First, I do not want to go

All this began with the fact that I have once again arrived on affairs of the company on a business trip. I learned at the station that the train with me come ... young professionals to practice. I immediately realized that I can not work now.
...I walked down the hall administration building and saw him ...
I looked him straight in the eye and could not take his eyes, to my surprise, he was staring into my eyes. I caught up with him and realized that I want it so much that my cock begins to swell.
What is it with me? I thought I went into the office, aroused as a child, like a schoolboy at puberty ....
No, these thoughts away from me. I need to work, but the work did not go. After sitting a little bit, thinking about it ... I realized that the work will not go today, I began to look for different ways to get out and look at him. To my luck, staffing something broke on the computer, I was called to fix it. Entering the room, I was dumbfounded, he was sitting there .... Having decided not to file any attention, I corrected and withdrew, not to miss the chance again to cast his gaze otsenyayuschim.
When he came to my office .... The work I did not think. I started to have fun as always ... climbed on various websites to see the boys. Then I called a few more times in the frames for different breakdowns .... So was the rest of the day.
The next day, going to the office, I saw a crowd of young bodies, who came to practice and expect to turn near the HR office.
In this crowd there was nothing interesting, or rather anyone who could be interested in me. It upset me.
This day was much better and more fruitful for the work.
In the evening, I had a bath, and I wanted to catch it at least someone from the newly arrived workers, so simply watch and evaluate.
What was my surprise when, going to the steam room, I saw it ... the very boy whom I met in the corridor look ... ...) As I was delighted. I thought it was something. He was a handsome 19 year old boy ... a little thin, with my height, dark hair, and it seemed that the eye must necessarily be blue, but it they were bright green and shone a strange gleam. In his mind it was obvious that he, too, am glad to see me ... But it would be strange that the two strangers guy ... It's all happening in the Russian hinterland, where the hearing may have heard, but strongly criticized and condemned gay unions.
Not knowing how to behave in this situation, I decided to let it go. I had no desire to leave, although the steam room was the horrible and the temperature was over 100 degrees. He did not back down and held as he could. When he came out of steam, I followed him. We went to the dressing room and began to talk. More precisely, I asked ...
- For a long time to us? - Knowing the answer.
- Until the autumn. - With some sadness he answered
- Why so dull?
- Yes people you are good. Lovely ... such - and looked in my direction.
I was not myself from such eager eyes, as if he were devouring me whole. I knew it was time to cool down under the ice shower, and the consequences do not take long to wait. He followed after him, and I could only see well, it begins to swell, 18-inch cock. Here I think as things are going .... I just broke up with svom boy and went on a business trip - forget how immediately fell in love with the new boy. That's funny. ...)
This went on for two hours. It was, perhaps, already 12 o'clock, when we were alone, and I decided to ...
Once again, having gone to rest after the pair I asked him ...
- Do you like me? - Afraid to look at him. In response, he heard some quiet and uncertain.
- Yes....
- I like you too.
- But I ... - he started making excuses.
- Yes, I do not think anything. Just think, we like each other, and so what?
- No. - he said. - I like you in another way.
- You, too, I like you as a man, and I want you and what's wrong with that?
- But this is not normal?
- I do not know. For me it's the norm.
He looked at me strangely, but decided not to question further. We showered, dressed and went to the hostel. On the way, we talked on various topics as if they knew each other since childhood.
Coming to the hostel, we exchanged numbers of rooms and went from room to room. In parting, I said ...
- Come to visit me.
On what he told me ...
- I am sure'll come today.
An hour later there was a knock on the door opened .... I saw it. It was all in the same sweat pants and a T-shirt the same. In our hostel, as in all there is a sitting room, where there is a television. I do not watch TV, or rather those pitches that I enjoy sitting near .... Therefore, in my room was a small car, a color TV. We sat a long time talking to all sorts of topics like good friends since childhood and had not seen for a long time. The room had three beds. Twin beds were always occupied, and one is always empty, in case of arrival on a business trip who realties of our department. Conspiracy, he was to spend the night in our room on the spare bed.
As time went on .... He was now a regular guest in our room. One day, my neighbor stayed the night at work on business ... and ... That evening he as always came to visit after 9 pm. He has consistently spent the night with us, and I did not perceive it as a partner, rather, he moved into the category - friends. We just had a long conversation, but then started some movies with erotic themes. It was about an hour the night. Knowing that the next bed is bad, I invited him to be seen to change on my bed and pushed her feet. He happily agreed. I was very tired and the eyes themselves were closed. By the way the film has got me a little member and I was standing when I told him to shut the door and I'm going to sleep. Finally instructed to turn off the TV. I closed my eyes, I could not sleep. So I lay there for half an hour, but my riser not subsided. I felt his hand on the penis. He slowly as if by chance began to drive his hand over my cock. I was already at the limit .... His body trembled. Few svykshayasya with everything going on, he decided not to slow down and walked away. He carefully climbed hand under the blanket and has stroked my cock through the panties ... what it was a thrill. I wanted to show that I do not sleep. He took his hand with his, and he looked me in the eye. It was evident Lazy fright. I took him abruptly passed through himself on the bed and began to kiss passionately. He answered me in return. With one hand, I gently stroked his back and the other hand I kneaded his ass. Then he groped his standing member. This went on for about five minutes, and then we looked at each other, and I said ...
- Let's sleep.
He understood me ..., quickly undressed and climbed into someone not under the covers. It was just super. How long I have not slept in the arms of a boy, especially with the fact that I like so much. We began to passionately kiss and fondle each other. Our excitement was at the limit, he slowly began to descend, covering ... all of my neck, chest, belly ... kisses. Slowly took off my pants, tongue played with my head and swallowed it. I had a feeling that he has experience in such matters. As he confessed to me later, he was all for the first time. He slowly began to suck my cock. I stepped back a bit and spread his legs, what would it have been more convenient. It was just great. Suck a little, he said ...
- I wish that you had entered into me.
This statement a bit confused and even scared me. He said that he had never tried to like it. I decided not to deny him, I myself would like it very much. I could not afford to refuse a pleasure. I explained to him that it would be very painful at first, then very well. I did not have any grease or gel, had to do a simple saliva. Smeared his penis and his small, virgin hole. After working there a finger, I said ...
- Next ... - We invite you to view waved member side. He sat on top. I told him to sit on top, in order to control the process, but he knew where he was going anywhere .... He took my penis in his rosette and a little pressed, noting ...
- Very painful. He does not climb.
- Relax.
I began to massage his ass, and he said it will be easier to masturbate, which he began to do. I'm taking advantage of the moment, it became a little squander on your count. He began to say that he was hurt, I reassured him. He began to kiss and when he relaxed, distracted from the pain, I drove him to his penis into the half, he wanted to scream, but his mouth was busy with my tongue. I tried to get off, but I held him with his own hands. Ceased to kiss, I said, now it will take place.
- You relax.
- It hurts badly.
I continued to knead his ass. He felt the hand that he was the pope, and said ...
- You already drove half?
- Yes...
He laughed.
- Cool.
I felt his anus relaxed a little, I began to move forward.
- You masturbate. There he is at you what has become large.
He became passionate and quick wank. At that time I started to fuck him slowly and very carefully. He was beginning to like it. I increased the pace. All stronger and deeper will drive his cock. He had himself become a bounce on my cock. I held him by the waist and controlled the tempo. A little jump, and I began to cum right inside him, and he began to finish right on my chest. When the last trickle of fell on my stomach, he fell behind her no longer able to sit. He lay on me in my sperm and I patted his hand on the head - While playing with his hair. Then I pulled my dick out of his backside and we got up, that would wipe away the traces of our passion.
- It was cool - he said.
- Did you like it?
- Yes .... From the beginning, of course, it hurt, but then it was so kayfovo.
- You even had time to finish. ...)
- Yes. Before me never such was.
- I had not even thought that you can fuck with a guy.
After taking a rest and having had a drink of water, we went to bed. A few hours later I woke up on what someone sucks my dick. It was he....
- Here you are insatiable.
He raised his head and smiled.
- Let's...
We went to Jack, and I began to suck his dick, and he's mine. A little sucking, I felt that he began to finish, right in my mouth. Suck out every last drop, I pulled out his penis. Strangely his sperm had no taste. Why is that? It's that time continued to suck my dick hard. Ten minutes later, I drove him to his dick in the throat and began to finish.
Kiss, we fell asleep ...
In the morning we got up, got dressed, kissed and went to work. He continued to come every day, in the evening, sometimes we could be alone, and we did not miss the chance to have sex.
Then we made new friends, had sometimes gangbang. I began to love to go on business trips, but that's another story ....

Sincerely your author Nikita.