Special Clinic Profile

A few years ago I worked in one of the Moscow Medical Institute and the story I told a nurse named Galya a college clinics. She told me how she came to work in one of the clinic offices and met with the local manners on the part of sex.
On the first day, when she was changing, she noticed that the older sister stared at her underwear. Galya was then (it was quite a long time) in an old-fashioned linen: a long white combination is not very long bodily stockings on a wide belt (not nylon) type polukorseta, bra and long pink silk pants with elastic bands at the bottom, cover her full legs of stockings. As she spoke, she wore such trousers because she has a very full legs and pantyhose quickly rubbed between your legs. So, head nurse without embarrassment, and told her that the dress and panties should be removed and a bathrobe is not wearing any panties or pants, because the so require doctors separate them. Otherwise, she said, zamuchat different chicanery at work and life will not sweet. Galya said:
- And what do the women doctors of their separation? After all, male doctors for them is not a decree.
- The same thing - the older sister said, this requires them to zavotdeleniem because he often likes to run his hand under the robe, not only nurses but also the woman doctor. And it can not be denied for the same reason. Therefore, even those women in the office who wore stockings were forced to wear the belt and stockings ...
- But then through a translucent white coat everything is visible - Galya said.
- Do you wear a combination of long - advised her older sister - against her doctors do not have anything against it.
Frankly, Galia did not take it seriously: dress-she withdrew, but the pants to shoot did not, although seen as a very big sister not how much embarrassment lifted knitted dress, tight fitting her complete body of 35 year old blonde, she hung it on a hanger in wardrobe, she took out a white robe and put it on. This Galya drew attention to the fact that she's older sister has been in a long white combination with small lace at the bottom and, in addition to a pale blue long silk pants with elastic bands at the bottom vyglyanuvshimi from under the hem of the combination at the moment when she pulls off her dress. But that was not all. Buttoning gown buttoned older sister, Gale turned to his back, lifted the hem of her gown to the waist with a combination of fast and took off pants. At a moment Galya saw her magnificent ass, a piece of white belt with rubber bands, fastened to the black stockings. Then, tossing it carelessly tossed panties on the shelf in the closet and took out a paper napkin. Then she opened her purse, tossed next to a chair, and took from it a bundle and tube of toothpaste. Not paying any attention at Galya, she took out a small contraction ladies rubber contraceptive cap and abundantly smeared the edges toothpaste from a tube. Then, all being well as back-to Gale, her knees spread wide poluprisela aside, he lifted the hem of her and opened her lips of the vagina, insert the cap. Then she wiped her crotch with a napkin, threw it in the trash and slowly carefully odernuv hem and wore a white cap. Finally she turned to red as a poppy, Gale, looked at it wide-eyed with undisguised amazement.
- What are you watching? - Unceremoniously threw it Gal - on the need to protect themselves: anything can happen, especially on the night shift, it makes all of us, our some men with condoms do not like, and spiral too uncomfortable (I have it flowing days of ten) . You also have to do it, and that you know she will fly and do not have time to blink with our fellows, or are you still a virgin, even though for you it does not say - sarcastically remarked the older sister.
- No, embarrassed - said Gal.
- Well - I said Elena soothingly (the name of an older sister) - gradually get used to it, and went to work.
The fact that the older sister was right Galia convinced already in the first day, when at the end of the day she had to clean up the office, where she worked as a doctor by the name of Vadim.
It was quite a prominent and well-groomed man, forty years. She laid out the history of the disease on the shelf, in the order in which it is asked to do, Vadim, and then going to use the tools and carried them into the autoclave to boil and wiped the floor with a wet cloth, in fact the last to be done orderly, unfortunately she was ill, and older sister Galya asked to do.
- We all have to do it - she said. Galya is understood as more than once confronted with it during practice in medical school. She has already completed a wipe the floor when entered the room Vadim. She felt egopristalny look at his back.
- Look, but the dust under the couch - said Vadim.
- Where? - Galya said, she had just wiped out there.
- You bend over and look at lower - said Vadim. Reduced, low - he said at the time, when leaned Galya, looking under the couch. What do you mean, and our orders do not know, do not you Elena explained.
- What? - First I asked Galya and suddenly broke off. She realized that Vadim saw her pink pants under the robe when she bent over, looking under the couch.
- Why, and for batteries dirt and dust come washed and until the end, you will not go home - unceremoniously Vadim said. And anyway, what Elena did not spend with you coaching? - He added. Galya realized what kind of briefing was discussed, but there was nothing, and she began to wash the battery ...
The next day, I am going to work the evening shift, Gal wearing a wide white belt with rubber bands, fastened to his stockings, put on a new white lace bra, lace kombinashku, white long pants. A critical glance at himself in the wardrobe mirror and remembering yesterday, she firmly put in her purse small white silk panties and went to work. In the evening, Elena Nikolaevna was not in the locker room and changed clothes Galya with two other nurses - Faith and Natasha - 25-27 years.
- You're the new girl? - They asked Galya.
- Yes, that's the second day - Galya said.
- And with our orders do you know?
- Yes, actually, Elena enlightened me, but I do not think so once the bat ...
- Are you with anyone last night, I did not work with Vadim it?
- Yes.
- He does not like to wait, and it is clear he is very strict and nasty, will cling on every detail until he gets his way. The girls smiled and began to dress, discussing some party and sidelong glancing at Galya. When they removed the dress, left in white kombinashkah. Then, thin blonde Natasha, raising the hem combination pulled off her tights with small knitted briefs, pulled out of his locker stockings and a belt and put them on. Faith, which was brown-haired woman of average build, but with large breasts appeared in long white silk panties and stockings on a belt the same as in Gali. She calmly took them off and threw it in the closet. Galya followed suit, then opened her purse, took out underwear and began to wear them ....
- You should not do it again, for you will be to find fault with all and sundry, - said Vera, casting a sidelong glance at Galya.
She turned to Natalie and asked:
- Nata help put a cap, but I like myself will wear, so I have it falls down at the crucial moment.
- Well, - said Natasha, - but lie down on the couch. At this point, squatting she had introduced himself cap is very small in size, which is pulled from her purse. This done, she washed her hands with soap and water and went to the couch, where Vera was lying, with his combination of lifting and legs wide apart, knees bent. With one hand she took Verin cap is much larger, which Vera previously pulled out of the bag and put it beside him on the couch, flattened it, sat down on the couch top at the feet of the Faith, and, extending his other hand fleshy shaven lips Verin, vagina began to enter the cap. Performing this procedure she leaned over and spent the tongue on the lips of the vagina Verin passionately kissed her clit. After that, a glance at the crimson Galya, watched the whole scene the girls laughed, throwing at the same time:
- Stop embarrassed stupid, get used to our orders because of them not going anywhere. By the way do you have a cap, he threw Galya?
- No, - said Galina - I never used and do not know which size I need.
- Then after work Natka you select, it does it very well - said Vera. Then, wearing white coats and hats, nurses went to work.
This evening there was not much work, not counting the night shots and Vadim, who was also on duty, did not bother. The truth is in the ladies' toilet Galya met Bela - vrachihu 50 years of their shifts, full brunette comes out of the booth and pull up the hem, wrapped up his robe belt with twisted combination of pale pink on a full stomach, heavily favored over the pubis, covered with thick black hair. Gale was evident that Bela was short stockings just above the knees, fastened to his belt pink gums and no panties or knickers. Bella quietly pulled down her skirt, washed her hands and walked away.
With eleven pm Galya was sitting in the hall on the site of the nurse on duty and dozing. However, she still saw as a big sister Elena, who came to work late, he went to the examination room, where at that time was Vadim. Somewhere around half past ten on the table Ghali phone rang and a man's voice asked Elena Nikolaevna. Still not entirely detached from their sleep, Galya looked into the study's older sister, Helen was not there and Galya went to look for her. Looking into the observation, Galya was dumbfounded.
The first thing that struck her big hairy ass Vadim standing with his pants down with his back to the door at the foot of the couch on which the crustaceans with widely spaced legs in black stockings and bare ass was rhythmically swaying jolts Vadim's older sister.
- Elena Nick ... - broke from Gali and then she broke off.
Immediately Vadim and Elena turned their heads toward Ghali and simultaneously asked:
- What do you want?
- Yes, you are the phone.
- Say'll be right there, just finish it, - said Elena after Gale jumped out of the cabinet ...
Only after returning to his seat to Gali I realized that meant big sister, saying only finish ... And a little excited voice Gal said:
- Please wait, Elena free and will soon come.
Elena came seven minutes later in his dressing gown with two lower buttons unbuttoned. I sat down on the table. From opened its robe seemed strip of white leather over black stockings and white and pink elastic garters. Have not yet started to talk, she threw Gale:
- Come into the consulting room.
Galya got up and went into the office. Upon entering, she saw Vadim Nikolaevich in trousers and coat, standing at the window with his back to her. He turned around and the first thing that caught my eye Gale is swollen underneath gown Vadim.
- You know, dear, - once said softly Vadim - in ancient Persia, a messenger who brought bad news were killed, but we thank God not Persia, and we are not beasts of some kind, but Lena is finished, and I do not myself know in a way I work because I can not.
- And I'm here, I can do - Galya said, puzzled.
- Nothing special, - he said Vadim and embracing Galya's waist, gently pushed her to the couch. He himself turned back and then Galya felt as he pressed against her back with his whole body and his hand on his hip, lifts the hem of the robe with the combination. Hand crawled to the place where the stocking has ended and moved slightly forward to buckle garters and crawled down the gum to his underpants.
- Even better, - said Vadim - but still you are not dressed in form. But this is something we are now recovered. And then Galya felt like his other hand from the other side lifted the hem of her robe together with a combination of up to the waist. Then she felt a little Vadim pulled back and slowly rose to his knees and pulled off her panties Ghali. Then he cupped her hands over his stomach, covered with only a belt for stockings and kissed magnificent Galina ass. In the ass crawl and then Galya felt like Vadim got up from his knees the whole body pressed against her back and began to passionately kiss her neck. Suddenly he pulled back for a moment and again pressed against her, and suddenly she felt his bare stomach and erection pressed against her buttocks section. From such a sudden turn of the head from Gali went round, and then there's Vadim gently pressed his body on her back so that she had to lean his hands on the couch, she, of course, was expecting something like that. But everything happened so quickly, so that she could not utter a word. And then there it felt like Vadim your knees spread her legs and suddenly felt distinctly damp head of his penis on his crotch.
- Vadim, Vadim, you what? So you can not, I'm not protected, the wait ... - suddenly burst it.
Vadim stopped for a moment and asked:
- And this something you ever worked?
- Yes - Galya said quietly. - But only with a condom.
- Oh, and then I can not stand them, - said Vadim. Well our girls will help you later, but for now we'll do so ... And he Galya turned to face him, deftly she unbuttoned her coat and took it off the combination, pulled out a bra curvy Galina chest, gently put her on the couch, stood between her spread legs with both hands, gently brought her breasts and put his penis between her breasts. And here as in some nightmare Galya saw crimson penis, it appears and disappears between her breasts. In this case, Vadim thumbs began to massage her nipples and then Gal Gal felt the nipples suddenly excited and went to crawl. And it is here that the door opened and in walked in elder sister.
Oh, and then you complete the order - she said.
- No, - said Vadim - it is not protected, so we had to like this ... But I'll finish it, and you would have helped her.
- Well, - has agreed to Elena, she sat on the couch next to ... Galya, clasping her with one arm around the waist, veiled only belt, and the other put on Galina slot. Here Galya felt the middle finger Elena Nikolaevna penetrated her vagina, and your thumb massaging her clit. A few moments later she saw Vadim member of her breasts spilled semen fountain, and then she suddenly felt she swam ...
- Well, that's the order, - said Elena. She pulled her hand from Galina vagina, pulled from his pocket a bathrobe napkin and wiped his hand.
- Wait a minute, but this give me a little bit of makeup - and then she ran her hand over Galin breasts covered with sperm and then gently smeared it over his face, chin and neck. Perfect makeup - she said Gale, grinning.