The long-awaited happiness

Well, I waited and. At last! You are strong and courageous! You have a beautiful and slim body, facial features. Lustful glances passing women are directed at you, but to me they are all jealous. "Like this bitch tore this stallion" - They think, drilling me angry and envious eyes. But I was only gets. They are not able to assess what it means to be a woman.
Now, everything will be right now. I've been to this was. I have long been waiting for. Gray summer night descended on the sleepy town. A small cozy apartment took us to the hot breath of the day locked up concrete walls. Light - no, why? You come to me. Light floods the rustling dress embrace darkness of the night, filled with intense breathing and heartbeat, escaping from the bodies, hearts. Intense body and muscles play in the dance of passion. I am pleased and I slowly get drunk. I can afford it now. I can.
I'll leave you alone - I go to the bathroom. No, I do not need. Do not rush. Today, my night and it will be long. Water surrounds cool the body, causing intense chest wrinkled nipples. My body is perfect. It has not changed in the last six years, but now it is in harmony with nature made me.
Harmony. In anticipation of what I was all my life I remember the laughter and insults. School. They are laughing. I am a girl. No girlfriends and friends. The boys do not recognize me, but I'm a stranger to girls. He only. Young teacher, gym teacher, pulled me into the locker room. He tore off my clothes. rough, very rough he turned and entered me with all your. Painfully. Then, it was then that I realized that I - a woman.
Institute. It was different. I went to school in tight dresses, only in the enclosing calyx Sivogo cotton bra - last but lacking the finishing touch. But the courtship of young college boy for a cute little girl remained a slight flirting game.
Now. Do not rush. I grease my "pussy" soft and fragrant cream. I close the water and throwing a soft towel, walk into a dark room. Turn off the lights in a small hallway, I find myself in the glow of luminous TV screen. The latter program has stopped working probably two hours ago. Why do you need him? You want to look at me. I am here, look. You admire me ?! My legs, my chest. Yes, I have a slim figure. Now, I just put a towel. Your hand caresses my back, rubbing not wiped drops of water. Warm hands speaks in my lower abdomen, causing the animal desire to cuddle up to you all the burning body.
Until recently, you would have shied away from me, but now. Yes, now you are mine, you caress me, and feel the touch of your hard dick to the silky skin of my thigh. Your kisses are drunk, and not only you can not keep this passion falls, the storm impending merger.
Nipples, his tongue you make these cranberry raw nerve put out in my mind the feeling of happiness and joy. Yes, I want. I want you. It can be today everything is possible. Or anything wrong, there's all right, just I rarely am wet "there". No problem, I'll just take a little cream.
Yes OK. The slow movement of your body are replaced by the whirlwind of your passion. I almost do not feel or anything "there"But you will not notice it, I play along, for me what is important - I'm a woman and now you're with me, no - you are in me. Now I am a real woman, almost.
Time. Yet, three years ago, before the operation, I could only dream about it. Prior to surgery. A terrible phrase, mixed with the smell of hospitals, surgeons smiles, bitter pills and pain injections.
The words that changed my life - "SEX-CHANGE OPERATION".