating for a woman to pose? Suddenly she asked.
- With the pick of the road construction.
- No, I'm talking about sex.
- I do not know. Probably ... cancer.
Lena went to the couch, got on his knees, and his hands and his head placed on the back. - So?
- No. I went back and bent the girl in knee-elbow position. - Like this.
Lenka bottom-up looked at me through the widely divorced his feet and said, - Well, what are you waiting for? Before you stands a woman with cancer bare ass, and you still think you will be?
Personally, I did not think or anything. Remove the jeans and unroll the condom over the penis, the matter of ten seconds. On the advice of Filippychev, with the tires I did not leave and constantly he dragged her back pocket.
- Just sharply, the entire depth of the most eggs, but not like the time on the river, - demanded bitch.
- Once it happens, - I replied. - Too much talking, sex is harmful.
When tired and smeared with dust, we returned to the room, there were only light and Ksenia.
- Where were you? Ksanka asked suspiciously.
- On the attic climbed.
- And they found him?
- Besides dust and dirt nothing.
- A sense of climb?
- A sense of vodka to drink, because the morning will be sober again. Sense - in the process. Better tell me where Kashtanka?
- As promised, I'm her naked with a bottle of vodka in the territory has sent to walk.
- And if you do not come back, it will be gone?
- Where it is more men go?
- That's it! With bare ass to the men in the company, it is dangerous.
- Not Julia, rush to catch all summer.
- Ksanka, you cruel boy! - Helen announced. She took a towel and went into the shower.
- Lenka, I wait, - I said.
- Even then, snapped Oksanka - Come bathe in the pond, the water is now warm.
- What is it, I asked. But the light only waved her hand and began to clean up the table.
The door opened without a knock in the opening sailed female ass, lightly covered with men's shirts, under the body could be seen Filippychev powerful torso, he carried it Kashtanka putting the shoulder.
- This is your lass? What she sits naked in a ditch?
Filippitch easily as a child, Julia passed on the bed. She tried to say something, but only moaned, unable to even move. As Julia tossed on the bed, so it was left to lie in an unbuttoned shirt. Left chest stared at the ceiling brown nipple, the right is hung down on his side. In the face smeared makeup residues and still not understand that. Legs spread wide, stuck in the vegetation of grass and some other debris, buttocks and knees Kashtanka were stained green grass juice. The spectacle was even then, even photographed and printed as a poster Temperance.
In response, Oksanka filled a glass of vodka and handed Filippychev.
- For the salvation of the body of the Prodigal! she -obyavila. Filippitch grunted, drank vodka and snacks instead tried to kiss Ksenia. But she deftly slipped and put his teeth in a pickle. Filippitch crunching Biting, convinced that vodka on the table is no more, and disappeared into the night again.
Oksanka pulled out from under the bed, a bottle, a glass and filled a second time and went to bed.
- Yulechka bitch you are ours, vodka drink be?
- Oksanka stop, where she still? - Outraged Helen.
But Ksenia was not listening, she gently held the Kashtanka shoulders and poured vodka, the one on the machine swallowed the liquid.
- Now she will sleep until morning, - he announced Ksanka, returning to the table.
As if to refute her words from the bed there was a strange noise. We turned around, started from Yulka hiccup.
- Now begin to vomit - said Light.
- It is necessary to move it into the sink, - suggested Helen.
- Here are messing with the drunken beast!
- It is better to include - supported the Light - it can suffocate:
- Or worse, will stink, - interrupted Oksana. - Glory, dear, to shift the carcass on the windowsill. If she will puke, it is better on the street.
- And do not be thrown out?
- It should not, her fleshy ass, the center of gravity to remain indoors. You sves her hands out, what would not fall into the room.
With some difficulty with the help of the girls I was able to place a limp body. How Ksenia and I assumed Kashtanka steadily lying on the window sill, dangling arms and head out into the street, and leg room. We went back to their seats at the table.
- No, you look at this whore! - Outraged Oksanka - how many men she has served today.
- Where? - I did not understand the World.
- On the hole her look.
Indeed, according to Kashtanka feet smeared earth and grass juice, dripping muddy drop of sperm. They ran down to the knees, then take it out on the floor.
- That's how much time should be given that the sperm would not fit in this dyrische? I Kashtanka come off at full speed. Yulechka, how many men have been today?
In response to Julia I mumbled something, tried to rise, but only with the noise of the gases released and again hung limply on the windowsill. The dangling silence resounded Lenkina chuckle.
- Very funny - angrily muttered Oksanka.
As we sat and bulling for life, Kashtanka beginning to recover, it is weak insecure movements tried to slide down. Once I caught Julia and put back the second time not to follow. In the middle of our conversation at the window there was a roar, it Kashtanka fell from the windowsill. Now she's on all fours crawling around the room. Together with the light, we dragged Julia in place, she lowed, rested and persistently tried to continue driving. As a result, physical strength won, Kashtanka hoisted again on the window sill, and after a few seconds, were punished. Before we sit down at the table as the window came the sound of falling water.
- The mare fucked! - Ksenia exploded.
Indeed, today Kashtanka most like a horse. Hands not seen one big ass and between widely spaced legs, the floor thick drums urine stream. Oksanka angrily tore the bed Yulkinu sweatshirts and threw it at his feet.
- Why did you do that? - Outraged Light. - It's not my fault!
- So we are guilty because we washed out of it!
- The poor - his voice Helen - so that's why Julia was trying to escape, she wanted to use the toilet, and you are not allowed, so she described.
Lenka But no one heard. Light Oksana grappled in earnest. I caught myself thinking that I was damn tired of it. It would be nice to get away somewhere and lay down to sleep, at least on the third floor. Fortunately the door to the attic already broken.
The noise died down instantly when Kashtanka exacerbated their dirty work. First ... there was a roar produced by gases, and then on her feet started to slide pieces of shit and slaps to fall into a puddle on the floor.
- I will kill her! - Ksenia moaned and clutched her head - Slavik, my dear, and you, Lena, pull this thing on the pond and rinse thoroughly. No, better to drown, and then throw somewhere on the first floor. To see more of her I can not.
Nothing to do, had to drag the carcass Yulkinu the pond. There I threw Kashtanka in shallow water, and Helen tuft of grass began to wash the shit with his girlfriend.
- Not when you do not think that pissed or crap woman is so repugnant - Helen lamented. - Anything with alcohol knotted, God forbid, get drunk to the point.
Clean and sober little Julia, we were placed in the hallway on the oilcloth couch, though she managed to mess oneself on the way back again, and now there was a puddle of wet and still in the corridor, but it is a trifle.
Finally, closer to dawn, we went to bed, sliding along three beds. She asks as a married woman went to the edge, and Ksenia and Helen settled around me. And often in the middle of the night, when their hands met, I was in a dream, heard the squabble over who is what will keep me.
The end.