Hello Dedushka Moroz!

Kohl, along with other programmers came on a business trip in one of the suburban towns shortly before the New Year. It was necessary before the holidays pass to the customer system, and, as usual, began rush work. Places in the dormitory of the enterprise was not seconded placed in the private sector, in a cottage, at the woman Dunya. The staff was young and cheerful. Men's half lived in one room, women - in another. From facilities in close corridor was water dispenser over the sink, water dripping from the sink in a bucket, the bucket had to be periodically emptied outdoors. There, on the street, it was a toilet-type toilet not designated by any letter, because the cabin had one at all. Work progressed well, basically had time to time, but, as usual, were minor issues for which the customer would close his eyes. That's what the customer to sometimes turn a blind eye to the deficiencies. Kohl had in the last week before the New Year to go to Moscow. On the way back he took with him a champagne, fruit, sweets, to celebrate the New Year early with the team, I came on the train to the city of N, walk to their house. Kolya saw that everyone is going urgently to Moscow. Drink champagne flatly refused, as were going to go on a well-defined train. Spend the night there was only one Kate, who planned tomorrow morning to work, and tomorrow night to go home. Nick joined her, departing greeted his decision with thunderous applause and shouts "Bitterly!".
In the evening, Kate and Nick laid the table, dressed up for a holiday. Kohl put Santa Claus hat and beard made of cotton, which for the year wore on Ponta New Year festivities. Kate wore a white knit cap and showed a Snow Maiden. Glasses they were not, they drank champagne glasses. After the second glass started kissing. Kolya got his wand, pants are tighter. Kissing a woman, he began to stroke her breasts, gently squeezing his fingers. Then the man's hand was the cheeky assimilated under the skirt drunk Katie. Kohl stroked her thighs, spreading them wider, then stuck his hand deeper and found that there is no panties girlfriend, fingers rest on the hot pussy.
-Why are you without panties?
-I have to prepare for the evening, not a substitution. This take?
-I'll take right now!
-Fuck me!
Kohl, inspired by what has been said, even more emboldened, took off her blouse and bra woman and kissed her breast. A friend pulled:
-Wait, I want to amenities, in bed. Just do not want an animal, you must still be washed away.
-I do own a substitution.
-But you can be frustrating.
-Quite the contrary.
They poured a kettle of hot water into the pan, diluted with cold water from a bucket. Kohl's profile Katia naked; She sat on her hips, and he began to undermine it with one hand, the second hand poured from a cup, and saying:
-So, at first we will wash our hairy pussy. Ah, what soft pussy lips, as she is now shove a sausage! And where have our girls ass? Here it is, nezhnenko. Now, mud and a second hole, and suddenly there sausage penetrate? Maiden, why are you so hot between the thighs?
-This is to warm you, Santa Claus.
Jetting woman Kohl wiped it with a towel and wanted to lay down on the bed. But Kate has decided not to deprive yourself of pleasure and undercut lover. He crouched over the basin, and Katya, without dressing, as the house was hot check point heated, washed his charms.
-What is our cat tail hefty! Yes, he is still growing in the front! See what becomes tremendous! Would not the cat broke his contraption my little pussy! And here's a dirty ass. Fear not, the priest, is now going to have a clean and fragrant, will kiss you can. Santa Claus, why do you have such a huge # uy!
-This is to ensure that you are not bored, the Snow Maiden.
Prichindaly Koli was also washed and wiped, Kate went to bed. At this time, there was a knock at the door. Again.
-Who the hell are there? Okay, I go, open, and prevent it in the most interesting moment.
Kohl wore sweatpants, put on a sweater, opened the door. On the threshold was the hostess.
-What is it you are in a cap and with a beard? Childhood remembered?
-Childhood - the best part of life!
-Oh, this I intelligentsia! When you are away?
-Do not forget your things, and give me the keys this morning. And what are you so red?
-It's hot in the house.
-It's hot - not cold. Well, good night, I went.
When Nick entered the room, he saw that Kate is lying on his back, one arm arousing her clit and the other - caressing nipples.
-Mean Girls, give me your charms! Wait can not!
-No longer my patience! All terpelka weary. I really thought you were a woman Dunya in the hall jammed, come not soon. Hello, Santa Claus beard made of cotton!
-I know I know. You brought us so many, fag hunchback?
Kohl dropped the sweater and pants, took off his beard and hat, and lay down beside him. They are intertwined arms and legs, and the first five minutes of frantic suck and then storming their mouths with their tongues to each other. Colin's hand wandered on the female body, finally appeared between the thighs Katie. Pussy was wet with desire. The man lay on his back, his girlfriend was on top, in position 69. Their tongues and lips greedily licked and sucked the genitals. Nick drove a woman to orgasm, put to one side, and forced her to finish second, with a force of will drive his cock into her squelching a girl. Continuing to caress Katya partner lay on his back, seated on top of his charming rider. Only she was not sitting on his back "horse"And his huge stick, hard as iron. She rode for some time face-to-Cole, at this time he squeezed her breasts and hips. Then Kolya forced Kate to sit on his back to the Member "horse"He squeezed her little ass and she just jumped from "drive"As on potholes. The woman asked:
-I want to finish, and only with cancer.
Kohl put it in a pose of submission, it was defenseless against the back of proud men with a rod sticking out. Clasping his sides Katya, Nick began rhythmically "pump up" her his "pump". Kate clutched hands in the pillow, moaned, cried and finished. Almost immediately a powerful flow of sperm rushed into it. She felt that Kohl has completely mastered it, and again cried, huddled in his hands. And the man put his right hand on her back, pinned her to the bed, and the other hand holding her left thigh. He continued to pour into it the remains, the last drops of the miraculous water. Lovers long lay side by side, arms around each other, coming to himself after a grueling battle.
They even drank champagne, Kate dropped to her knees and took in his mouth a man dick. He was sluggish, but friend - persistent. Gradually sausage of soft and turned into a small solid and large. Language woman licking the head, bridle, went down to the testicles, again returned to the head of the penis. Kate helped himself with his hands, she poddrachivala sausage without letting it go down. Finally, the lips closed around the head mistress, Kate sucked up as long as Kohl not discharged in her mouth. She swallowed all, licked ... again cock and wiped it with a towel. They sat down again and refreshed properly. At daybreak the woman again began to caress his hands formidable weapon, the newly grown Kolya between the legs. Katya smeared himself anus cream and again got cancer. The man did not expect so easy to penetrate into her rear hole.
-Your back of takes me almost as easily as the front!
-I love anal sex. I'm your priest has developed over several years. Do not get distracted, take it.
Ass was so luxurious dessert that Kohl was pleased. He was discharged in Katie back very quickly. Kate and Nick for a long time basking in bed, stretching and remembering the details of this beautiful night.
On the same day they returned to Moscow. This pre-term meeting of the New Year remembered them for life.